Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark Mission

Monday, January 23, 2017

Week 23 - Transfered to Roskilde

I’m going to Roskilde and Søster Acosta will be my new companion! She is from Spain and had to learn English and Danish. She is 27! This will be an interesting transfer and I'm so excited! 

Here is my new towns location in relation to Copenhagen.  It's about 27 miles away.

We don't really have a p-day this week because I moved today, but here are a few pictures I took before I left.

Should I buy these?

Want a bite?

Ready to go out into the cold!

Our District - Sosters Jones, Baird, Player, Batey, and Elders Weese, Jenson, Smith, Zeigler

Lunch with the group before transfers

  These are amazing and filled with fruit, topped with almonds and frosting :)  Are you hungry yet?

Love you,


PS  More Update below...

Last week in Søborg!

 This was my last week in Søborg because I got transferred! But I will get to that later. 

 We had a super busy week with lesson, appointments and finding. Monday we did some shopping for our p day, and then we went to Rødrove to go on splits with the Sister training leaders. 

Tuesday I was in Rødrove with Sister MacArthur, and that was super fun! We taught some lessons and did finding in her area. We also played with sparklers and maybe our Danish version of Indian fry bread. 
Indian Fry bread

Soster McAurtur and I

Wednesday we had a few eating appointments and lessons. I also listened to a REALY good talk. Well it’s not really a talk, but it is a conversion story about a guy named Bill Carpenter. I suggest you look it up and listen to it! It tells about how he grew up devout  catholic and went to school to be a priest, and how he discovered our church and how he felt the spirit so much when he learned about our church, and when he finally decided to join, and quit priest school, his family disowned him, and all this crazy stuff, but how he stayed so strong. It really is an amazing story!

 Thursday we had one last lesson with David and talked about some of the commandments. He is just awesome! Saturday he had a baptismal interview. And the following Saturday, he will be baptized! I am SO excited for him. I know he is making the best choice in the world. He is entering into the gate that leads to eternal life with our heavenly father. I can already see how happy he is too, and it makes me so happy :)

Saturday we got transfer calls... duh duh duh..... Søster Batey will be staying in Søborg, and Søster Jones will be moving to ROSKILDE! ( Ross-ski-lah). My new companion will be Søster Acosta. She was born in Ecuador, but grew up in Spain. She has to learn English AND Danish for the mission, so she is awesome! So... for the majority of Saturday, I spent my time trying to pack my life into two suitcases and a duffel bag. 

I am super excited to experience so much more in a new city, but I am SO sad to leave Søborg. It was my baby area! Everything I knew a mission to be was there! The first time I went contacting, knocked on doors, first time to church! I will really miss it. Our ward was the best too. They began to be my family. But of course, once you grow to love something and get comfortable, you get ripped away! But, I guess that it just part of the mission experience. 

Sunday I was able to say goodbye to a lot of people from church. Man, there are so many people there I was able to grow so close to, and come to love! That was weird knowing I wouldn’t be going to church there next Sunday. 

I am super excited to start working hard here in Roskilde though! It is only about 1 hour away from Copenhagen. There is a really cool Domkirke (church) here, and also a Viking museum, and a beach. My area covers all of the city and the outskirts, it is really big! We have a car for this transfer too.      (YESSSSSSS) Finishing off the winter warm. Actually this past week has not been too bad. I have heard that the ward here is actually the biggest in Denmark! Lots of families, and they LOVE to invite missionaries over to eat. So, with that and a car, I might need to lay off the pastries... ha-ha

Good-bye until next week!

Soster Jones

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