Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark Mission

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Week 24 - David's Baptism

My first full week in Roskilde! First off, having a car for missionary work is both great, and not so great! Why is it great?  I have my own personal closet! I don’t have to have 100 layers on, and I can leave extra stuff in the car if I need to. We also get to listen to music when we drive, we get to places faster, and if we are out knocking doors and need to warm up, we have a car with seat warmers!
My new living room

and new desk!
The not so good… we have listened to the same songs about 100 times and I am sick of them ha-ha. I miss biking because it was good exercise, and I miss the wind and fresh air.
Wednesday we had our District meeting. Our District area is huge, so we take a train an hour away to Slagelse for our meetings.  That was fun to see a little bit of the country side on the way there. Our District consists of us from Roskilde, and the Holbæk Elders in our ward. A set of Sisters and Zone leader Elders in Slagelse, and then a set of Elders who serve down in the Nykøbing Falster, which is our District leader.   Confused?  Me too!  Also, Søster Barney is in my District! She was in my MTC group. I’m super excited I get to see her once a week!
Sister Barney
I am pretty sure the Roskilde ward is known for lots and lots of eating appointments. My first week, we had 7 eating appointments! (But that was including some with investigators). Two of which were on Sunday and only 3 hours apart.
Holy Cow! I think they really like inviting missionaries to dinner over here, so this will be nice! But also, maybe not so good, because we have a car... and I can’t really exercise that much because of my Achilles tendon... uh oh!

Saturday was the best day ever. David, who Søster MacDonald and I contacted on the street back in October, got baptized! Luckily my new area is close enough to my old area we were able to take a trip back to be there. He was so happy! It was so cool to see him make this change in his life. He said he felt so much peace and happiness the whole day. He also said he just felt so good, and he knew he made the right decision. I am so grateful I was able to be an instrument in the Lords hands in bringing one of His precious children back to him. BEST DAY EVER! For me, and for him!
David, Soster Jones and Soster Acosta
Saturday was also great because I got to come back to 'my baby area'. Even though I was only gone for a week, it still made me sad to walk into the church, see people from my old ward, and know I wouldn’t be there with them on Sunday. That is where my mission all stared! We also got to see and chat with other missionaries, which is always good. 
David's baptism was great and so fun to see Sister Batey again with her new companion
Sunday David received the gift of the Holy Ghost in church. I had to attend my won ward so I couldn't be there. But, I heard from other missionaries this was also a really special spiritual experience for him too. 
On Sunday I got to attend my new ward! I had to get up and bear my testimony too. This time was not as scary as the first. I can speak a little Danish now and it was better than when I first got to the land. My new ward has lots of families too. The first Sunday is always weird, but I am sure I will come to love this area and the people just as much as my last area. 
Just typing away...
On the way to one of the eating appointments on Sunday we got to drive through some Denmark country side. It was beautiful! It was a really foggy, rainy day and it looked like we were driving through a spooky forest from the 1600's!

I felt like I was in some medieval movie and a monster was going to come out of a swamp or something. This picture doesn’t even do it justice!
All in all it was a good first week! 
Søster Jones

Monday, January 23, 2017

Week 23 - Transfered to Roskilde

I’m going to Roskilde and Søster Acosta will be my new companion! She is from Spain and had to learn English and Danish. She is 27! This will be an interesting transfer and I'm so excited! 

Here is my new towns location in relation to Copenhagen.  It's about 27 miles away.

We don't really have a p-day this week because I moved today, but here are a few pictures I took before I left.

Should I buy these?

Want a bite?

Ready to go out into the cold!

Our District - Sosters Jones, Baird, Player, Batey, and Elders Weese, Jenson, Smith, Zeigler

Lunch with the group before transfers

  These are amazing and filled with fruit, topped with almonds and frosting :)  Are you hungry yet?

Love you,


PS  More Update below...

Last week in Søborg!

 This was my last week in Søborg because I got transferred! But I will get to that later. 

 We had a super busy week with lesson, appointments and finding. Monday we did some shopping for our p day, and then we went to Rødrove to go on splits with the Sister training leaders. 

Tuesday I was in Rødrove with Sister MacArthur, and that was super fun! We taught some lessons and did finding in her area. We also played with sparklers and maybe our Danish version of Indian fry bread. 
Indian Fry bread

Soster McAurtur and I

Wednesday we had a few eating appointments and lessons. I also listened to a REALY good talk. Well it’s not really a talk, but it is a conversion story about a guy named Bill Carpenter. I suggest you look it up and listen to it! It tells about how he grew up devout  catholic and went to school to be a priest, and how he discovered our church and how he felt the spirit so much when he learned about our church, and when he finally decided to join, and quit priest school, his family disowned him, and all this crazy stuff, but how he stayed so strong. It really is an amazing story!

 Thursday we had one last lesson with David and talked about some of the commandments. He is just awesome! Saturday he had a baptismal interview. And the following Saturday, he will be baptized! I am SO excited for him. I know he is making the best choice in the world. He is entering into the gate that leads to eternal life with our heavenly father. I can already see how happy he is too, and it makes me so happy :)

Saturday we got transfer calls... duh duh duh..... Søster Batey will be staying in Søborg, and Søster Jones will be moving to ROSKILDE! ( Ross-ski-lah). My new companion will be Søster Acosta. She was born in Ecuador, but grew up in Spain. She has to learn English AND Danish for the mission, so she is awesome! So... for the majority of Saturday, I spent my time trying to pack my life into two suitcases and a duffel bag. 

I am super excited to experience so much more in a new city, but I am SO sad to leave Søborg. It was my baby area! Everything I knew a mission to be was there! The first time I went contacting, knocked on doors, first time to church! I will really miss it. Our ward was the best too. They began to be my family. But of course, once you grow to love something and get comfortable, you get ripped away! But, I guess that it just part of the mission experience. 

Sunday I was able to say goodbye to a lot of people from church. Man, there are so many people there I was able to grow so close to, and come to love! That was weird knowing I wouldn’t be going to church there next Sunday. 

I am super excited to start working hard here in Roskilde though! It is only about 1 hour away from Copenhagen. There is a really cool Domkirke (church) here, and also a Viking museum, and a beach. My area covers all of the city and the outskirts, it is really big! We have a car for this transfer too.      (YESSSSSSS) Finishing off the winter warm. Actually this past week has not been too bad. I have heard that the ward here is actually the biggest in Denmark! Lots of families, and they LOVE to invite missionaries over to eat. So, with that and a car, I might need to lay off the pastries... ha-ha

Good-bye until next week!

Soster Jones

Monday, January 16, 2017

Week 22 - 5 Amazing Miracles!

Thank you for your fasting and prayers, because I really had an awesome week! 

Monday we had a normal work day and found a lot of people who would actually talk to us! So that was great. 
Anyone want a bite?
How did I get so lucky to be on a mission in Denmark?!

Tuesday.... we had 5 miracles! Literally, the best day ever so far. 
1. We have been trying to meet with less active members, but had been having a really hard time with it. They are either never home, or not interested in coming back to church. We called this one lady we wanted to visit, and she was sick that day, but, said she would love it if we would come visit her another day! So we made an appointment, not the biggest miracle, but it started off our day good.

2. We went out to go visit another in-active member. Turns out he had moved back to Africa. We talked to the man that was now living at that same address, and it turns out he and the in active man used to be roommates, and the non-member guy would read the Book of Mormon to the member because he had a literacy problem! So, we gave this guy a book of Mormon, talked with him, and he said we could come back and meet with him another time! YES!!!

3. Later that day we had a lesson with Thomas, (an investigator we found the previous week). This is really my first actual investigator who is Danish, and so our lessons will be in Danish. I was SO nervous. But I kept praying that I would receive the gift of tongues' so I could understand this man and what his needs were, and know what to say to help him understand the gospel.  MY PRAYERS WERE ANSWERED!  I did not understand 100% of every word he said but in this lesson, I was able to understand him, and speak back and answer his questions! Of course my grammar and pronunciation were probably awful, but I really felt like I was able to teach him through the spirit! Our lesson was about faith and recognizing the spirit, and I KNOW he felt the spirit. I could feel it, and even if he didn't realize it, I could see it in his face, that he felt it too. He ended the lesson by saying a prayer! This is a HUGE step, because last time he would not pray at all. I walked out of that lesson with the biggest smile on my face. I really felt like an instrument in the Lord’s hands. 

4. Right after our lesson with Thomas, we went to stop by and see a guy named Steen.  We gave a Book of Mormon too. He was not super positive. He told us how 'atheist' he was and to not waste our time on him. Somehow we got him to take the Book of Mormon and said ' if you don’t like it we will come back in a week and take it back' ha-ha. So we came back, and he read it, and tried to give it back to us, but we insisted he keep it. He invited us in to talk about it, (sadly we couldn't because there was no 3rd women present) and then we asked if we could come back and he said yeah! Holy cow! We thought he was going to be another door slammed in our face, but we found someone who is willing to learn!

5. Best for last. We meet with David after his long vacation to Romania, and he surprised us with good news. He has decided he wants to be baptized! :) :) We had an awesome lesson with him about Priesthood Authority too. It was a perfect end to a perfect day! Then we all got to play volleyball with the UV (young adults) at the church that night. 

Søster Batey mentioned something later that night that really struck me. 
A few weeks ago we felt prompted to go knock on a street. Once we got there we realized they were buzz boxes and we were a little disappointed. We decided to knock anyways and we ended up getting into a lot of them! About a week later we were in a different area and we felt prompted to go knock at this apartment complex. We had never been there before, and when we got there we realized they were also buzz boxes. BUT, because of the experiences with the buzz boxes we had a week before, we decided it would be good to just try! So we did, and those were the apartments we found Thomas and Steen, our two new investigators. 

I think the Lord prepared us to find Steen and Thomas, by telling us to go to that first street with buzz boxes a week earlier. If we never would have done that, we wouldn't have had faith that you can actually get in and teach people with buzz boxes, and the day we were in Rødrove by Thomas and Steen’s apartments, we probably would have just passed them up for houses instead. 
You never know when the experiences you have, are preparing you for something bigger in the future! The Lord works in mysterious ways.
Friday we went to the temple to celebrate Søster Batey’s one year mark in the mission. I was able to find a name of one of my ancestors from Denmark!  We were worried we wouldn't have enough time to do it all, but we ended up having an hour to spare! The Lord always provides a way when you are doing his work. 
I love the Temple!
Then, I needed some warmer boots and we just happened to find a good pair, 50% off and the last ones in my size, right at the end of our p day. #Blessignsofthetemple 

It was a great week!

We took a break from Danish class to play in the snow!

I hope you all have a good week!

Love,  Søster Jones

Monday, January 9, 2017

Week 21 - I can't feel my face....

This week was the first normal week we've had in about the last 6 weeks. Things have been crazy with the holidays!

 This past week started with rain, and then we had a few super cold days, (around -10 Celsius, with super humidity and some wind, so it’s colder than it sounds) and then ended with some snow and ice! So we are officially into the 'winter'. When I woke up Saturday morning and it was snowing, it made me feel like I was back in Utah at school. So that was a bitter sweet moment. Luckily we stayed inside to do planning that day so we didn’t have to bike in the snow storm. 
A winter wonderland

View from our apartment
I would say the 2 worst things about the weather here. 1, it rains a lot, and when it rains it’s always just above freezing, so it’s really cold rain, and we don’t even get snow, so it’s not worth it. 2, it’s so humid. So the days when there’s no clouds (and it’s below freezing, there is like magic frost everywhere. It’s cold but really pretty! We could be inside, and then come out, and all the sudden my bicycle seat and gears are just frozen with ice all over.... but there was no rain or snow.... Things just frost over because of the humidity! But it is really pretty, because everything sparkles :)
I'm getting pretty good at making soup!
One night after dinner we stopped at a little SLIK shop, (a cute candy store!) and I bought a little bag or random sour candies. Then I kept that bag in my jacket pocket, and ate sour candies as we biked. I have decided that is how I will get through riding my bike this winter! Focus on my yummy candy I’m eating, and now how I can’t feel my face, ha-ha. 

 We got a new investigator this week, his name is Thomas, and he is actually Danish so I can practice and get better at Danish! We met him just knocking on doors (that’s a first!). He is super interested in learning more, and we have already had two lessons with him! He also meets with the Jehovah witnesses, (they have tried for 4 years and can’t convert him...) But I don’t think we will have a problem, because we teach by the spirit! 

Sunday after church they had 'SOS'- Sandwiches and Slægtsforskning (family history). SO that was fun, Danish people to help me find my Danish ancestors! Once I really learn how to use family search, we can use it as a tool to help our less actives and find people to teach too.

 I’m glad we had a normal week, and can get back to teaching a finding.  

Thank you to everyone who sent me Christmas cards! It was so fun to see your families. 

Love, Soster Jones

Week 20 - Happy New Year Miracles

This week was pretty good! 

Tuesday we went to knock houses on a street we had prayed about, and felt good about. So we biked there and once we got there we realized they were buzz boxes! So I was a little disappointed, not going to lie, but we decided to try anyways because we felt prompted to go there. We started ringing all the boxes and hoping someone would let us in because we were cold! We ended up getting let into three of the 4 doors!! (Once we got let in in a door, there were then 8 apartments we could actually knock on). We ended up teaching three lessons to people.  And one guy stuck his head out the window to talk to us and we ended up teaching him a lesson right there!! So that was a fun little miracle that happened. :)

Wednesday, before our district meeting our senior couple surprised us with a big brunch! Pancakes and egg casserole! :) Yummy! 
Soster Jones and Soster Batey :)

Friday we had a lesson with Peifang, and she made us some homemade eggs rolls! They were SO good. Perks of having a Chinese investigator, REAL Chinese food! Then we waited at the library for about an hour for a lesson with a girl who never showed. But the night ended well because we got to play volleyball at the church!

Saturday was an awesome day! We went out to go do some contacting before our New Year’s Eve dinner appointment and we had a lot of success! It all started with a man at the bus stop, we started talking to him, and talked to him for the whole half hour bus ride! We taught him the restoration and he had a lot of questions! Then on the street we were able to talk to a lot of people who actually wanted to talk! There was a guy who looked like Harry Potter, we gave him a pamphlet and taught him a lesson, a sweet old couple that we talked to about family history and told them about family search, and then a nice old man who we gave a book of Mormon to! Sadly he doesn’t live in our area so we don’t get to teach him if he turns positive. But, after we were done talking to this old man, he pulls out a digital camera and asked to take a picture of us! So we are like ok....? Why? He says, ' my daughter will never believe that I met these two cute American girls on the street that gave me this book if I don’t have picture to prove it!' ha-ha. 

That night we went to Lars and Teresa Neilson’s house for a New Year’s Eve 'party'. Teresa is from the Philippines and so we had yummy Filipino food! They just put the food on a banana leaf and placed it on the table! 

We played some board games, listened to the queen of Denmark give her famous speech, ate dessert and lit some fireworks! It was a really fun night.

So Denmark is CRAZY on New Year’s Eve. Fireworks are only legal here the week or Christmas and New Years. From the week of Christmas on, we started to see and hear fireworks, a little every day. Each night when we were riding our bikes home from somewhere, you would see fireworks! Then all the sudden on December 31st... You started hearing them constantly and things got crazy. While we were on our way to the Neilsons for dinner, there were teenage boys putting fireworks in the middle of the road and lighting them off in front of cars!  And it just got worse!
As it got closer to midnight it was ABSOLUTELY ridiculous! I have never seen or heard so many fireworks in my life! It seriously sounded like we were in a war zone from about 9pm-2am. Constant booming... or popcorn popping! In every direction you turned, you would see the sky just light up. I don't know why it is so crazy here, but it was definitely a fun experience to remember! But now I understand why we were supposed to be in our apartments by 9pm that night. People were going crazy with them! In fact, while I’m writing this email I can still hear fireworks going off here and there...

When we biked to church the next morning it was funny to see, there was just fireworks trash and debris ALL over the road and the town. 

Today (Sunday) we are not allowed to go contact or knock doors, so we have to stay in all day. I finally took a nap today! That was the best nap I took in 4 months. Tomorrow we have to deep clean our apartments... so that will be....uh.....Fun. 
Have a great week!
Soster Jones