Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark Mission

Monday, May 29, 2017

Week 41 - Transferred to Esbjerg

It was a great week in Roskilde.

The highlight of the week was definitely Elder Neil L. Andersen conference on Thursday. All the missionaries in the whole mission (even those serving on Iceland) got to attend in Copenhagen.

Before the conference started, we eat go to say hi, and shake Elder Anderson’s hand. He was really nice! I also chatted with his body guard a little. He said I looked really familiar to him, and wondered where I was from?  That was kind of random. I snagged a seat in the second row, so it was way neat to be so close to an Apostle of the Lord as he testified of Christ. He totally looked directly into my eyes a few times too... ha no big deal ;)
He talked a lot about faith. Yes, our mission is hard, but they all are! He promised us that the Lord had more people here that were ready for the Gospel than we were finding, so that is MAJOR motivation. 
He bore solid testimony of Christ, and urged us to ' take the Gospel to the bones'. Have a strong testimony of each thing in the gospel- the pre-mortal life, Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, living prophets, baptism, prayer, the Holy Ghost... EVERYTHING! 
Find what you need to have a sure knowledge of, study it out... pray about it... and solidify your testimony of it to the bone!
One thing his wife talked about was the Holy Ghost. She described it as the most beautiful perfect gift from God. Something we are ALLOWED to have, IF we are worthy of it.
Then she boldly stated that she would, “NEVER do anything to be unworthy of that perfect gift”.
That really struck me. The opportunity we have to have the spirit with us and influence and guide us really is amazing. It literally can guide us with EVERYTHING and help us close to our Father. The Holy Ghost will make sure we are on the path back to God. 
Why would we ever do anything that would make this go away? 
The mission conference was just so awesome! I know that Elder Andersen visit really strengthened our mission, and I wouldn't be shocked if we see a huge increase in baptisms this year!
On Friday, Elder Andersen also gave a devotional in Copenhagen. We were also able to attend that. 
My favorite thing said there was...
The same boiling water turns eggs hard and potatoes soft.
 Are you letting opportunities and circumstances in your life make you hard and bitter, or soften you and make you closer to Christ? 
The yellow flowers are out and covering Denmark! We needed to take a quick photo shoot...

So on Friday night after the elders drove us home from the fireside, we realized we did not have our phone.... AGH! We searched all over the house! We needed to have it right close to our bed because in the morning we would get transfer calls! We searched everywhere and then realized we had left it in their car. It was stressful because we knew we couldn't do anything about it! We couldn't call the elders and tell them,  and worst of all we could not answer the phone when the assistants called us and find out how transfers were affecting us!
We later got our phone and saw a missed call from the President... (He only calls if something big is happening!) 
Turns out, I would be transferring to Esbjerg (pretty much the whole other side of the country, and the closest sister area to Germany) and that I would finish training a sister who just got here last transfer! Søster Baird would also be getting a brand new missionary from the MTC! So that was big news for both of us. 

I have loved Roskilde. Such a cute city, with amazing people! I will be back one day! Off to a new adventure!

Love,  Soster Jones

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