Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark Mission

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Week 28 - Inspired Finding

Pretty normal week! P-day was fun.

See the locks on the bridge?

Copenhagen is such a beautiful city

It's not a cold wind, really it's not...
We met with our investigator Hanne, and re taught her the plan of salvation. We had a member there too, and that is always nice because if the investigator doesn’t understand our Danish, the member always saves us! We are working with her to stop smoking so she can get baptized in April.
We had a Zone training this week too. It was supper inspiring and motivated me to work hard this week! 
Soster Jones and Acosta out doing the Lord's work

I love the warm car!
This past Saturday we had 4 baptisms in our zone!! Now THAT is a huge miracle for Denmark.  Two of the baptisms were from the branch of Ny Købing. (That is down at the bottom of Denmark, close to Maribo, where our ancestors are from!).
The first guy was JP, I think I talked about him earlier, but he practically found the missionaries and asked to get baptized. The next girl was Christina. Right before the baptism I was talking to her, and asked her how she met the missionaries. She said one day she knelt down and was pleading to God in prayer for help and guidance because she was lost in her life. She said right at that moment, someone knocked on her door..... It was the missionaries! Wow! And THAT is why we do inspired finding. The Lord knows the people are who are ready to hear and accept the gospel. The Ny Købing branch has only 8 active members too, so that is HUGE!  We get two new members! 
Learning to play soccer

After the baptism we got to play soccer. It started to get cold and rain outside too, but we decided to play anyways!  I never realized how bad I was at soccer... but I just blamed it on the rain ;)  I guess I have a whole year to practice! 
Love, Soster Jones

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