Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark Mission

Monday, February 13, 2017

Week 26 - Snow, glorious snow!

Oh man! I feel like a lot happened this last week. I will start with last P day. We were in downtown Roskilde with the Elders, doing a little shopping, then went exploring and found a Christmas tree garden in the forest!

This week we had splits. I went to Rødrove with Søster Haag. This was of course super fun! Especially because it was snowing the whole time, and I was back on bikes for a day. Also, cool story, last time I was there on splits, we contacted a guy, now I came back and he is an investigator with a baptismal date! 

Weird story.... we went out knocking one morning, Søster Haag and I.   We walked up to this old guy’s house. We could tell he was kind of a pack rat, and everything in his yard was way over grown. Looking back on it, I could tell that the second we walked into his yard the spirit just left us. We didn’t feel 'bad' but we definitely didn’t have the spirit with us. We proceeded up to his door, and Søster Haag noticed his door was open, and got kind of scared and said, “turn around let’s go!” Then right at that moment I looked into his big window (barley because it was so nasty and dirty you couldn’t really see) and I saw this nasty old man, completely naked reading a book!!! AGHHH! Right when he saw us, he like jumped up and started to go somewhere... I’m not sure where because Søster Haag and I ran out of there back to our bikes as fast as we could! Ha-ha.
Moral of the story, if you ever feel the spirit leave you, just turn around and keep going; there is a reason why it left!  Ha-ha
My baby snowman

"Hello duck, would you like a Book of Mormon?"


So excited for some snow!

The church in Roskilde
On a better note, one day Søster Acosta and I had been driving for a while, and I was feeling kind of bummed because we had not talked to many people that day, so as we pulled up to the stop light, I decided to do some missionary work :) I rolled down the window and started talking to the guy in the car next to me; he probably thought I was totally weird. But, I gave him a Book of Mormon and he said he would take a look!  Just because you’re in a car doesn’t mean you can’t still be a missionary!
We had district meeting on Thursday, sadly on the train ride there somehow I lost my name tag... so now I only have one! In our meeting we talked a little bit about inspired finding. One of the missionaries said, if you are not going to do "INSPIRED finding", you might as well go take a nap. hmmmm.... I like that! No, not the free permission to go take a nap, but the fact that if you go out to knock doors, just to knock some doors, then that's worthless and you will just get discouraged because you will get a bunch of doors slammed in your face. But, the Lord knows where the people are that are ready to listen to and accept his gospel. So why not pray, and be inspired to where you go finding? Doing this work with the Lord on your side makes it a lot easier!

Now the best part of the week. Saturday, we went to the temple with DAVID! He was able to go in and do baptisms for the first time! It was so awesome to experience that with him. I can really see how much the gospel has changed him! He is just so happy now! (Søster Batey who is teaching him now, also told me that he just received a calling as assistant ward mission leader, and he blessed the sacrament for the first time last week! It is so fun to see how he is progressing so fast. YAY!)
At the temple with David.  Sister Batey and Sister Andrews on the left, Sister Acosta and I on the right.
The work really is moving forward here in Denmark! I keep hearing awesome stories from other missionaries. For example, some Elders in my district told me just the other day a guy came up to them on the street, asked if they were Mormons, and said he just moved here to Denmark and has been looking for the church! He is from Peru and has been taught by missionaries before. He is getting baptized in 2 weeks!
Also, a guy is my last area who I taught once or twice (he didn’t seem very positive, very atheist, anyway, he just came to church (WHAT!?) and after hearing The plan of salvation lesson, told the missionaries that, ' wow! everything makes so much sense now that you explained that!'.

I thought that was cool. A lot of times people don't know what they are looking for until they find it.
A lot of times, people don’t think they need the gospel in their life, but once they learn about it, they realize it makes so much sense, and it was the missing puzzle piece in their life!
Our investigators here in Roskilde are kind of falling through, so it is time to go do some inspired finding, and find those who are ready to accept! I am actually really excited for that. I know that there are people ready; we just have to find them! 


Søster Jones

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