Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark Mission

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Week 37 - Listen to your promptings

This week we had zone training in Søborg. We took the train and a bus and walked.  It pretty much took our whole day.

Thursday we had a crazy day where nothing went right. Literally! One of our trains got cancelled and we were late to a lunch appointment and couldn't share the spiritual thought because the husband had to leave for work, and then we took and train for 30 min to get to an appointment we were SO excited for, and right when we arrived at the train station, we got a text that she wanted to cancel the appointment. Darn! So we got right back on a train and rode home. That night we planned to go to a specific street and there ended up being NO HOUSES on it!??? So we knocked somewhere else and nobody talked to us.  Plus it rained all day and we were way exhausted. Kind of a bummer day. 

BUT FRIDAY, the Lord totally blessed us. We went out contacting in the rain that morning, and talked to this guy on a bench. We had a good conversation, even though he might have been a little bit drunk....ha-ha. He was interested in what we had to say and gave us his number and we gave him our card. He then called us that night, and wanted to meet! So we invited him to come to church on Sunday. AND HE CAME!!! 
So that was really awesome. Then later that night we knocked on this young guy’s door. He said he was atheist and we continued to talk to him for a while. I had a thought pop into my head, * ask him if he has ever seen miracles in his life* But that was kind of off subject so I pushed it away. Then a few min later the thought came again, * ask if HE has seen a miracle before* Sooooo, I listened to the little voice in my head and I am glad I did, because it was totally the spirit.

Once I asked him that, he was a little taken back and with tears in his eyes began to tell us of a time where he got into a motorcycle crash, and should have been paralyzed, but miraculously ended up being just fine. We then bore powerful testimony that God IS aware of him, and DID save his life. He then asked us a little about how we knew God was there, and we both shared some personal experiences. The spirit was very strong, and we invited him to find out for himself if God really was there, and he said.... yes :) 
That was a testimony builder for me! Usually, the little thoughts that pop into your head are the spirit! LISTEN TO THEM THE FIRST TIME!  

Right after that doorstep lesson, Søster Baird and I hid behind a building and said a prayer to thank God for helping us find this guy, and so He will keep guiding us in His work. Then we kept knocking and met another way cool guy! He Is an EX Jehovah Witness. (Said he left the church because there were too many rules..... ha). BUT, because he grew up in a faith, he wonders if God is really there! We taught him some stuff, and gave him a pamphlet. Then he asked US if we had any more stuff he could read??? YESSSSS. That was a once in a life time moment. People usually don't accept anything we try and give them. He seemed interested in learning more! 

Pretty decent week! 

Søster Jones

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