Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark Mission

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Week 39 - Halfway there! 9 months out and 9 months to go!

Happy Mother's Day!

This week was good, but nothing too crazy. Monday we went to the Viking ship museum with the elders. It is so weird to think Vikings used to live here...So much history! They found some ships sunk in the fjord here in Roskilde, so back in the 1960's (I think) they excavated them, and now what they found is on display. We got to dress up like Vikings too! 

Wednesday the 10th Søster Baird and I celebrated our half way mark. 9 months out, and 9 months to go. We had 3 awesome lessons that day, biked all day in the rain, and celebrated that night by buying ice-cream, and watching 'Meet the Mormons'. 

As we were in the grocery store deciding what ice cream to buy, some girl recognized our name tags and started talking to us! Turns out she had missionaries teach her before, and wants us to come back! ( I later found her teaching record.... she wasn't super positive, and that is why the missionaries never came back, but if she wants us to come, then it is worth a shot!). Moral of the story... All Miracles begin with ice cream :)
Thursday was a big day of service. We helped clean someone’s walls, stairs and shower! Fun! :) (Actually I LOVE service :) ha

Friday we had district meeting and it was on Companionship unity. We watched this really good video you all should watch! It is called reflections.

Are you thinking of yourself, or the people around you?

That night we went to our ward mission leader’s house. Every other Friday night he invited the missionaries, and some less actives, or members who need fellow shipping or any investigators that can come to his house for dinner a spiritual thought and same! So that is always hyggeligt.  (no that's not a typo "Hygge" pronounced Hoo-ga:
[Hygge is a Danish concept which roughly describes that warm and fuzzy feeling when you’re surrounded by good food and good company. Hygge is an important element of the Danish mentality. The term is difficult to translate, but it is often, inadequately, translated as coziness.]

Sunday we skyped home of course! So fun to see you all :) 

Sorry not a ton of pics this week. I will be better next week. But it has been rainy and sunny back and forth for the past few weeks, so we are getting tons of flowers and everything is so green. 
Love, Soster Jones

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