Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark Mission

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Week 51 - Crazy busy week!

Holy cow. Yesterday I officially only have 6 months left because my release date as of now is Feb 6!!!
I can NOT believe I have only 6 months left. This mission thing has gone by sooooo fast. And everyone says the last 6 months go by the fastest. I believe it too. This transfer has blown by. It’s already week 5! We have so much going on every day. Like this last week was complete chaos!

Monday, we went into Copenhagen and were on splits with Sister Wilkerson while we waited for her new comp to come. (Some of the pictures from last week) 

Tuesday we took a train to Slagelse in the morning and did their district meeting. It was fun! Sister Jex and I taught about how we need to use the Book of Mormon more as we are teaching and finding. We started off with a role play.... We had a random person come up and we started telling them about the 'Flødeflakker', and how great it is and how much it has changed our lives. (And we were holding a box of Nyquil so they were a bit confused). We tried telling them how great it was, then asked if we could come to their house and tell them more... and they all said no. ha-ha, THEN we opened up the box and let them try it! Well, inside the box was a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie! (Don’t worry; we were not passing out Nyquil to all the missionaries.) So, once they tasted it, and experienced it, then they were more likely to want more!
Kind of cheesy, but it helped us get our point across :) We need to let people EXPERIANCE the Book of Mormon, and feel the spirit as they read it. Then we talked more about how 'The Book of Mormon along with the spirit is the most powerful tool in conversion'. -PMG.
Then we, of course, brought cookies for everyone :) And rode the train home, and the Holbæk Sisters came home with us for splits. WE had splits with them Tuesday to Wednesday and that was great! We got a few investigators and had the opportunity to invite a lot of people to hear about Christ, even though a lot said "no".

Thursday we went into Copenhagen to get Søster Lanham because her companion was in the 'My Plan meeting' (A one day meeting for the missionaries who are going home the following transfer).
It was fun to bring her back to my new area and do work with her again! We knocked some doors, and some lady let us is! We taught her about the Restoration. Then we went back to Copenhagen and picked up another Sister who didn’t have a companion and just contacted around the church for a while.
THEN, both of these sisters got their normal companions back, we did some stuff in the office, and then had to go to our district meeting! Right before our district meeting a giant monsoon came rolling through! Luckily we were in a pizza place getting some dinner, but the Elders were biking to meet us and then showed up COMPLETLY SOAKED!  By the time district meeting started, half of us were soaking wet, and the other half were just absolutely exhausted because it has been such a crazy day with so many different missionary meetings and splits and things happening.

Friday morning we went to Søborg and did another district meeting in Maglegårds alle. Then we ate lunch at the same kebab place I used to eat at after district meeting when I was in training in Søborg :) fun to go back! THEN, we had to bike really fast to the temple, because one of Sister Jex's new converts, Mathias was coming to do baptisms for the first time! So we all got to be with him. It was a really special experience. He said he really felt the spirits of the people he was doing work for 'hos' him (hos is like with, but a lot more personal).
After the temple we went on splits with the Roskilde sisters, because they also came to be with Mathias.
I was with Sister Wilkerson (Sister Baird trained when I left Roskilde :) and by the end of the long day, we decided we needed a chocolate triangle. It weighed probably a few pounds... and was filled with vanilla crème and marzipan. Also, it was huge. And we ate the whole thing.

Saturday- STILL on splits. Probably the coolest thing that happened that day was meeting this random lady on the street. We start talking and we are showing her the Book of Mormon and then all of a sudden we see her take off her glasses and she is wiping away tears. She starts explaining how she is going through some crazy things in her life, and was looking for a faith to help her and she found what she was looking for! She said she was so happy to meet us and we made her day!
But yet she would not take a Book of Mormon or a card or give us her number or anything? I was very confused. She said she didn’t dare take something. She seemed absolutely normal, but things were not adding up so I wonder if there might have been some anxiety or something we didn’t know about. It was sad.  We have no way to teach her or help her progress, but I believe the Lord definitely sent us to talk to her because it made a very big impact on her!
Sunday was also a CRAZY day. No splits, but ALL of the people we invited to come to church all decided to come on the same day! (Ha-ha no one came last week). So, we had 4 investigators all in church 3 of which it was their very first time. This was crazy because,

1. Sister Jex and I always need to stay together, but when the lobby is downstairs and the chapel is upstairs...
2. There were a TON of visitors because of a cruise ship so there was Literally NO seats left. There was probably like 200 people.

3. All of investigators were showing up and different times and one got lost so we had to get up awkwardly after the sacrament, leave our other investigators, and go outside and try to find him! Then we come back and there were no seats, so Sister Jex ends up going and sitting on the stand!
4. Also, tourists coming and taking up all the testimony time to share stories about their Danish ancestors who had multiple wives..... ha-ha

5. I was stressing because it was so loud and I wanted them to feel the spirit!
6. One of our investigators told me he was really nervous and then he spilled the sacrament water on his lap!!

We always want a perfect church experience for our investigators but it never seems to happen. But, they all said they really enjoyed it and want to come back :)
The work is crazy, but the Lord provides a way. Probably the busiest craziest week of my mission! But it ended great because our investigator Besweri passed his baptismal interview Sunday after church and will be baptized soon!

Missionary work can be exhausting
Have a great week!   Søster Jones

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