Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark Mission

Monday, January 9, 2017

Week 20 - Happy New Year Miracles

This week was pretty good! 

Tuesday we went to knock houses on a street we had prayed about, and felt good about. So we biked there and once we got there we realized they were buzz boxes! So I was a little disappointed, not going to lie, but we decided to try anyways because we felt prompted to go there. We started ringing all the boxes and hoping someone would let us in because we were cold! We ended up getting let into three of the 4 doors!! (Once we got let in in a door, there were then 8 apartments we could actually knock on). We ended up teaching three lessons to people.  And one guy stuck his head out the window to talk to us and we ended up teaching him a lesson right there!! So that was a fun little miracle that happened. :)

Wednesday, before our district meeting our senior couple surprised us with a big brunch! Pancakes and egg casserole! :) Yummy! 
Soster Jones and Soster Batey :)

Friday we had a lesson with Peifang, and she made us some homemade eggs rolls! They were SO good. Perks of having a Chinese investigator, REAL Chinese food! Then we waited at the library for about an hour for a lesson with a girl who never showed. But the night ended well because we got to play volleyball at the church!

Saturday was an awesome day! We went out to go do some contacting before our New Year’s Eve dinner appointment and we had a lot of success! It all started with a man at the bus stop, we started talking to him, and talked to him for the whole half hour bus ride! We taught him the restoration and he had a lot of questions! Then on the street we were able to talk to a lot of people who actually wanted to talk! There was a guy who looked like Harry Potter, we gave him a pamphlet and taught him a lesson, a sweet old couple that we talked to about family history and told them about family search, and then a nice old man who we gave a book of Mormon to! Sadly he doesn’t live in our area so we don’t get to teach him if he turns positive. But, after we were done talking to this old man, he pulls out a digital camera and asked to take a picture of us! So we are like ok....? Why? He says, ' my daughter will never believe that I met these two cute American girls on the street that gave me this book if I don’t have picture to prove it!' ha-ha. 

That night we went to Lars and Teresa Neilson’s house for a New Year’s Eve 'party'. Teresa is from the Philippines and so we had yummy Filipino food! They just put the food on a banana leaf and placed it on the table! 

We played some board games, listened to the queen of Denmark give her famous speech, ate dessert and lit some fireworks! It was a really fun night.

So Denmark is CRAZY on New Year’s Eve. Fireworks are only legal here the week or Christmas and New Years. From the week of Christmas on, we started to see and hear fireworks, a little every day. Each night when we were riding our bikes home from somewhere, you would see fireworks! Then all the sudden on December 31st... You started hearing them constantly and things got crazy. While we were on our way to the Neilsons for dinner, there were teenage boys putting fireworks in the middle of the road and lighting them off in front of cars!  And it just got worse!
As it got closer to midnight it was ABSOLUTELY ridiculous! I have never seen or heard so many fireworks in my life! It seriously sounded like we were in a war zone from about 9pm-2am. Constant booming... or popcorn popping! In every direction you turned, you would see the sky just light up. I don't know why it is so crazy here, but it was definitely a fun experience to remember! But now I understand why we were supposed to be in our apartments by 9pm that night. People were going crazy with them! In fact, while I’m writing this email I can still hear fireworks going off here and there...

When we biked to church the next morning it was funny to see, there was just fireworks trash and debris ALL over the road and the town. 

Today (Sunday) we are not allowed to go contact or knock doors, so we have to stay in all day. I finally took a nap today! That was the best nap I took in 4 months. Tomorrow we have to deep clean our apartments... so that will be....uh.....Fun. 
Have a great week!
Soster Jones

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