Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark Mission

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Week 35 - Happy Easter and Transfers

We had a pretty good week! 

They take Easter here very seriously, and the holiday starts Thursday, and goes until Monday! Lots of people left on vacation this week, so we were not able to do much teaching. 

Thursday we had a district activity in Slagelse, and we went to a cute park with a lake and had a camp fire, made burgers, and hung out! That was fun. We probably totally looked like Americans grilling burgers and throwing footballs and blasting our music. (EFY music... lol) 

Saturday was pretty fun, we got transfer calls! So this is how transfers work here. You receive a call Saturday morning from the AP's (Assistant to the President). If you get a call around 7ish form the President instead, that means you are getting called to serve in a leadership position or train a new missionary! So, I was way nervous all morning! We got a call from the AP's around 9, and found out Sister Acosta will be transferring to Jylland, and I would be getting.... wait for it.... Søster Baird!!!!!! My MTC comp! So I was WAY pumped. 
We spent most of Saturday packing.
Saturday was also Æ Jeppson’s birthday, and 2 days before Æ Thurman died! (Ends his mission) So, Søster Acosta and I decided to be super nice and surprise them with cake! 
We had to give the Elders a ride to an eating appointment that night, and we told them they needed to meet us a t the church a little early because we needed them to be our “member present”  for a lesson with a man. Then they showed up to a SURPRISE!  We made them carrot cake and threw together some little presents! We call Æ Jeppson cookie monster, so we made him cake in the shape of a cookie, and Æ Thurman gulerod (carrot in Danish) so his cake was in the shape of a carrot! 

 Sunday was good, but didn't really feel like Easter. I wore my super cute Easter dress. Thanks mom! :)
I will miss Sister Acosta! She taught me how to love the people we worked with, and keep the faith! She also taught me some cool Spanish words :) ha-ha, but I am WAY stoked to work with Sister Baird! It will be a great week!  
Saying goodbye at the train station
We got up early this morning, and dropped Sister Acosta off at the KBH train station, and then hung out in the mission office with a whole bunch of other missionaries while we waited for our companion to show up at 12. Then I picked up Sister Baird at the station, and we took a train and a bus to Roskilde :) We had to give the car back ;( But, I am excited to be on the bike again!
Looking forward to a great week!

Søster Jones

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