Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark Mission

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Week 19 - A Danish Christmas

Even though I was able to FaceTime family on Christmas day, here is a recap of my previous week.
P-day we bought some ginger bread houses. We didn't have any frosting, and didn’t think to make any!  So we tried marshmallow fluff and peanut butter. It did NOT work so well!
Marshmallow fluff and peanut butter are not good building materials

Gingerbread earthquake...
Tuesday was awesome! We went to the Church early that morning, and had a zone conference. Those are always great! Then we had a giant Christmas lunch! Turkey, potatoes, green bean casserole, rolls, and cranberry Jell-O stuff :) so American and so yummy! After lunch, we had the Christmas portion of our day. We got to listen to some of the missionaries who were in the concert perform some of their songs to us again, and then out of nowhere, Santa came WITH PRESENTS!  He gave his little Santa speech and then he passed out a whole bunch of presents and packages and letters from our families.  That was awesome! Thank you to everyone who sent me something :) you made my Christmas!
Zone Conference

Christmas Dinner

Photo bomb!

Taking notes and trying not to think about presents :)
After that we got to see a super cute slide show of all the missionaries and pictures of all of us when we were babies and of our families. Everyone laughed at the picture of me and grumpy cat! ha-ha Then, we got to watch Zootopia, ate some more food and went home. 
Santa came!

Thanks everyone!
Wednesday was hard because it was so cold! My feet about fell off that day, but everything was ok, because I came home that night and opened up a package with Anita’s chips and salsa :) :) YES! Thank you Sister Mueller!
Thursday and Friday we were on splits again. This time I was with Søster Haag. She is super awesome! She has so much faith and fire! Thursday night we decided we were going to give 6 "Mormons Bog" away the next day. Because it was almost Christmas, we thought we should wrap them up like cute little gifts too:) so that is what we did! and the next day, we gave away 4 books, and found two new investigators! Talk about a Christmas miracle! 

Søster Haag and I wrapped presents to give away
Christmas here is Denmark is so awesome because they do things to celebrate the whole month. Then the actual week of Christmas is huge. The 23rd is 'lile jul aften'. That day we ate at a members. Then the 24th is when they really celebrate! That day they had a special church service, and then we went over to the Bishop’s house. We had a big fancy traditional Jule dinner, with potatoes, flæskesteg, rødkøl, sauce etc. Then the kids acted out a nativity scene. Then, the best part, In Denmark it is tradition to hold hands and dance around the Christmas tree as you sing old Danish Christmas songs, Sounds silly, but it was so fun! After that we ate some risalamande, and who ever found the whole almond in their dessert got a prize! The Danes have so many fun Christmas traditions!
A wonderful Christmas Eve at Bishop's house

(OUR) Christmas day the 25th, me and Søster Batey woke up early and opened the rest of our presents :) Then we went to church, and right after went to President and Søster O'Bryant's house. There we had another delicious big meal and opened a few presents ate some more food and just relaxed and waited until it was time to skype family.
Christmas Morning
Dessert with Sister O'Bryant and Sister Batey
A little bit of Christmas snow
I love being a missionary in Denmark! 
This is the Copenhagen Temple
This week was so fun, but so exhausting! We really have not been able to do any good missionary work. But, once the holiday season is over things will kick back into gear! 

It has been kind of warm the last few days, (well warm for Denmark) so that has been nice! But the snow is coming! 
Love you all and thanks to those who sent cards and packages!
Søster Jones

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