Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark Mission

Monday, July 17, 2017

Week 46 -Trip to Ålborg

Another good week :)

We still are meeting with a lot of our new investigators. We found out that one of the ones from Argentina is moving to Greenland! But, we will still try to teach his friends. 
On Thursday after our district meeting our sweet senior couple the Yates made us all a big lunch (because a lot of missionaries in our district are going home after this transfer.) We had burgers, chips and watermelon :) Good old' American meal! 

Thursday we also had our first eating appointment this transfer! (Man, I got way spoiled in the Roskilde ward with about 3 eating appointments a week!). We got served Mexican food with homemade salsa and it was great. After that, we had a Læser-Aften (reading night) where some of the members and new converts got together and read a chapter out of the Book of Mormon and discussed it. That was hyggeligt! (The 2 things that made it great were I could understand everything in Danish, and there were yummy brownies after :) 
 Friday we went to Ålborg for splits. We had splits planned earlier in the transfer, but we had to last minute move them to this weekend. The train ride from Esbjerg to Ålborg is about 4 hours! Plus we had to switch trains in Århus. So, it was a very long trip! But we got some good studying done on the train, and got to see a lot of the cute Danish Countryside.

Denmark has absolutely NO mountains... it is probably the flattest country ever. But, the country side has a few very small hills. Actually, I was excited to see the little hills because it just added something different!  But everything is SUPER dark green too. A mix between pine trees and other pretty big trees! And of course lots of big green fields and cute little Danish cottages with Danish flags :) 

While we were up there on splits we were lucky enough to be there on the day they needed a little help with a wedding reception, and the day they had sport! So Saturday we played soccer with other missionaries and some members and investigators, and then got to help serve food at a reception. In case you are wondering, a Danish Mormon reception is totally the same as an Americans. Reception in the church gym, everything decorated super cute, a big table of munchies like grapes, frikkadeller (Danish meatballs) cookies and of course Pølser horns! Oh and cute flavored water and saftevand. 
Sunday we had one of our new investigators comes to church for the first time, and he liked it!! He mentioned how he thought it was great we don’t have a preacher that just stands up and tells us his opinion on the Bible mixed with his political views on worldly things, but that we all can share and expressed our feelings on different faith related topics. 

We then had a lesson with him after church and answered a lot of questions he had. He is a really deep thinker, and has questions about deep gospel topics I have never even though about! Luckily he is from Lithuania so we speak in English together.  At the end of the lesson, he agreed to work towards getting an answer if these things we teach are true, and if they are, get baptized on September 10th! Wahoo!
Super good week here in Esbjerg. Today for p day we took a normal work day because on Saturday we are going to Fanø (a little island of the coast of Esbjerg that is having a festival). So, double pictures next week! 

Soster Jones

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