Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark Mission

Monday, January 9, 2017

Week 21 - I can't feel my face....

This week was the first normal week we've had in about the last 6 weeks. Things have been crazy with the holidays!

 This past week started with rain, and then we had a few super cold days, (around -10 Celsius, with super humidity and some wind, so it’s colder than it sounds) and then ended with some snow and ice! So we are officially into the 'winter'. When I woke up Saturday morning and it was snowing, it made me feel like I was back in Utah at school. So that was a bitter sweet moment. Luckily we stayed inside to do planning that day so we didn’t have to bike in the snow storm. 
A winter wonderland

View from our apartment
I would say the 2 worst things about the weather here. 1, it rains a lot, and when it rains it’s always just above freezing, so it’s really cold rain, and we don’t even get snow, so it’s not worth it. 2, it’s so humid. So the days when there’s no clouds (and it’s below freezing, there is like magic frost everywhere. It’s cold but really pretty! We could be inside, and then come out, and all the sudden my bicycle seat and gears are just frozen with ice all over.... but there was no rain or snow.... Things just frost over because of the humidity! But it is really pretty, because everything sparkles :)
I'm getting pretty good at making soup!
One night after dinner we stopped at a little SLIK shop, (a cute candy store!) and I bought a little bag or random sour candies. Then I kept that bag in my jacket pocket, and ate sour candies as we biked. I have decided that is how I will get through riding my bike this winter! Focus on my yummy candy I’m eating, and now how I can’t feel my face, ha-ha. 

 We got a new investigator this week, his name is Thomas, and he is actually Danish so I can practice and get better at Danish! We met him just knocking on doors (that’s a first!). He is super interested in learning more, and we have already had two lessons with him! He also meets with the Jehovah witnesses, (they have tried for 4 years and can’t convert him...) But I don’t think we will have a problem, because we teach by the spirit! 

Sunday after church they had 'SOS'- Sandwiches and Slægtsforskning (family history). SO that was fun, Danish people to help me find my Danish ancestors! Once I really learn how to use family search, we can use it as a tool to help our less actives and find people to teach too.

 I’m glad we had a normal week, and can get back to teaching a finding.  

Thank you to everyone who sent me Christmas cards! It was so fun to see your families. 

Love, Soster Jones

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