Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark Mission

Monday, May 29, 2017

Week 41 - Transferred to Esbjerg

It was a great week in Roskilde.

The highlight of the week was definitely Elder Neil L. Andersen conference on Thursday. All the missionaries in the whole mission (even those serving on Iceland) got to attend in Copenhagen.

Before the conference started, we eat go to say hi, and shake Elder Anderson’s hand. He was really nice! I also chatted with his body guard a little. He said I looked really familiar to him, and wondered where I was from?  That was kind of random. I snagged a seat in the second row, so it was way neat to be so close to an Apostle of the Lord as he testified of Christ. He totally looked directly into my eyes a few times too... ha no big deal ;)
He talked a lot about faith. Yes, our mission is hard, but they all are! He promised us that the Lord had more people here that were ready for the Gospel than we were finding, so that is MAJOR motivation. 
He bore solid testimony of Christ, and urged us to ' take the Gospel to the bones'. Have a strong testimony of each thing in the gospel- the pre-mortal life, Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, living prophets, baptism, prayer, the Holy Ghost... EVERYTHING! 
Find what you need to have a sure knowledge of, study it out... pray about it... and solidify your testimony of it to the bone!
One thing his wife talked about was the Holy Ghost. She described it as the most beautiful perfect gift from God. Something we are ALLOWED to have, IF we are worthy of it.
Then she boldly stated that she would, “NEVER do anything to be unworthy of that perfect gift”.
That really struck me. The opportunity we have to have the spirit with us and influence and guide us really is amazing. It literally can guide us with EVERYTHING and help us close to our Father. The Holy Ghost will make sure we are on the path back to God. 
Why would we ever do anything that would make this go away? 
The mission conference was just so awesome! I know that Elder Andersen visit really strengthened our mission, and I wouldn't be shocked if we see a huge increase in baptisms this year!
On Friday, Elder Andersen also gave a devotional in Copenhagen. We were also able to attend that. 
My favorite thing said there was...
The same boiling water turns eggs hard and potatoes soft.
 Are you letting opportunities and circumstances in your life make you hard and bitter, or soften you and make you closer to Christ? 
The yellow flowers are out and covering Denmark! We needed to take a quick photo shoot...

So on Friday night after the elders drove us home from the fireside, we realized we did not have our phone.... AGH! We searched all over the house! We needed to have it right close to our bed because in the morning we would get transfer calls! We searched everywhere and then realized we had left it in their car. It was stressful because we knew we couldn't do anything about it! We couldn't call the elders and tell them,  and worst of all we could not answer the phone when the assistants called us and find out how transfers were affecting us!
We later got our phone and saw a missed call from the President... (He only calls if something big is happening!) 
Turns out, I would be transferring to Esbjerg (pretty much the whole other side of the country, and the closest sister area to Germany) and that I would finish training a sister who just got here last transfer! Søster Baird would also be getting a brand new missionary from the MTC! So that was big news for both of us. 

I have loved Roskilde. Such a cute city, with amazing people! I will be back one day! Off to a new adventure!

Love,  Soster Jones

Week 40 - Spring in Roskilde

This week was pretty good.  I feel like  that is how all my emails start out. 
Tuesday we had interviews with the President (he came to Roskilde) and then we had our district meeting here. We usually have it in Slagelse and hour away so that was a fun change. 

Wednesday we went to Copenhagen and had splits with the sister training leaders. That was fun. It is definitely warmer in Copenhagen than it is in Roskilde! I finally go out of the house without tights or a jacket! 

Thursday we took our 'P day', and since we were already in Copenhagen, we went to the temple. That was a nice break from the outside world :) After the session, we bought some Ben and Jerry's ice cream and sat out on the temple grounds and just enjoyed the weather, life, and our mission! This was kind of our half way done celebration. 

Lately I've been trying to put all my focus and care on other people. It is hard though, because the more I try and focus on that, the harder I feel like it is. This whole past week I feel like I have seen nothing but my weaknesses! It has really been bumming me out. Then I read in Ether 12 27, and it says, “ come unto me and I will show you your weakness” and I realized that the whole reason I have been seeing all my weaknesses is because I am getting closer to Christ! The closer you are to the spirit, the more things in your life you will notice that are amiss, so you can fix them.  So that was comforting, but also kind of... megghhh.

Hope you have a great week!

Love, Soster Jones

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Week 39 - Halfway there! 9 months out and 9 months to go!

Happy Mother's Day!

This week was good, but nothing too crazy. Monday we went to the Viking ship museum with the elders. It is so weird to think Vikings used to live here...So much history! They found some ships sunk in the fjord here in Roskilde, so back in the 1960's (I think) they excavated them, and now what they found is on display. We got to dress up like Vikings too! 

Wednesday the 10th Søster Baird and I celebrated our half way mark. 9 months out, and 9 months to go. We had 3 awesome lessons that day, biked all day in the rain, and celebrated that night by buying ice-cream, and watching 'Meet the Mormons'. 

As we were in the grocery store deciding what ice cream to buy, some girl recognized our name tags and started talking to us! Turns out she had missionaries teach her before, and wants us to come back! ( I later found her teaching record.... she wasn't super positive, and that is why the missionaries never came back, but if she wants us to come, then it is worth a shot!). Moral of the story... All Miracles begin with ice cream :)
Thursday was a big day of service. We helped clean someone’s walls, stairs and shower! Fun! :) (Actually I LOVE service :) ha

Friday we had district meeting and it was on Companionship unity. We watched this really good video you all should watch! It is called reflections.

Are you thinking of yourself, or the people around you?

That night we went to our ward mission leader’s house. Every other Friday night he invited the missionaries, and some less actives, or members who need fellow shipping or any investigators that can come to his house for dinner a spiritual thought and same! So that is always hyggeligt.  (no that's not a typo "Hygge" pronounced Hoo-ga:
[Hygge is a Danish concept which roughly describes that warm and fuzzy feeling when you’re surrounded by good food and good company. Hygge is an important element of the Danish mentality. The term is difficult to translate, but it is often, inadequately, translated as coziness.]

Sunday we skyped home of course! So fun to see you all :) 

Sorry not a ton of pics this week. I will be better next week. But it has been rainy and sunny back and forth for the past few weeks, so we are getting tons of flowers and everything is so green. 
Love, Soster Jones

Monday, May 15, 2017

Week 38 - It's finally spring!

We had a crazy busy week!
I will start at the beginning. We met this way nice Muslim couple, and came back to bring them a Book of Mormon in Persian. They invited us in and we chatted about our religions for a while. Then, we needed to leave to get home in time, and they are like wait you can’t go yet! And they brought out a GIANT plate of traditional Afghanistan food! Then, they started showing us all these like.... Muslim (kind of anti-Christian) videos, because I think they were trying to convert us.... ha-ha. They were way nice people, and it was delicious food, but awkward because we needed to go but couldn't figure out how to politely leave. 
After being in the country for a certain amount of time, you are required to take a language test. My language test was on Wednesday, so we traveled to Copenhagen with Søster Barney and Kuhlo for that. It was WAY easy. Pretty much just questions like "Sophia has 4 children. How many Children does Sophia have? " That kind of stuff.... And there was also some cultural question about government stuff I did have to study for, but I am pretty positive I passed!
Then we went to the mission office to sign some papers and we got to say bye to the office couple, the Buxton’s, because they are going home this week. They were so awesome! Luckily they live up in Logan Utah so I am sure I will see them again. :) We also got to meet the new office missionaries, who are from Gilbert AZ! They will be great too. 
By this point in the day it was like 3:30 and we had not really eaten... so we went to the bakery that was below the office, and broke. ;( Søster Baird and I have tried really cutting out sugar so we can feel a lot healthier, but we just couldn't do it anymore!  I got a Pølser horn (like a fancy pig in a blanket) and a lemon tart! It tasted like heaven. I have decided that Danish pastries are the exception to any diet. 
Also, as we passed through KBH ( Copenhagen train station), Some people were handing out free boxes of rice and quinoa, so of course being Missionaries we all stood in line and got some free food. SCORE!  
Friday the lord really blessed us and we found 3 new investigators all in a matter of like an hour and a half! 
We also had a great lesson with Tage this week. We taught about prayer and invited him to start praying. He then texted us the next day saying how he has tried it, and he feels like it is really good!!! THAT is a missionary miracle. We are meeting with him again this week. 
Saturday we went to a baptism of a lady back in Copenhagen that Søster Baird helped teach. We got there like 45 min early, but the font wasn't filled and so there were about 10 missionaries going back and forth with buckets trying to help fill it up in time!

After the baptism we went to a member’s house and helped lay pavers for his driveway and backyard. That was nice because the weather is starting to be beautiful! 
It is starting to get so green here. The fields are also starting to bloom with bright yellow flowers. I'll take some pictures when they are in full bloom. There has been some days in the last week where it has been 70s, blue skies, green grass beautiful flowers and a light breeze and it is just perfect! BUT I am still in Denmark, and the weather changes so fast. Sometimes we will have blue skies in the morning and then when we go out after out studies it is dark and rainy. The clouds move fast here. 

We also stopped one night biking home because the sunset was just BEAUTIFUL. This by the far the prettiest place I have been in Denmark, or maybe it’s just the spring. But I love it! 

Søster Jones

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Week 37 - Listen to your promptings

This week we had zone training in Søborg. We took the train and a bus and walked.  It pretty much took our whole day.

Thursday we had a crazy day where nothing went right. Literally! One of our trains got cancelled and we were late to a lunch appointment and couldn't share the spiritual thought because the husband had to leave for work, and then we took and train for 30 min to get to an appointment we were SO excited for, and right when we arrived at the train station, we got a text that she wanted to cancel the appointment. Darn! So we got right back on a train and rode home. That night we planned to go to a specific street and there ended up being NO HOUSES on it!??? So we knocked somewhere else and nobody talked to us.  Plus it rained all day and we were way exhausted. Kind of a bummer day. 

BUT FRIDAY, the Lord totally blessed us. We went out contacting in the rain that morning, and talked to this guy on a bench. We had a good conversation, even though he might have been a little bit drunk....ha-ha. He was interested in what we had to say and gave us his number and we gave him our card. He then called us that night, and wanted to meet! So we invited him to come to church on Sunday. AND HE CAME!!! 
So that was really awesome. Then later that night we knocked on this young guy’s door. He said he was atheist and we continued to talk to him for a while. I had a thought pop into my head, * ask him if he has ever seen miracles in his life* But that was kind of off subject so I pushed it away. Then a few min later the thought came again, * ask if HE has seen a miracle before* Sooooo, I listened to the little voice in my head and I am glad I did, because it was totally the spirit.

Once I asked him that, he was a little taken back and with tears in his eyes began to tell us of a time where he got into a motorcycle crash, and should have been paralyzed, but miraculously ended up being just fine. We then bore powerful testimony that God IS aware of him, and DID save his life. He then asked us a little about how we knew God was there, and we both shared some personal experiences. The spirit was very strong, and we invited him to find out for himself if God really was there, and he said.... yes :) 
That was a testimony builder for me! Usually, the little thoughts that pop into your head are the spirit! LISTEN TO THEM THE FIRST TIME!  

Right after that doorstep lesson, Søster Baird and I hid behind a building and said a prayer to thank God for helping us find this guy, and so He will keep guiding us in His work. Then we kept knocking and met another way cool guy! He Is an EX Jehovah Witness. (Said he left the church because there were too many rules..... ha). BUT, because he grew up in a faith, he wonders if God is really there! We taught him some stuff, and gave him a pamphlet. Then he asked US if we had any more stuff he could read??? YESSSSS. That was a once in a life time moment. People usually don't accept anything we try and give them. He seemed interested in learning more! 

Pretty decent week! 

Søster Jones