Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark Mission

Friday, April 14, 2017

Week 34 - Prayer Log


This week we had Zone Conference. Sister Acosta and I drove, and ended up being late! :0 That was super embarrassing, especially because I had to share thought from the white handbook. I decided to talk about time and how it’s important as a missionary. Luckily we made it just seconds before I had to go up and talk! Hopefully nobody noticed... :) After Conference, we all ate pizza, and had interviews with President! We were there the whole day. 
Friday was kind of cool. We didn't have any appointments and that morning I really felt like we should go to the Gågade.  That’s the walking street with all the shops on it. So we did, and we ended up meeting some cool people, and running into some of our investigators! We were able to talk to one and follow up from our last appointment. It wasn't anything huge, but just kind of cool to see how everything just fell into place that morning. 

This week I started making a prayer log. Every night when I say my prayers, I write down things I pray for, and what I ask for help with. The next day I go back and re read what I prayed for, and think back through my day and see how the Lord answered my prayers! It is actually very cool. There are always little things that happen throughout our day, that we don't really pay attention to, and they are usually God answering our prayers. It has been really fun to see how the Lord is aware of everything I am praying for. Give it a try and see the Lords hand in your life. :)
It is warming up, and we are loving it! This week for p day we went down to Copenhagen for document appointments and passport stuff for Sister Acosta, so we made a couple of sightseeing stops and ate a Danish Pølser! (Aka ... fancy hot dog).

We were supposed to go to the top of this super cool tower and look out over Copenhagen, but it was really windy, so it was closed for the day. 

Søster Jones

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