Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark Mission

Monday, November 20, 2017

Week 66 - God guides our path

Another new Group of missionaries came in, and I got to take 2 sisters (Peel and Tanner) out contacting for their first time. They were full of SO much energy and were not afraid to go up to people and invite them to learn! You can learn a thing or two of faith from the greenies. 
They majority of our time this week was working with some recent converts who have been struggling to come to church. There is one lady we visit pretty often who is going through some really difficult things, but has a strong faith. We teach her hymns to help bring the spirit, and it is always a sweet experience.
Saying goodbye to Soster McDonald.
We had invited 6 of the recently baptized to come to church and only 1 came. That was a little disappointing. Sunday morning we decided to show up to one of their houses to help out with her kids, and make sure she came. We got to the station and the trains were not working that morning and then it started pouring rain. We debated whether or not we should bike to her house and get soaked and be potentially late to church.... Of course we decided that miracles never happen when we think of ourselves so we started biking! We got to her house, sweating, and dripping, and tried to encourage her to come, and even offered to help get her kids ready. Sadly, she was too tired, and would not agree to come. I am not going to lie, that might have been one of the most disappointing moments on my mission. It is SO hard to see someone who you love and see so much potential in, not make the right decision. So we biked to church, and showed up wet, and sad. BUT, the Lord provided, and we had an investigator show up who we had considered dropping if he didn’t show some more interest. We pray that people will progress and become converted to Jesus Christ, but if they don’t, we will continue in faith. 
On a lighter note, on Monday we found a random stack of old pictures in the dumpster by our house. They looked interesting, like they had a story behind them, so we grabbed then. After going through them and seeing the most random pictures, we came up with hilarious missionary life captions for all the pictures, and then gave them to Æ Smith for his birthday! We all laughed SO much. ANYTHING is funny when you are on a mission. We took a of video of me going thru the pictures so you can see :)
Some other Random Things...
Old ladies on the street give us the 'PITY PAT'. Kind of like, “ oh sweetie, that is great you believe in God, whatever makes you happy”, then she pats you on the shoulder and walks away. That is when we REALLY have to exercise charity.

Also, people have the dumbest excuses. We asked this young man if we could come back and he hesitated and said, “we are moving in the morning...”
(his house was totally put together... -__-)
Also, the latest trend going around the mission is when you are talking to someone on the phone, saying 'Hey guess what happened!' and then hanging up really fast.  We’ve had it done so many times to us. Pretty much you just want to hang up before the other person does. I was thinking about how God guides the work, and here is a story that came to mind...

There was a man I contacted probably back in June, and we stopped by his house a few times, and then met his girlfriend, and taught them twice. The man was not interested and a typical Dane atheist, but his girlfriend believed a little. They are both going through a difficult time right now. The man’s name kept coming to mind, but I never stopped by because for some reason I felt really nervous. Finally after a few awkward attempts, we finally had an appointment with them and taught the plan of salvation. Eventually we stopped meeting with them because they admitted they were not really interested and did not want to read the Book of Mormon.   A little while later, the girlfriend contacted us and said she would like to try coming to church! This is a true miracle to me. I know that the Lord guided me to this man a while back, and even though it took time and some digging, God knew that they needed the gospel. Now whether  she accepts or not is probably a few years down the road, but God knew they needed help and guidance and it was by Divine Design they came into our path.

I have had a few more experiences like that, and it is a testimony to me that God really does guide our paths. Also I have learned, if you feel nervous about stopping by to talk to someone, it is probably the spirit nagging you to go do it!! They are waiting for the gospel!

Love, Soster Jones

Friday, November 17, 2017

Week 65 - The Perfect Day

This week we went up to Hillirød for splits and I got to be with Søster MacDonald my (missionary) mom! It was so much fun to contact with her and reminisce about the good old days over a year ago when she trained me. We had a really successful day and saw a little miracle! We contacted this girl on the street and she told us she had a Book of Mormon already that the sisters gave her a while back. We started talking to her about what she believed in and then she wanted to talk more, and offered to buy us a drink!
So we went to a cute little cafe, and she bought us both hot cocoa and we answered all her questions. She really was a searching soul and you could tell she had been prepared to meet us! We ended up pretty much explaining all three lessons (the restoration, plan of salvation and gospel of Jesus Christ) in the 30 min we had. We committed her to go home and pray to God, and start reading in the Book of Mormon. It was so cool! You can just clearly tell the people who are humble and prepared, as opposed to the rest of Denmark that thinks they don’t need God.

We also went contacting around the Fredericksborg Castle. It is definitely one of the prettiest things I have seen in Denmark.
In this mission we have something called the 'Perfect Day'. It consists of 3 sit down lessons, one of them being a member present, 1 new investigator, and 2 new potentials, receiving a referral and a total of 6 hours finding/ teaching.  I have tried numerous times to make this happen, but of course someone cancels or something doesn’t work out. But this Thursday we got it! When you get the Perfect Day you and your companions’ picture goes up in the mission office :)

Friday night our friend Ryan invited us over to eat. He made a traditional Danish Christmas dinner with flæskesteg, duck, potatoes red cabbage and brown gravy and weirdly enough, potatoes chips on the side!

We got transfer calls again this weekend. I have been here for 3 transfers (18 weeks) and so I expected to leave. But I will stay until after Christmas! This was a HUGE surprise! Even though I feel like I already know Copenhagen like the back of my hand, I guess there is more I need to do here. It is actually kind of a relief, because I feel like we have a lot of really great people we are working with that I cannot leave just yet.

Soster Jones

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Week 64 - Happy Halloween

Another jam packed week.
Monday- We carved pumpkins at the Stake Center in Søborg. We named our pumpkin Lenny. (Our first child was Lanham because we both trained her, and the second is Lenny this pumpkin ;). Then we practiced a song to sing in Stake Conference.

Tuesday we had Sisters over on splits. We taught a few lessons, including a crazy guy. He didn’t really let us teach him, and then started attacking me (with words of course) in our lesson and trying to prove me wrong. It was just a really awkward situation because we had a member there, and the questions he was asking were not even valid so I couldn’t really answer? It was just a weird lesson....
Trick or Treat...It's the missionaries!
That night was Halloween and we saw a few kids trick or treating so we decided to knock a few doors. One old lady answered and thought we were trick or treaters and then was really disappointed when she saw we were the Mormon missionaries, ha ha!  She still gave us candy though :) In Denmark they don’t really give out packaged candy as much as in the US. This lady just had a plate of individual little gummies and chocolates and we just picked one to eat.

Wednesday was packed. We had an AWESOME lesson with our friend from Sweden. The spirit was there, and I swear it was like something straight off the District. Then, we invited her to be baptized and the concern came up about if her previous baptism when she was a teenager was good enough. So we talked about authority and invited her to start reading the Book of Mormon to get an answer if our church had the authority. It was honestly very sad in the end. Our message requires humility, repentance and a change in lifestyle. It is a big commitment to switch religions when you have already established your life in another way. Change scares people away. What is sad is some people just do not realize that a small change now towards God is WORTH IT. To be completely cleansed from sin through Christ and live with our family in happiness is what God wants to give us. But WE have to choose it, it doesn’t just come.
 Wednesday, Søster Holbrook’s grandparents also took us out to a buffet for lunch :) Then we had a lesson with Frank and Jan. Frank is making progress and will be baptized. He REALLY has had a change of Heart. He actually sent us a text last night saying how happy he is.
Frank said that once he listened to us, and started praying to God, he found a light in his life and everything seemed to get better. He says that meeting with us is good, and that he likes coming to the Church and feels like it is what God wants him to do. It is the sweetest thing to watch the gospel change his life!

Thursday Elder Gary B. Sabin came to visit our mission. (He is the one who talked about standing up on the inside 2 conferences ago).  He held a special Zone conference and answered all our questions.
He requested to meet with the Zone Leaders and STL's right before the meeting started. So we got to go into a separate room with him and meet him. He told us, as leaders of the mission we would be able to receive inspiration to help our missionaries and to pay attention for that as we listened.
Friday Elder Sabin and his wife also held a special Missionary Leadership Conference at Presidents Home. We then talked about the Conference and concluded what we learned. He also gave us great advice for when we get home, and told us the 6 P's. I won't spoil it for you all, because he said that might turn into a conference talk here in the future ;)

Thursday I also got to See Tara Andersen. She was baptized while I was in Søborg but has since moved. Søster Macdonald and I visited her after the Conference and caught up :)
Friday night we took a train to ROSKILDE! For splits :) It was exciting and weird to be back.
While in Roskilde I got to teach Tage who is progressing toward baptism! (he was a man Sister Baird and I contacted on a bench by the library way back in April) and now he just got out of rehab and is working past his addiction! It was a sweet surprise to see the progress he has made.
We came to Roskilde on the right weekend, because it happened to be their 'Culture night' so we took our dinner hour to eat street food and see all the cool things that were open, including underground church ruins!
Saturday night we went to go support our new Swedish friend. She was singing in a concert in the Swedish Church in Copenhagen. The whole thing was in Swedish, and I probably understood like 10 or 15 Words. It was a cool experience!
The work is really going well and I can see the Lords hand in everything we do. We contacted this sweet family in Roskilde and asked if they believed in God. The 2 parents said no, but the little 8 yr. old girl shook her head excitedly and said yes! We ended up giving the little girl a Book of Mormon and explained a little bit about living prophets to the parents. The Lord is in the details, and will make sure the gospel is spread to those who will listen!
Elder Foulger is the one elder that is in our going home group. He is SO FUNNY. He also always makes trunky jokes about us being on the plane home. He will say things like.... “hey, could you pass the peanuts?” to joke that we are on the plane.
We found a Delta plane blanket in our apartment, and so we HAD to wrap it up and give it to him. We added some peanuts, a Coke, a deck of cards, an eye mask and a fake plane ticket too :) He LOVED the gift and thought it was SO funny.
The best advice I got this week was from Lars and Cecilia Paulsen. They said  “If you marinade yourself in Christ, you will become like Christ”- So marinade, or surround yourself with what you want to 'taste like' and that is what you will become!

Love, Soster Jones

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Week 63 - Tivoli

This Monday we went to Tivoli for Pday! It was decorated for Halloween and so cute!

They have Virtual Reality experience, and they had us put goggles on for a roller coaster and it made it like we were in China flying on a dragon instead! It was pretty cool. They also had a cool haunted house, but it did not compare to how scary Things can get in the U.S....

Roskilde Sisters came with us, so they stayed over and had Splits the next day.
We have a new investigator who is from Sweden, and is completely normal.  She has a family and a nice house and 2 baby kitties.... she is like the dream person to teach. We just knocked on her door and she was willing to listen to what we had to say. The Lord does have people ready!
We went around and taught at the District meetings again this week. It was focused on how to TEACH while you find and talk to people. I like going to other district meetings, because even though we present the same lesson, it is always fun to hear the other missionary’s comments. I definitely get more trained by them, than they do me!
Things are going ok with our other investigators. We are getting to the point with them where we have to decide if they really are progressing and have a desire to change, or if they just like us coming over to chat.... So we will see!
We have had a ton of members reach out to us and say what a great job we did on the Radio. We also got Word that there will be an article in the Liahona about us! (The Danish insert though....). Happy Day!

The past few weeks have been BEAUTIFUL Autumn with changing leaves and crisp air... but now winter has hit! I will have to break out the winter jacket and hats. Plus is gets dark around 530ish. Also, the Wind here is crazy. The past two days have been insane. I don’t know how fast it is, but I know I have fallen off my bike because of a huge gust of wind. Here comes another Danish Winter!
Love, Soster Jones

Monday, October 23, 2017

Week 62 - I knew I had a face for radio!

Well... when an Apostle of the Lord blesses you with Miracles he is not kidding.

After hearing Elder Ballard’s talk on Miracles last week, and telling us the Lord has specific miracles for each of us to perform, Søster Holbrook and I decided to pray for miracles in our work every day.
Miracle 1- Monday afternoon, we had a few minutes left of our P day so we were biking to the office in Fredericksburg from the main Copenhagen area. We were making a right hand turn, but I got stuck behind a car, and Søster Holbrook continued up around the corner. She stopped to wait for me and a young girl approached her. When I got to her, the lady was talking about some Radio show and asking us if we had a few minutes. 
We were like... 'Ah well, we have places to be and only have 30 minutes  left of our free day and.....Then she mentioned “We are just asking people to come up and share a little about who they are on the radio.”  Obviously the Spirit told Søster Holbrook to say yes because I was still confused and probably would have said no and biked away... ha-ha
So we followed the girl up to the radio station that was right across the street and she explained what would happen. Pretty much the most famous radio guy in Denmark has this show, and part of it is where they pick a stranger off the street and have them come and answer a few questions and tell their story.

So we went into the booth and then we talked to him as if we had an interview! We told him about who we were, where we were from, what we do as missionaries and just some general things about our life.  We told him about where we went  to school, if our families were members, how we face the rejection here and so on.  He was SO surprised we could speak Danish. It was so fun and very natural once we started talking. 

Then when it was over they gave us a cute little pin that said,  'I was the man on the street!'
This is the main radio station in Denmark and over 2 million people listen to it!  Right after it aired at 6 pm, we had multiple people text us and said they heard us! It is now on a podcast on their website so we got to listen to ourselves be interviewed.

If you want to listen, here is the link.  Click on the Podcast from Oct 16th (left hand side red button) and forward to about minute 28.  This is up at the top right half of the page.  Whole program is 54 mins long.  Unless you speak Danish you probably won't know too many words but you can hear me speaking and may recognize "Wickenburg, Arizona and Utah State University"!

When I first heard it played back, I thought to myself, ' I probably could have testified more right there, or thrown in a little doctrine there… or this or that'´. But then a member came up to us and said it was perfect, because we came off as real people and not brain washed missionaries’ ha-ha. We were able to show the people of Denmark that we ARE normal people who enjoy eating pastries and going shopping on our free day. (Those were some of the things we mentioned).

Honestly, this was divine design. God could have chosen any Mormon to get stopped on the street and share stuff on the radio. He could have chosen the Stake President, the AP’s or even the Mission President? Why did he choose the 2 American sister missionaries who have only barley understandable Danish? The Lord wanted us! He knew that our sweet voices and innocent answers would bring a special spirit that would touch the hearts of the Danes. I know the Lord is preparing the people here one miracle at a time. I am so grateful I get to be his tool to bring about this great work!

Another small miracle this week. We were out on Tuesday and having no success. We offered up a prayer to be inspired where to go. Kept working, still nothing. Søster Holbrook said a silent prayer in her heart that we would know at least that we were in the right place at the right time. Not 20 seconds later we talked to the next 2 girls we saw AND THEY RECOGNIZED ME!?  Turns out I had talked to them a few months ago when I was on splits in a different area, and it just so happened they were on a random street in Copenhagen and so were we. (This was not an area we usually contacted in.) We told them a little more about who we are as missionaries and they invited us into their studio. They started a design company where they make cards and posters. They were not interested in learning more, but they gave us some cute Copenhagen postcards!

A few more miracles....
We had a great lesson that was led by the spirit and was everything it needed to be. The wife called two days later saying sorry her husband was not more open, but that she is thinking about coming to church sometime!
Sunday we had 5 investigators at church!  That is HUGE.  But, the best part was our investigator Ryan brought his wife and daughter. That is a miracle.

I KNOW the Lord is guiding His work! I know that there are miracles waiting to happen here. God has specific miracles that I can bring to pass, but is just waiting for me to ask and act in faith.  

Here are a few fun pictures of my week.
Sometimes you have to improvise when it comes to laundry!

People take their biking here seriously!

 Søster Jones