Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark Mission

Monday, January 16, 2017

Week 22 - 5 Amazing Miracles!

Thank you for your fasting and prayers, because I really had an awesome week! 

Monday we had a normal work day and found a lot of people who would actually talk to us! So that was great. 
Anyone want a bite?
How did I get so lucky to be on a mission in Denmark?!

Tuesday.... we had 5 miracles! Literally, the best day ever so far. 
1. We have been trying to meet with less active members, but had been having a really hard time with it. They are either never home, or not interested in coming back to church. We called this one lady we wanted to visit, and she was sick that day, but, said she would love it if we would come visit her another day! So we made an appointment, not the biggest miracle, but it started off our day good.

2. We went out to go visit another in-active member. Turns out he had moved back to Africa. We talked to the man that was now living at that same address, and it turns out he and the in active man used to be roommates, and the non-member guy would read the Book of Mormon to the member because he had a literacy problem! So, we gave this guy a book of Mormon, talked with him, and he said we could come back and meet with him another time! YES!!!

3. Later that day we had a lesson with Thomas, (an investigator we found the previous week). This is really my first actual investigator who is Danish, and so our lessons will be in Danish. I was SO nervous. But I kept praying that I would receive the gift of tongues' so I could understand this man and what his needs were, and know what to say to help him understand the gospel.  MY PRAYERS WERE ANSWERED!  I did not understand 100% of every word he said but in this lesson, I was able to understand him, and speak back and answer his questions! Of course my grammar and pronunciation were probably awful, but I really felt like I was able to teach him through the spirit! Our lesson was about faith and recognizing the spirit, and I KNOW he felt the spirit. I could feel it, and even if he didn't realize it, I could see it in his face, that he felt it too. He ended the lesson by saying a prayer! This is a HUGE step, because last time he would not pray at all. I walked out of that lesson with the biggest smile on my face. I really felt like an instrument in the Lord’s hands. 

4. Right after our lesson with Thomas, we went to stop by and see a guy named Steen.  We gave a Book of Mormon too. He was not super positive. He told us how 'atheist' he was and to not waste our time on him. Somehow we got him to take the Book of Mormon and said ' if you don’t like it we will come back in a week and take it back' ha-ha. So we came back, and he read it, and tried to give it back to us, but we insisted he keep it. He invited us in to talk about it, (sadly we couldn't because there was no 3rd women present) and then we asked if we could come back and he said yeah! Holy cow! We thought he was going to be another door slammed in our face, but we found someone who is willing to learn!

5. Best for last. We meet with David after his long vacation to Romania, and he surprised us with good news. He has decided he wants to be baptized! :) :) We had an awesome lesson with him about Priesthood Authority too. It was a perfect end to a perfect day! Then we all got to play volleyball with the UV (young adults) at the church that night. 

Søster Batey mentioned something later that night that really struck me. 
A few weeks ago we felt prompted to go knock on a street. Once we got there we realized they were buzz boxes and we were a little disappointed. We decided to knock anyways and we ended up getting into a lot of them! About a week later we were in a different area and we felt prompted to go knock at this apartment complex. We had never been there before, and when we got there we realized they were also buzz boxes. BUT, because of the experiences with the buzz boxes we had a week before, we decided it would be good to just try! So we did, and those were the apartments we found Thomas and Steen, our two new investigators. 

I think the Lord prepared us to find Steen and Thomas, by telling us to go to that first street with buzz boxes a week earlier. If we never would have done that, we wouldn't have had faith that you can actually get in and teach people with buzz boxes, and the day we were in Rødrove by Thomas and Steen’s apartments, we probably would have just passed them up for houses instead. 
You never know when the experiences you have, are preparing you for something bigger in the future! The Lord works in mysterious ways.
Friday we went to the temple to celebrate Søster Batey’s one year mark in the mission. I was able to find a name of one of my ancestors from Denmark!  We were worried we wouldn't have enough time to do it all, but we ended up having an hour to spare! The Lord always provides a way when you are doing his work. 
I love the Temple!
Then, I needed some warmer boots and we just happened to find a good pair, 50% off and the last ones in my size, right at the end of our p day. #Blessignsofthetemple 

It was a great week!

We took a break from Danish class to play in the snow!

I hope you all have a good week!

Love,  Søster Jones

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