Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark Mission

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Week 49 - Happiness is the gospel of Jesus Christ

Last week was super fun! We went into Copenhagen and met up with some other missionaries! We did the Nyhavn boat tour again. Except this time it was not cold or dark so it was a little better :) Then we got ice cream!

Tuesday we had Zone Conference. Søster Jex, Quinton, Barney and I last minute got asked to sing a song while Æ Weese played piano! So, we threw together a quick hymn. Søster Jex and I also were in charge of doing training. We got to teach the Zone for like 15 min on how to have good study habits and committing yourself to act! It was fun to get to 'train'. Zone conference also included the classic giant cookies from Sister O’Byrant and Domino’s pizza for lunch!
Wednesday we had interviews with president at the office, and we went to lunch with the Amager Sisters at a cute cafe close by. Yummy bagels and juice!

That night we had some miracle finding! We prayed about a street, and when we got there realized it had already been knocked. Then we saw some apartments at the end of the street that had not already been knocked so we went over there. We ended up finding 3 1/2 really positive investigators! Except the half... he took a Book of Mormon and we made a return appointment but we think he was kind of drunk.... so he didn’t really count. Ha-ha ohhhh Denmark.
The Lyngby Sisters came that night for splits. The next morning we made French toast with bananas and raspberries and then went to work!
Søster Quinton and I had 2 really good lessons with 2 of our investigators and did the normal missionary things like knock on doors! I love going on splits because you get to see how other sister do the same work. You get new ideas, because sometimes you just get caught in ruts and say the same things over and over again.
Friday it rained all day, and rained HARD. We had gone out that morning to stop by and see some people and nobody was home. We did not know if we should go back for lunch, or stay out. We both felt for some reason we should stay... so we wandered around the area we were in for a while, tried talking to some people, and then all the sudden we ran into an old investigator who we had lost contact with! I guess that is why we felt prompted to stay!  We biked home (it only took 5 min) but because it was raining so hard we were DRENCHED! It was like an Arizona monsoon! Except no wind or thunder. That night after knocking we got on our bikes to go home, and realized Søster Jex had a flat tire. So we walked home, and it took an extra hour.

Funny enough, we were kind of cold, walking in the rain with a flat tire, hungry because it was dinner time, and everyone was rejecting our message, but yet we both were just genuinely SO HAPPY! We had every reason in the worlds eyes so be mad at that point, but we just walked home in the rain laughing and with smiles on our faces! It’s funny how much real joy the gospel brings you. You really don't need much in this life. Just love God, realize how blessed you are because of Jesus Christ’s Atonement, and serve others. I guess that is the key!
We had made a transfer goal to have an investigator in church every Sunday. Saturday night we were a little bummed because as of Saturday night none of our investigators could come. Sunday morning we woke up to a miracle text! A nice young Muslim man that we had knocked into on Saturday said he would like to come to church with us! And he ended up coming! It was his first time in a Christian church, and I think he really enjoyed it. Really interesting because you don’t normally find Muslims that are willing!
It was a really good week. The harder I work, the happier I feel. I know for a 100% fact that the Lord is real, and in charge of this work! He is guiding us to people that are willing to listen to the message. As we reach out to Him and pray for guidance, he really does make the work go forward!

Søster Jones

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