Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark Mission

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Week 44 - A visit to Domkirke


So this week was super busy, because we began teaching all of our new investigators! Since we were so busy, we really did not have any time to find people. But, teaching is our goal anyways right?

It is fun teaching a variety of people.  Three of them are actually Danish, the rest are from Norway, Argentina, Columbia, Lithuania, Netherlands and one from Canada! About half speak Danish, and half English. 

Some are, of course, more positive than others, but they all need a chance hearing the gospel! 

The ones from South America have studied with the JW's before, and so they REALLY know their entire Bible. They came in to our lesson with a notebook full of scriptures in the Bible trying to prove us wrong.

Funny enough, nothing they pulled out of the Bible really had any power against us! The Bible testifies and teaches  the same things we are teaching and the Book of Mormon goes hand in hand with the Bible as another testament of Jesus Christ.  If people would just read it with a prayerful heart they would understand.  After we let them go off on their rant, we began to ask inspired questions, and bear testimony of Christ, the Book of Mormon, and how God can and will answer our heartfelt prayers. The spirit came in so strong, it was a night and day difference between when we testified and they argued. Just another testament to me that is doesn't matter how good you can 'explain doctrine' because it is through the spirit that people learn and become converted. 

So June is apparently the month where Denmark has the best strawberries ever... and it is true! I bought some strawberries than were grown in Denmark and then compared them to some than were imported. The Danish ones are dark red and have SO much flavor! YUM! We poured some vanilla cream over them (it pretty much tastes like melted vanilla ice cream). 
Besides a whole bunch of lessons, the week was pretty normal. Our most positive investigator who already knows the Church and Book of Mormon are true, and had a baptism date, decided he wasn't ready to get baptized and that was a real bummer. He will still come to church and YSA and read in the Book of Mormon, but says that he just not ready to take the leap of faith to be baptized
;( sad day! Faith precedes the miracle!

But Sunday rolled around, and Lucas the member showed up to church!  Ældster Ziegler who I served with back in Søborg and Roskilde! He is from Switzerland and just finished his mission last transfer. He came to visit Esbjerg with his family, and brought me some fancy Swiss chocolate! Wahoo! 
Monday we went to Ribe, the oldest city in Denmark and Scandinavia! It was super cute, and looked pretty old! We Saw the Domkirke there, and got to climb up to the top of the tower and see the view of the whole city and all the beautiful orange roofs. We could actually see all the way back to Esbjerg too! 

I am loving my mission and thank you to everyone who emails and writes me.  I love hearing from you!


Monday, June 19, 2017

Week 43 - Miracles from the Lord

Monday we went to a Dyrehaven, or an “animal garden” and we got to go right up to deer and feed them carrots!  Also, there was a small one that almost attacked my companion. That p day I felt like I was on my mission in Africa, because the Forrest we were in looked like a safari with big trees and giant fields. 

That night we had a MAJOR miracle from the Lord. We were biking to a lesson with a new investigator, and we saw 3 men walking on the side walk.  From behind, I assumed they were Muslim, and we were already late to our appointment, so I didn’t stop. BUT, before I knew it I slammed on by breaks because Søster Lanham decided to stop and talk to them. Turns out, they are from Argentina and Columbia, one of them has been taught by missionaries before, and they all do bible studies with the Jehovah witnesses!

They were more than happy to give us their number and meet with us. 3 new investigators! Then we went  to our lesson, and it went pretty good! After our lesson we had about an hour left before we should go home. We decided to knock a few doors. The first door we talked to 2 brothers from Lithuania and taught them about the plan of salvation. They gladly took a pamphlet and we made a return appointment. 2 more investigators! SCORE! Next door we knocked on were 2 girls. One from Canada who is actually dating a Mormon back in Idaho, and a girl from the Netherlands. We had a great conversation about faith and the church with them! They invite us in and we chatted for a while, and they made an appointment for us to come back! (And they offered to make us dinner too :) 2 MORE investigators! Then it was time to go home, so we started biking. We were almost home, and again, we felt like we should stop and talk to 3 boys walking. We talked to them about what they believed in and a little bit about what we do as missionaries. We got their numbers, and made an appointment with them. That makes a total of 10 NEW INVESTIGATORS in less than 3 hours.... that’s a miracle from the Lord! I have never ever experienced that much success in even a week, let alone a P Day night.

When Elder Andersen came to visit our mission, he made us a promise that there were more people prepared to hear the gospel than we were finding. Well, he was right! The Lord must want us teaching right now, because that Monday night, we filled up all of 'week 3' of the transfer with lessons and appointments. #BLESSED

Because Monday we had so much success, Tuesday we got a little humbled. We had to bike to the church (about 15 min ride...) and once we left our house is started POURING rain. SO, we came into the church dripping and drenched. BUT, it was actually way fun.  That is Denmark!

Wednesday the AP's Weese and Erikson came to Esbjerg to come do ’training’ for me as a trainer.  That night we were supposed to catch a train to Vejle, but they were ALL canceled. Luckily the AP's were driving up to Aarhus anyways, so we were able to catch a ride with them. We stayed the night with the Sosters in Vejle because the next morning we had Zone conference in Aarhus. 

 Zone conference was awesome! This was a special one they do once a year with a talent show and sports. Sadly, nobody signed up for the show, so we just played ultimate Frisbee. It was still fun! Then we ate a yummy lunch, and had some training. Then, my comp had an interview with pres., and we didn't end up getting home that night until 1030! We were really exhausted, but it was a great day. 
This past weekend was our Wards camping trip. Saturday night we went out to the camping site and got to have dinner with the ward, and get to know them a little better. We also had church out there on Sunday. It was so nice to have class out in the forest and just listen to the birds and enjoy nature while feeling the spirit and trying to understand the Danish ha-ha.

Sunday night ended with a Lesson with 3 of the new investigators (the Hispanics). Then one last miracle, 2 MORE investigators.  Just 2 girls we stopped on our bikes on the way home. The Lord is seriously just pouring out success and yes on us right now. I am not sure why, but I am very grateful! 
Stayed tuned until next week to see what happens with all these new people! 
Love, Soster Jones

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Week 42 - The city of fish and wind


Transferring to Esbjerg took the good first part of the morning! It was about a 3.5 hour train ride. 

I had a great first week here in Esbjerg. Esbjerg is on the west coast of Denmark, and kind of close to Germany. It is the windiest city in Denmark, and kind of smells like fish because we are close to the ocean. 
Esbjerg on the far left side - Southwest Denmark
We have a nice apartment right in the middle of the city, and everything is way close, so it is super convenient! 

My comp is Søster Lanham from Draper, Utah. She has only been here for 6 weeks, so I will be finishing her training. She is already an AWESOME missionary! Way on top of things, and has a greenie fire that keeps me on my toes! I have slammed on my breaks and almost fallen off my bike a few times, because I realized she had stopped to contact some person walking on the side walk! She even stopped every person on the street as we went to buy groceries on P-day today. She is awesome!

The one down side of the apartment is spiders on our bikes... Every morning when we go get our bikes in the back, there are spider webs all over them and baby spiders! So... we have to figure out how to fix that!
Our whole mission!
This transfer, our zone has a goal to talk to 15,000 people this transfer. That means each companion has to talk to at least 30 people a day. This has been a fun goal! We have been on our toes, and literally stopping everyone. And, we aren't even the leading companionship! (The zone leaders send out a weekly email with a leaderboard. Sooooo the competition is real.) #OYM open your mouth
I'm second row on the left
P.S. If I can stop on my bike to invite someone to learn about the gospel, you can invite your friend to hear it too ;)

Probably the highlight of the week was when we were in Varde. We were contacting people, and sat down on a bench to take a break and write our number on some pass along cards. We were outside of a pizza/kebab shop and this guy came out and started talking to us. He was super nice, and then asked us if we had eaten anything, and then invited us in for some free food! JA TAK!

So he made us 2 free pizzas and we talked to him a little about the church. Then he asked us if we were missionaries’ full time, and if we went to parties... ha-ha.
Maybe he is not interested in the gospel, but we got free pizza and he has a pass along card! He is our new friend, and we will probably stop by again next time we are in that town!

We had a great first week together! 
Love, Soster Jones