Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark Mission

Monday, July 17, 2017

Week 48 - Transfered to Rodover & Missionary Leadership Conf.

We had a super-fast busy week! It is funny that every transfer is so different. Last transfer we had so many lessons and things to do I felt like we never had time to find people to teach. Here, the first 2 days I felt like all we did was have time to talk to people! But that is good. It is finding where you grow the most as a missionary! We also have a whole bunch of positive investigators here, and 2 (now three!) with baptismal dates. There are a TON of immigrants here, and so we work more with them that Danish people. Right now our most positive person is a guy named Besweri from Uganda.

I am in the Frederiksberg Ward. It is huge! I feel like it is bigger than our home ward! Maybe I don’t really remember the Wickenburg Ward that much. There are lots of families, kids, old people, young adults and we get visitors too! We met some nice people from Colorado :) I think it will be a lot harder to get to know people in this ward. Everyone seems pretty busy with their own lives and not too concerned about the missionary work. They usually have new missionaries come up and bear their testimony (they did in my last 3 wards....) but not here!

My new district is the 'Copenhagen' district. It is us, the office Elders, the Zone Leaders in Tåstrup, and the Amager sisters (they go to the Amager branch). This is a really small district, but I am excited because I will get to know each person! My last district was 14 missionaries.

The most exciting part of this week was MLC! Missionary Leadership Conference. We went to President’s house Thursday night, and had pizza and ice cream for dinner. President gave us a short spiritual thought, and then we got to hang out that night! The Elders played some basketball, and Søster Whitlock and I were in charge of taking pictures for the mission blog. After some time we decided we needed to show the Elders up, so we jumped in and played. It was super fun! Here are some pictures from the blog.

Friday morning I got up early with Søs Jex and Whitlock and we went running in the forest behind the mission house. It was really pretty! Then we had baked french toast for breakfast and a few minutes for personal study. Then the training began! We talked about how the mission is doing with numbers, and let me just say, we are doing AWESOME! Ever since Elder Neil Anderson came and talked to us, it must have sparked a fire in us, because we have been finding so many new investigators and so many more people are committing to baptism. Iceland alone has 10 people on date! (Which is a HUGE deal!)  
We also got to hear a sneak peek about what Zone Conference the next week was going to be about, and got to plan what we wanted to be taught for district meetings and a few other things. It was great!

We had a super yummy total American lunch before we left. Roast beef, potatoes and gravy, the whole deal! Søs O’Byrant is the almost the best cook.... Just below MOM :)
It was a really fun two days, and super inspiring!
Saturday we made a last minute decision to go to Frederacia! Søster Jex found and taught a guy named Mathias who was getting baptized. So, we took a train and showed up unexpectedly and he was super happy. It was fun to go back to Fredericia because that is where we had district meeting when I was in Esbjerg. It is also probably the most beautiful place in Denmark! There is a fjord connecting to the ocean, a giant bridge and it is so green and beautiful!

The stoplights are soldiers. I hear they are little "Hans Christian Andersons"
I was also happy to meet Mathias. He is young, a Dane, and maybe 23. He started studying the Bible and one day the Sisters knocked on his door, and a few months later he got baptized! He really was prepared by the Lord, and I really could see a sparkle in his eye. When he bore his testimony I felt the spirit so strong! It is so beautiful to see how happy the Gospel can make people. It fills a hole in your life that you never knew was there. It is something that a lot of people don’t know they are missing, until they find it!

Oh and mini miracle. I lost my Unge Kort when I lost my wallet and those are required when you have a 'young person' ticket on the train. We though you could print out one at the ticket boxes but we were wrong. So I bought my Unge ticket anyway because I have an Unge Kort, but just not with me. So we PRAYED so hard that they ticket guy would be merciful. A whole bunch of random things happened and we ended up switching spots on the train because there were so many people we couldn’t find a seat, and the ticket guy did not ask to check our tickets (which is weird because he checked the 2 guys next to us!) Hallelujah! Or else I probably would have gotten a ticket.  The Lord watches out for his missionaries ;)  

Søs Jones  

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