Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark Mission

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Week 24 - David's Baptism

My first full week in Roskilde! First off, having a car for missionary work is both great, and not so great! Why is it great?  I have my own personal closet! I don’t have to have 100 layers on, and I can leave extra stuff in the car if I need to. We also get to listen to music when we drive, we get to places faster, and if we are out knocking doors and need to warm up, we have a car with seat warmers!
My new living room

and new desk!
The not so good… we have listened to the same songs about 100 times and I am sick of them ha-ha. I miss biking because it was good exercise, and I miss the wind and fresh air.
Wednesday we had our District meeting. Our District area is huge, so we take a train an hour away to Slagelse for our meetings.  That was fun to see a little bit of the country side on the way there. Our District consists of us from Roskilde, and the Holbæk Elders in our ward. A set of Sisters and Zone leader Elders in Slagelse, and then a set of Elders who serve down in the Nykøbing Falster, which is our District leader.   Confused?  Me too!  Also, Søster Barney is in my District! She was in my MTC group. I’m super excited I get to see her once a week!
Sister Barney
I am pretty sure the Roskilde ward is known for lots and lots of eating appointments. My first week, we had 7 eating appointments! (But that was including some with investigators). Two of which were on Sunday and only 3 hours apart.
Holy Cow! I think they really like inviting missionaries to dinner over here, so this will be nice! But also, maybe not so good, because we have a car... and I can’t really exercise that much because of my Achilles tendon... uh oh!

Saturday was the best day ever. David, who Søster MacDonald and I contacted on the street back in October, got baptized! Luckily my new area is close enough to my old area we were able to take a trip back to be there. He was so happy! It was so cool to see him make this change in his life. He said he felt so much peace and happiness the whole day. He also said he just felt so good, and he knew he made the right decision. I am so grateful I was able to be an instrument in the Lords hands in bringing one of His precious children back to him. BEST DAY EVER! For me, and for him!
David, Soster Jones and Soster Acosta
Saturday was also great because I got to come back to 'my baby area'. Even though I was only gone for a week, it still made me sad to walk into the church, see people from my old ward, and know I wouldn’t be there with them on Sunday. That is where my mission all stared! We also got to see and chat with other missionaries, which is always good. 
David's baptism was great and so fun to see Sister Batey again with her new companion
Sunday David received the gift of the Holy Ghost in church. I had to attend my won ward so I couldn't be there. But, I heard from other missionaries this was also a really special spiritual experience for him too. 
On Sunday I got to attend my new ward! I had to get up and bear my testimony too. This time was not as scary as the first. I can speak a little Danish now and it was better than when I first got to the land. My new ward has lots of families too. The first Sunday is always weird, but I am sure I will come to love this area and the people just as much as my last area. 
Just typing away...
On the way to one of the eating appointments on Sunday we got to drive through some Denmark country side. It was beautiful! It was a really foggy, rainy day and it looked like we were driving through a spooky forest from the 1600's!

I felt like I was in some medieval movie and a monster was going to come out of a swamp or something. This picture doesn’t even do it justice!
All in all it was a good first week! 
Søster Jones

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