Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark Mission

Monday, March 6, 2017

Week 29 - Møns Klint

This week was pretty good! For P day on Monday Søster Acosta and I went to an old castle called Lederberg Slot. Not many people know about it I don’t think, it was deserted! We must be insiders ;) 

For district meeting this week, we had our district activity, and took a trip to Møns Klint. Møns Klint is a little island at the bottom of Denmark. It was BEAUTIFUL! The pictures don't do it justice. We hiked down to the bottom, set up our blankets, and had our district meeting on the beach. 

 It was an awesome lesson. It started with a little activity that I got to be a part of. 

Our Zone leaders Æ Eriksen and Reed first told a few of us that we needed to put two little rocks in our shoes, then go walk around the beach for a few min. (But they were super nice and gave us some ice breakers to suck on because they said it might hurt!). So, I put the rocks in my shoes and started to walk, and it hurt REALLY BAD! Then we came back and they asked us what we thought about as we walked on the beach, and of course I told them how bad my feet hurt walking on rocks.... But some other smart missionaries answered that they thought about the delicious Ice Breaker they were sucking on! Apparently that lesson was meant for me! 

We talked about being positive! When we are positive and choose to enjoy every day instead of focusing on the bad, we really are so much better off.

And really, if we are not positive and happy as missionaries then it is almost impossible to have faith, and therefore impossible to be an effective missionary! Anyways, it was just a really awesome lesson, and totally inspired me to enjoy every single day! 

After our meeting, we had a little picnic lunch and looked out over the cliffs, and then went on a nature walk and got some awesome pictures! I definitely did not feel like I was in Denmark... it was a change from the castles and busy streets of Copenhagen that I am used to. 

We continued to have an awesome week, and found another potential investigator! Søster Acosta really felt like we needed to go knock the doors in apartment 25 one day, so we did and we found a girl who was given a Book of Mormon years before, and is willing to learn a little more! Wahoo!
Saturday we had soccer. We have been planning to have a big soccer day with our ward and investigators for a long time. We want to make it a thing, where every Saturday morning the ward and anyone they or we invite, and can come and play! We had enough people show up this week to play, and I made a bunch of cookies and it was awesome!  I think by the end of my mission I might be able to ACTUALLY play soccer.... I will get a lot of practice in! 
We got transfer calls Saturday morning. We expected Søster Acosta to leave, and (because we were told we had to give the car back too...) turns out we get to keep the car one more transfer and both me and Søs Acosta will stay. Now we will be able to finish all the work we started. 
Looking forward to another great week!
Søster Jones

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