Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark Mission

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Week 49 - Happiness is the gospel of Jesus Christ

Last week was super fun! We went into Copenhagen and met up with some other missionaries! We did the Nyhavn boat tour again. Except this time it was not cold or dark so it was a little better :) Then we got ice cream!

Tuesday we had Zone Conference. Søster Jex, Quinton, Barney and I last minute got asked to sing a song while Æ Weese played piano! So, we threw together a quick hymn. Søster Jex and I also were in charge of doing training. We got to teach the Zone for like 15 min on how to have good study habits and committing yourself to act! It was fun to get to 'train'. Zone conference also included the classic giant cookies from Sister O’Byrant and Domino’s pizza for lunch!
Wednesday we had interviews with president at the office, and we went to lunch with the Amager Sisters at a cute cafe close by. Yummy bagels and juice!

That night we had some miracle finding! We prayed about a street, and when we got there realized it had already been knocked. Then we saw some apartments at the end of the street that had not already been knocked so we went over there. We ended up finding 3 1/2 really positive investigators! Except the half... he took a Book of Mormon and we made a return appointment but we think he was kind of drunk.... so he didn’t really count. Ha-ha ohhhh Denmark.
The Lyngby Sisters came that night for splits. The next morning we made French toast with bananas and raspberries and then went to work!
Søster Quinton and I had 2 really good lessons with 2 of our investigators and did the normal missionary things like knock on doors! I love going on splits because you get to see how other sister do the same work. You get new ideas, because sometimes you just get caught in ruts and say the same things over and over again.
Friday it rained all day, and rained HARD. We had gone out that morning to stop by and see some people and nobody was home. We did not know if we should go back for lunch, or stay out. We both felt for some reason we should stay... so we wandered around the area we were in for a while, tried talking to some people, and then all the sudden we ran into an old investigator who we had lost contact with! I guess that is why we felt prompted to stay!  We biked home (it only took 5 min) but because it was raining so hard we were DRENCHED! It was like an Arizona monsoon! Except no wind or thunder. That night after knocking we got on our bikes to go home, and realized Søster Jex had a flat tire. So we walked home, and it took an extra hour.

Funny enough, we were kind of cold, walking in the rain with a flat tire, hungry because it was dinner time, and everyone was rejecting our message, but yet we both were just genuinely SO HAPPY! We had every reason in the worlds eyes so be mad at that point, but we just walked home in the rain laughing and with smiles on our faces! It’s funny how much real joy the gospel brings you. You really don't need much in this life. Just love God, realize how blessed you are because of Jesus Christ’s Atonement, and serve others. I guess that is the key!
We had made a transfer goal to have an investigator in church every Sunday. Saturday night we were a little bummed because as of Saturday night none of our investigators could come. Sunday morning we woke up to a miracle text! A nice young Muslim man that we had knocked into on Saturday said he would like to come to church with us! And he ended up coming! It was his first time in a Christian church, and I think he really enjoyed it. Really interesting because you don’t normally find Muslims that are willing!
It was a really good week. The harder I work, the happier I feel. I know for a 100% fact that the Lord is real, and in charge of this work! He is guiding us to people that are willing to listen to the message. As we reach out to Him and pray for guidance, he really does make the work go forward!

Søster Jones

Monday, July 17, 2017

Week 48 - Transfered to Rodover & Missionary Leadership Conf.

We had a super-fast busy week! It is funny that every transfer is so different. Last transfer we had so many lessons and things to do I felt like we never had time to find people to teach. Here, the first 2 days I felt like all we did was have time to talk to people! But that is good. It is finding where you grow the most as a missionary! We also have a whole bunch of positive investigators here, and 2 (now three!) with baptismal dates. There are a TON of immigrants here, and so we work more with them that Danish people. Right now our most positive person is a guy named Besweri from Uganda.

I am in the Frederiksberg Ward. It is huge! I feel like it is bigger than our home ward! Maybe I don’t really remember the Wickenburg Ward that much. There are lots of families, kids, old people, young adults and we get visitors too! We met some nice people from Colorado :) I think it will be a lot harder to get to know people in this ward. Everyone seems pretty busy with their own lives and not too concerned about the missionary work. They usually have new missionaries come up and bear their testimony (they did in my last 3 wards....) but not here!

My new district is the 'Copenhagen' district. It is us, the office Elders, the Zone Leaders in Tåstrup, and the Amager sisters (they go to the Amager branch). This is a really small district, but I am excited because I will get to know each person! My last district was 14 missionaries.

The most exciting part of this week was MLC! Missionary Leadership Conference. We went to President’s house Thursday night, and had pizza and ice cream for dinner. President gave us a short spiritual thought, and then we got to hang out that night! The Elders played some basketball, and Søster Whitlock and I were in charge of taking pictures for the mission blog. After some time we decided we needed to show the Elders up, so we jumped in and played. It was super fun! Here are some pictures from the blog.

Friday morning I got up early with Søs Jex and Whitlock and we went running in the forest behind the mission house. It was really pretty! Then we had baked french toast for breakfast and a few minutes for personal study. Then the training began! We talked about how the mission is doing with numbers, and let me just say, we are doing AWESOME! Ever since Elder Neil Anderson came and talked to us, it must have sparked a fire in us, because we have been finding so many new investigators and so many more people are committing to baptism. Iceland alone has 10 people on date! (Which is a HUGE deal!)  
We also got to hear a sneak peek about what Zone Conference the next week was going to be about, and got to plan what we wanted to be taught for district meetings and a few other things. It was great!

We had a super yummy total American lunch before we left. Roast beef, potatoes and gravy, the whole deal! Søs O’Byrant is the almost the best cook.... Just below MOM :)
It was a really fun two days, and super inspiring!
Saturday we made a last minute decision to go to Frederacia! Søster Jex found and taught a guy named Mathias who was getting baptized. So, we took a train and showed up unexpectedly and he was super happy. It was fun to go back to Fredericia because that is where we had district meeting when I was in Esbjerg. It is also probably the most beautiful place in Denmark! There is a fjord connecting to the ocean, a giant bridge and it is so green and beautiful!

The stoplights are soldiers. I hear they are little "Hans Christian Andersons"
I was also happy to meet Mathias. He is young, a Dane, and maybe 23. He started studying the Bible and one day the Sisters knocked on his door, and a few months later he got baptized! He really was prepared by the Lord, and I really could see a sparkle in his eye. When he bore his testimony I felt the spirit so strong! It is so beautiful to see how happy the Gospel can make people. It fills a hole in your life that you never knew was there. It is something that a lot of people don’t know they are missing, until they find it!

Oh and mini miracle. I lost my Unge Kort when I lost my wallet and those are required when you have a 'young person' ticket on the train. We though you could print out one at the ticket boxes but we were wrong. So I bought my Unge ticket anyway because I have an Unge Kort, but just not with me. So we PRAYED so hard that they ticket guy would be merciful. A whole bunch of random things happened and we ended up switching spots on the train because there were so many people we couldn’t find a seat, and the ticket guy did not ask to check our tickets (which is weird because he checked the 2 guys next to us!) Hallelujah! Or else I probably would have gotten a ticket.  The Lord watches out for his missionaries ;)  

Søs Jones  

Week 47 - Goodbye Esbjerg!

My last week in Esbjerg was great! I left my planner back at the apartment so I will have to try and remember what we did. Pretty much just kept meeting with people, lots and lots of teaching! We met with a new guy named Patrick, and gave him a church tour and a book of Mormon!

4th of July was well celebrated here in Esbjerg! We went bowling with our investigator Kevin, (he is the one in the American flag T shirt) our ward mission leader martin, and a member Lasse, and the Elders. Then we were real Americans and ate at this place called The Grill for dinner... it was a buffet and I left very full and happy :)

We got lucky and got 2 eating appointments this week! One with this really nice member who lives right on the beach. After a yummy dinner of curry with meat balls, she wanted to take us on a walk on the beach! Esbjerg is known for having the second best sunsets in Denmark. (First being Bornholm, a little island that is close to Sweden.) 

We also had an appointment Friday night with another great family. We had a BBQ on their back patio, and it felt so homey :) Danish homes are just so cute! I can’t really put my finger on how they are different than American homes though. They just feel so open, modern fresh and hyggeligt!

On Saturday we took an essentials P day and went to Fanø. It is a little island just off the coast of Esbjerg.

IT was super cute, and they were having a special festival to celebrate Fanø's independence I think. We got some pastries, walked on the Gågade, saw people dressed up in cute olden day clothes and had fun! We also biked down to Sonderhø. It is supposed to be Denmark's "most hyggeligt town" It was a long bike ride away... 12 km one way! It was super cute, but I would say that town our ferry took us to be just as hyggeligt. That night we ate dinner at one of our investigators houses that live on Fanø.

Saturday morning we got transfer calls. This whole transfer I kind of had a gut feeling Esbjerg was going to be a one and done. I was right! President called us 8 am Saturday morning and told us Sister Lanham would be getting a new companion and that I would be transferring to Rødover (I cannot even pronounce it... kind of sounds like Roll- Ower but with a sock in your mouth). In Copenhagen  I would be the new Sister Training Leader with Soster Jex! I guess the Lord didn’t want me on Jylland very long. I am SUPER excited to be back on Sjæland.

So a Sister Training Leader is like a Girl Zone leader. We go on splits with other sisters and do trainings at Conferences and district meeting and all that jazz.... it will be fun! :)

I am SO sad to leave Esbjerg. Søster Lanham is SO awesome! It was sad to say bye. The ward had such nice members too! And the investigators we worked with were just so great too! Especially Kevin. (We went to his house the other day and he got us pizza!? he is just the nicest.) We also had a good lesson with him on Sunday. Talked about if the Book of Mormon is true, then so is everything else! Joseph smith, the plan of salvation, priesthood, everything. That is why gaining a solid testimony of that little blue book is so important!
Esbjerg will be missed! But I am pumped to be back in Copenhagen!
Soster Jones

Week 46 -Trip to Ålborg

Another good week :)

We still are meeting with a lot of our new investigators. We found out that one of the ones from Argentina is moving to Greenland! But, we will still try to teach his friends. 
On Thursday after our district meeting our sweet senior couple the Yates made us all a big lunch (because a lot of missionaries in our district are going home after this transfer.) We had burgers, chips and watermelon :) Good old' American meal! 

Thursday we also had our first eating appointment this transfer! (Man, I got way spoiled in the Roskilde ward with about 3 eating appointments a week!). We got served Mexican food with homemade salsa and it was great. After that, we had a Læser-Aften (reading night) where some of the members and new converts got together and read a chapter out of the Book of Mormon and discussed it. That was hyggeligt! (The 2 things that made it great were I could understand everything in Danish, and there were yummy brownies after :) 
 Friday we went to Ålborg for splits. We had splits planned earlier in the transfer, but we had to last minute move them to this weekend. The train ride from Esbjerg to Ålborg is about 4 hours! Plus we had to switch trains in Århus. So, it was a very long trip! But we got some good studying done on the train, and got to see a lot of the cute Danish Countryside.

Denmark has absolutely NO mountains... it is probably the flattest country ever. But, the country side has a few very small hills. Actually, I was excited to see the little hills because it just added something different!  But everything is SUPER dark green too. A mix between pine trees and other pretty big trees! And of course lots of big green fields and cute little Danish cottages with Danish flags :) 

While we were up there on splits we were lucky enough to be there on the day they needed a little help with a wedding reception, and the day they had sport! So Saturday we played soccer with other missionaries and some members and investigators, and then got to help serve food at a reception. In case you are wondering, a Danish Mormon reception is totally the same as an Americans. Reception in the church gym, everything decorated super cute, a big table of munchies like grapes, frikkadeller (Danish meatballs) cookies and of course Pølser horns! Oh and cute flavored water and saftevand. 
Sunday we had one of our new investigators comes to church for the first time, and he liked it!! He mentioned how he thought it was great we don’t have a preacher that just stands up and tells us his opinion on the Bible mixed with his political views on worldly things, but that we all can share and expressed our feelings on different faith related topics. 

We then had a lesson with him after church and answered a lot of questions he had. He is a really deep thinker, and has questions about deep gospel topics I have never even though about! Luckily he is from Lithuania so we speak in English together.  At the end of the lesson, he agreed to work towards getting an answer if these things we teach are true, and if they are, get baptized on September 10th! Wahoo!
Super good week here in Esbjerg. Today for p day we took a normal work day because on Saturday we are going to Fanø (a little island of the coast of Esbjerg that is having a festival). So, double pictures next week! 

Soster Jones

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Week 45 - The roaming great and spacious building

This week all the kids here graduated from high school. Tradition here is that they party the WHOLE week. They all get these white graduation hats with their names on them. They look kind of like sailor captain hats...

There was one Friday that Søster Lanham and I went to the Gågade to go get some lunch at a place called Delicious (we heard was delicious...ha-ha).  That happened to be the day all the kids were out on the square celebrating! They were going crazy.... doing stupid things and there was lots and LOTS of alcohol everywhere. It was so sad.  Everyone's parents were standing around supporting and watching. We were talking to an investigator earlier that week, and he was telling us that the youth in Denmark drink more than any other population of youth in the world. So sad, but after being here for a while, I can say it is probably true. Drinking is actually legal when you are 16 here! 

Another tradition they have is a party bus... or as us missionaries like to call it, the 'Roaming great and spacious building'. It is like a giant truck/ trailer with an open back that all the kids pile in and drink and literally just party and flaunt the fact they just graduated.  Just like the great and spacious building! These buses have been driving all over town for the past week.

There were a few other interesting things that happened this week too. Twice we had crazy drunk men approach us. Once was while we were talking to one of our neighbors about the gospel... this guy was crazy and kicked his leg up and almost hit our neighbor in the face! And then started hugging my comp! We got out of there fast! The next guy approached us on a train. He was a little bit more normal and was carrying a giant crystal rock thing, and told us how he works for Vladimir Putin. Interesting....

We have UV (young single adults group) on Wednesday nights. After Søster Lanham and I taught the lesson on “ look to God in all your thoughts, doubt not fear not” we played spoons and had banana splits! 

Friday was a holiday here. (Danes have a holiday for everything :) It was Sankt Hans’s day. Back in the olden days they used to burn witches at the stake, and so each year they have giant bon fire! 

We went to a ward party that night at Bishop’s house and ate and hygged with everyone then went to the beach and saw the giant Bon Fire. It was SUPER windy that night, hence all the awful pictures with crazy hair. 

Monday we went to Blåvand! (blue water) It’s a beach close by, and is the most western part of Denmark. We climbed up to the top of the lighthouse and had an awesome view of the coast! There was a whole bunch of really old WW2 bunkers too, but we didn't have time to go explore them. Then we went down to the beach because, I of course, had to go touch the ocean and get a seashell souvenir :)

 Then on the way back because we missed our bus, we tried to contact some people, but they were all from Germany... so we went into a cool candy shop and saw how they made these Danish candies and bought some, and of course ice cream! Søster Lanham got one dipped in chocolate and it melted fast and got all over her.  She wasn't too happy :(

When we got home, we went biking to go email, and stopped a guy on street and had a good conversation. We invited him to learn a little more and he said yeah! He was super busy all this next week and could only meet right then. So, we found a table and taught him right there, and he was super receptive and COMPLETELY prepared by God. He expressed how he wants so bad to quit some of his bad habits like smoking and gambling, but just doesn't know how. (Hmmm the gospel can help with that!). He gladly took a Book of Mormon and committed to come to church in two weeks when he has free! P day miracle! 

Søster Jones