Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark Mission

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Week 44 - A visit to Domkirke


So this week was super busy, because we began teaching all of our new investigators! Since we were so busy, we really did not have any time to find people. But, teaching is our goal anyways right?

It is fun teaching a variety of people.  Three of them are actually Danish, the rest are from Norway, Argentina, Columbia, Lithuania, Netherlands and one from Canada! About half speak Danish, and half English. 

Some are, of course, more positive than others, but they all need a chance hearing the gospel! 

The ones from South America have studied with the JW's before, and so they REALLY know their entire Bible. They came in to our lesson with a notebook full of scriptures in the Bible trying to prove us wrong.

Funny enough, nothing they pulled out of the Bible really had any power against us! The Bible testifies and teaches  the same things we are teaching and the Book of Mormon goes hand in hand with the Bible as another testament of Jesus Christ.  If people would just read it with a prayerful heart they would understand.  After we let them go off on their rant, we began to ask inspired questions, and bear testimony of Christ, the Book of Mormon, and how God can and will answer our heartfelt prayers. The spirit came in so strong, it was a night and day difference between when we testified and they argued. Just another testament to me that is doesn't matter how good you can 'explain doctrine' because it is through the spirit that people learn and become converted. 

So June is apparently the month where Denmark has the best strawberries ever... and it is true! I bought some strawberries than were grown in Denmark and then compared them to some than were imported. The Danish ones are dark red and have SO much flavor! YUM! We poured some vanilla cream over them (it pretty much tastes like melted vanilla ice cream). 
Besides a whole bunch of lessons, the week was pretty normal. Our most positive investigator who already knows the Church and Book of Mormon are true, and had a baptism date, decided he wasn't ready to get baptized and that was a real bummer. He will still come to church and YSA and read in the Book of Mormon, but says that he just not ready to take the leap of faith to be baptized
;( sad day! Faith precedes the miracle!

But Sunday rolled around, and Lucas the member showed up to church!  Ældster Ziegler who I served with back in Søborg and Roskilde! He is from Switzerland and just finished his mission last transfer. He came to visit Esbjerg with his family, and brought me some fancy Swiss chocolate! Wahoo! 
Monday we went to Ribe, the oldest city in Denmark and Scandinavia! It was super cute, and looked pretty old! We Saw the Domkirke there, and got to climb up to the top of the tower and see the view of the whole city and all the beautiful orange roofs. We could actually see all the way back to Esbjerg too! 

I am loving my mission and thank you to everyone who emails and writes me.  I love hearing from you!


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