Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark Mission

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Week 45 - The roaming great and spacious building

This week all the kids here graduated from high school. Tradition here is that they party the WHOLE week. They all get these white graduation hats with their names on them. They look kind of like sailor captain hats...

There was one Friday that Søster Lanham and I went to the Gågade to go get some lunch at a place called Delicious (we heard was delicious...ha-ha).  That happened to be the day all the kids were out on the square celebrating! They were going crazy.... doing stupid things and there was lots and LOTS of alcohol everywhere. It was so sad.  Everyone's parents were standing around supporting and watching. We were talking to an investigator earlier that week, and he was telling us that the youth in Denmark drink more than any other population of youth in the world. So sad, but after being here for a while, I can say it is probably true. Drinking is actually legal when you are 16 here! 

Another tradition they have is a party bus... or as us missionaries like to call it, the 'Roaming great and spacious building'. It is like a giant truck/ trailer with an open back that all the kids pile in and drink and literally just party and flaunt the fact they just graduated.  Just like the great and spacious building! These buses have been driving all over town for the past week.

There were a few other interesting things that happened this week too. Twice we had crazy drunk men approach us. Once was while we were talking to one of our neighbors about the gospel... this guy was crazy and kicked his leg up and almost hit our neighbor in the face! And then started hugging my comp! We got out of there fast! The next guy approached us on a train. He was a little bit more normal and was carrying a giant crystal rock thing, and told us how he works for Vladimir Putin. Interesting....

We have UV (young single adults group) on Wednesday nights. After Søster Lanham and I taught the lesson on “ look to God in all your thoughts, doubt not fear not” we played spoons and had banana splits! 

Friday was a holiday here. (Danes have a holiday for everything :) It was Sankt Hans’s day. Back in the olden days they used to burn witches at the stake, and so each year they have giant bon fire! 

We went to a ward party that night at Bishop’s house and ate and hygged with everyone then went to the beach and saw the giant Bon Fire. It was SUPER windy that night, hence all the awful pictures with crazy hair. 

Monday we went to Blåvand! (blue water) It’s a beach close by, and is the most western part of Denmark. We climbed up to the top of the lighthouse and had an awesome view of the coast! There was a whole bunch of really old WW2 bunkers too, but we didn't have time to go explore them. Then we went down to the beach because, I of course, had to go touch the ocean and get a seashell souvenir :)

 Then on the way back because we missed our bus, we tried to contact some people, but they were all from Germany... so we went into a cool candy shop and saw how they made these Danish candies and bought some, and of course ice cream! Søster Lanham got one dipped in chocolate and it melted fast and got all over her.  She wasn't too happy :(

When we got home, we went biking to go email, and stopped a guy on street and had a good conversation. We invited him to learn a little more and he said yeah! He was super busy all this next week and could only meet right then. So, we found a table and taught him right there, and he was super receptive and COMPLETELY prepared by God. He expressed how he wants so bad to quit some of his bad habits like smoking and gambling, but just doesn't know how. (Hmmm the gospel can help with that!). He gladly took a Book of Mormon and committed to come to church in two weeks when he has free! P day miracle! 

Søster Jones

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