Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark Mission

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Week 28 - Inspired Finding

Pretty normal week! P-day was fun.

See the locks on the bridge?

Copenhagen is such a beautiful city

It's not a cold wind, really it's not...
We met with our investigator Hanne, and re taught her the plan of salvation. We had a member there too, and that is always nice because if the investigator doesn’t understand our Danish, the member always saves us! We are working with her to stop smoking so she can get baptized in April.
We had a Zone training this week too. It was supper inspiring and motivated me to work hard this week! 
Soster Jones and Acosta out doing the Lord's work

I love the warm car!
This past Saturday we had 4 baptisms in our zone!! Now THAT is a huge miracle for Denmark.  Two of the baptisms were from the branch of Ny Købing. (That is down at the bottom of Denmark, close to Maribo, where our ancestors are from!).
The first guy was JP, I think I talked about him earlier, but he practically found the missionaries and asked to get baptized. The next girl was Christina. Right before the baptism I was talking to her, and asked her how she met the missionaries. She said one day she knelt down and was pleading to God in prayer for help and guidance because she was lost in her life. She said right at that moment, someone knocked on her door..... It was the missionaries! Wow! And THAT is why we do inspired finding. The Lord knows the people are who are ready to hear and accept the gospel. The Ny Købing branch has only 8 active members too, so that is HUGE!  We get two new members! 
Learning to play soccer

After the baptism we got to play soccer. It started to get cold and rain outside too, but we decided to play anyways!  I never realized how bad I was at soccer... but I just blamed it on the rain ;)  I guess I have a whole year to practice! 
Love, Soster Jones

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Week 27 - Tillukke Med Fødselsdag (Happy Birthday)

This week was pretty good!

Tuesday, Valentine’s Day, I forgot it was Valentine’s Day until that night. We had a good lesson that day and committed one of our investigators to stop smoking and she has a baptismal date in April.  I slept for the majority of the day because I have been super sick with a bad cough. Honestly, I could barely talk!  I really needed those extra hours!

Happy Birthday to me! For my birthday, I studied my scriptures and studied some Danish.  My awesome companion made me some fried shrimp and veggies for lunch, and went to go try and talk to people about the Book of Mormon in downtown Roskilde! 

It was a pretty awesome and completely normal day!  I also bought some Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream and some pastries and we celebrated in our apartment.  We also took some fun pictures.  I opened my present from mom and Annie and Gp'a Bob. TAK! (thank you)  I got lots of calls from other missionaries who wished me happy birthday :)  It was a good day!
Happy Birthday to me :)

Ben & Jerry's!  Even in Denmark!
Thursday night we had dinner at a member’s house, and the Elders told them it was my birthday the day before, so they threw me a Danish birthday party!
Tak!  Soster Kjeldsen for my birthday party and cake girl :)

In Denmark, it’s a tradition to celebrate your birthday with everything decorated with Danish flags. So they put up a whole bunch of flags, and decorated the table with little mini flags. It was so cute! Instead of a cake, they have this thing.... I forget what it is called but it is pretty much a giant cinnamon roll shaped like a girl and decorated with icing and gummy candies and licorice for hair! (Luckily for me, they knew I don’t like black licorice, so they picked root beer flavored licorice instead) It was really cute!

We spent a lot of time finding people to teach this week, but didn’t have a ton of luck. We did meet one girl on Monday who was interested in learning a little more about Christ, so we just made an appointment with her for next week, so I guess she is now a new investigator!

We have tried to stop by the guy’s house who asked for the Book of Mormon, but he hasn’t been home.

We also have a few investigators who are either on pause for various reasons, or have kind of just disappeared. So we are still looking for new people to teach.

 I have not had hair cut since I left for the mission, seven months ago.   I decided  “what the heck?”  I let Søster Acosta cut my hair last night!  She did a pretty good job!  It is only like 3 or 4 inches shorter, but I just didn’t even care anymore.  It needed a cut!

All in all it was a pretty good week and I was happy to celebrate my 20th birthday in Denmark!


Søster Jones

Monday, February 13, 2017

Week 26 - Snow, glorious snow!

Oh man! I feel like a lot happened this last week. I will start with last P day. We were in downtown Roskilde with the Elders, doing a little shopping, then went exploring and found a Christmas tree garden in the forest!

This week we had splits. I went to Rødrove with Søster Haag. This was of course super fun! Especially because it was snowing the whole time, and I was back on bikes for a day. Also, cool story, last time I was there on splits, we contacted a guy, now I came back and he is an investigator with a baptismal date! 

Weird story.... we went out knocking one morning, Søster Haag and I.   We walked up to this old guy’s house. We could tell he was kind of a pack rat, and everything in his yard was way over grown. Looking back on it, I could tell that the second we walked into his yard the spirit just left us. We didn’t feel 'bad' but we definitely didn’t have the spirit with us. We proceeded up to his door, and Søster Haag noticed his door was open, and got kind of scared and said, “turn around let’s go!” Then right at that moment I looked into his big window (barley because it was so nasty and dirty you couldn’t really see) and I saw this nasty old man, completely naked reading a book!!! AGHHH! Right when he saw us, he like jumped up and started to go somewhere... I’m not sure where because Søster Haag and I ran out of there back to our bikes as fast as we could! Ha-ha.
Moral of the story, if you ever feel the spirit leave you, just turn around and keep going; there is a reason why it left!  Ha-ha
My baby snowman

"Hello duck, would you like a Book of Mormon?"


So excited for some snow!

The church in Roskilde
On a better note, one day Søster Acosta and I had been driving for a while, and I was feeling kind of bummed because we had not talked to many people that day, so as we pulled up to the stop light, I decided to do some missionary work :) I rolled down the window and started talking to the guy in the car next to me; he probably thought I was totally weird. But, I gave him a Book of Mormon and he said he would take a look!  Just because you’re in a car doesn’t mean you can’t still be a missionary!
We had district meeting on Thursday, sadly on the train ride there somehow I lost my name tag... so now I only have one! In our meeting we talked a little bit about inspired finding. One of the missionaries said, if you are not going to do "INSPIRED finding", you might as well go take a nap. hmmmm.... I like that! No, not the free permission to go take a nap, but the fact that if you go out to knock doors, just to knock some doors, then that's worthless and you will just get discouraged because you will get a bunch of doors slammed in your face. But, the Lord knows where the people are that are ready to listen to and accept his gospel. So why not pray, and be inspired to where you go finding? Doing this work with the Lord on your side makes it a lot easier!

Now the best part of the week. Saturday, we went to the temple with DAVID! He was able to go in and do baptisms for the first time! It was so awesome to experience that with him. I can really see how much the gospel has changed him! He is just so happy now! (Søster Batey who is teaching him now, also told me that he just received a calling as assistant ward mission leader, and he blessed the sacrament for the first time last week! It is so fun to see how he is progressing so fast. YAY!)
At the temple with David.  Sister Batey and Sister Andrews on the left, Sister Acosta and I on the right.
The work really is moving forward here in Denmark! I keep hearing awesome stories from other missionaries. For example, some Elders in my district told me just the other day a guy came up to them on the street, asked if they were Mormons, and said he just moved here to Denmark and has been looking for the church! He is from Peru and has been taught by missionaries before. He is getting baptized in 2 weeks!
Also, a guy is my last area who I taught once or twice (he didn’t seem very positive, very atheist, anyway, he just came to church (WHAT!?) and after hearing The plan of salvation lesson, told the missionaries that, ' wow! everything makes so much sense now that you explained that!'.

I thought that was cool. A lot of times people don't know what they are looking for until they find it.
A lot of times, people don’t think they need the gospel in their life, but once they learn about it, they realize it makes so much sense, and it was the missing puzzle piece in their life!
Our investigators here in Roskilde are kind of falling through, so it is time to go do some inspired finding, and find those who are ready to accept! I am actually really excited for that. I know that there are people ready; we just have to find them! 


Søster Jones

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Week 25 - SLC referral


This week was pretty good. Not a ton happened, but first off I'm in the library and it’s so loud. Lots of loud Danish kids yelling and I'm in an uncomfortable chair! Also, some Ellie Golding song that is really distracting ha-ha.  We also went to the Domkirke Castle. 
Elders Thurman and Evans came with us

I love being a missionary in Denmark!

Domkirke Castle

Soster Jones and Acosta

This week we had a Zone training here in Roskilde. I am now in the West Sjæland Zone, so I got to meet some new missionaries! This training was really good. We talked about a bunch of ways we can focus better on 'teaching repentance'. Also, they announced that there is a new missionary schedule change world wide! 

Our schedules are now adaptable to where we are in the world, and the culture. Not much has changed here in Denmark. In the winter, we are allowed to come back to our apartments at 8 instead, and go to bed at 9:30 if we need extra sleep. Even with this change, I still somehow always get to bed at 10:30…. I think I just write in my journal longer with my extra time. We also have the option to move around things like our studies. We can go out and contact people in the morning and do our studies at night if we want, but we still do studies in the morning, I like that better. Also, lunch is only 30 mins. now, that isn't much :( But, all is well! The changes really are not that big. Oh, but the best change is that on p-days, we have 30 min of personal study in the morning, then we have the rest of the day until 6:00 pm to ourselves! That is really nice. More time to see fun stuff :)

Our mission this transfer has a goal to give out 2,000 Books of Mormon. So, for the next 6 weeks that means each companionship should give out about 1-2 books every day. We talked a little bit about that at Zone Training too. I have been really excited about this goal! I love it when we offer a book to someone and they take it. People don't realize how powerful the book we are giving them just is! But I am so grateful that people will take a chance to read it, and learn about Jesus Christ and his restored gospel. 

One day we went out knocking and I just could feel the faith burning inside me. I wanted to give out a whole bunch of Mormon Bog's (Danish for books) that day. I just KNEW we were going to find people too! I cant really explain how I felt. I was so full of faith and happiness for the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

So, we started knocking, and of course it started rough with a bunch of rejection, but after an hour we ended up giving out 7 books!! That doesn't sound like a ton, but for here in Denmark, finding 7 people in a little more than an hour who would take the book, was amazing! I really felt like the Lord blessed me for my faith and the fact we were able to give out that many books was a miracle to me! :)

Another mini miracle... earlier in the week we got a referral from SLC of a guy here in Roskilde who wanted a Book of Mormon delivered to his house? We went to go deliver it, and ended up talking to him for a while. He is probably 30ish, has a family, a completely normal Dane, and is well off! And he was SO interested to read the book! That doesn't just happen!? 

He told us that he visited SLC previously and became interested in the church. He read a lot on and, and said he loved how our church was so centered on families. He said everything he read pointed him to the Book of Mormon, so he decided he needed to read it. He wants to read it before he meets with us again.  I have so much faith that he has been prepared by the Lord, and is ready to receive the gospel!  The Lord is always preparing people who want to hear about His church, we just have to find them, or be led to them!

Sorry, I haven't taken very many pictures. We are in the car all the time! Not as easy to take pictures, like when I was on a bike. But, Søster Acosta and I bought matching dresses last p day, and we wore them on Sunday so we took some quick pictures of that :)

Looking forward to a great week!


Søster Jones