Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark Mission

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Week 42 - The city of fish and wind


Transferring to Esbjerg took the good first part of the morning! It was about a 3.5 hour train ride. 

I had a great first week here in Esbjerg. Esbjerg is on the west coast of Denmark, and kind of close to Germany. It is the windiest city in Denmark, and kind of smells like fish because we are close to the ocean. 
Esbjerg on the far left side - Southwest Denmark
We have a nice apartment right in the middle of the city, and everything is way close, so it is super convenient! 

My comp is Søster Lanham from Draper, Utah. She has only been here for 6 weeks, so I will be finishing her training. She is already an AWESOME missionary! Way on top of things, and has a greenie fire that keeps me on my toes! I have slammed on my breaks and almost fallen off my bike a few times, because I realized she had stopped to contact some person walking on the side walk! She even stopped every person on the street as we went to buy groceries on P-day today. She is awesome!

The one down side of the apartment is spiders on our bikes... Every morning when we go get our bikes in the back, there are spider webs all over them and baby spiders! So... we have to figure out how to fix that!
Our whole mission!
This transfer, our zone has a goal to talk to 15,000 people this transfer. That means each companion has to talk to at least 30 people a day. This has been a fun goal! We have been on our toes, and literally stopping everyone. And, we aren't even the leading companionship! (The zone leaders send out a weekly email with a leaderboard. Sooooo the competition is real.) #OYM open your mouth
I'm second row on the left
P.S. If I can stop on my bike to invite someone to learn about the gospel, you can invite your friend to hear it too ;)

Probably the highlight of the week was when we were in Varde. We were contacting people, and sat down on a bench to take a break and write our number on some pass along cards. We were outside of a pizza/kebab shop and this guy came out and started talking to us. He was super nice, and then asked us if we had eaten anything, and then invited us in for some free food! JA TAK!

So he made us 2 free pizzas and we talked to him a little about the church. Then he asked us if we were missionaries’ full time, and if we went to parties... ha-ha.
Maybe he is not interested in the gospel, but we got free pizza and he has a pass along card! He is our new friend, and we will probably stop by again next time we are in that town!

We had a great first week together! 
Love, Soster Jones

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