Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark Mission

Monday, December 19, 2016

Week 18 - Tara's Baptism!

We had a really good week! There were three of us in our tiny apartment, so it was a party! 
3 girls living together can get a little messy...

A Danish snack
Tuesday we had the missionary Jule concert. They were so good. Like probably the best choir music I’ve ever heard. Man my mission is so talented! It was also really fun because I got to meet a whole bunch of other missionaries who were in the concert, but have been serving on Jylland, so I had never met them before. 

I thought doing missionary work as a trio would be hard, but actually it was pretty fun. If I don’t know what to say, there is always two other people who have my back!

 This week I tried to really focus on listening to the spirit and receiving inspiration about where to find people. I figure,  I can knock on 100 doors and find the one person who is ready to hear the gospel, OR, I can be inspired  where to go, and only have to knock maybe 5 or 6 before I find that person. 
So, with that, I have two cool stories!

One day we prayed about an area to go find, we felt inspired to go to a specific neighborhood. So we went there and started working. No, we didn’t find that magic person that was ready to get baptized, BUT I think the Lord sent us to that neighborhood to answers someone’s prayers.  We knocked on this lady’s house and she really didn’t speak much English or Danish. She motioned for us to come inside and talk to her son, so we did. He was sitting on the couch and I could tell he had some kind of handicap. I think she mentioned he was blind. We tried to talk to him for a while. He told me he believed in God and that he was Muslim. He continued to talk for a while, and then decided to leave. The mom couldn’t really speak to us, but as we walked out the door she had the biggest smile on her face and I could tell she was trying to thank us. She kept pointing to her son, and then her heart and smiling. Even though we were not led to someone’s house that was ready to be baptized and accept the restored gospel, I believe we were lead to a child of God who just needed comfort. I could tell that God led us to that family not because they were going to accept the gospel, but because they needed a visit. God works through his servants (missionaries) to bless ALL his children!!
Out tracting

Beautiful streets of Søborg
Another experience, the next day we were knocking doors at a street we had prayed about, but were not having any luck.  So, I decided to open up my planner and flip to a random day, and whatever number it was, that is the house I would go knock. I flipped open to January 9th, and so we went to house 9! Knocked on his door, and we ended up talking with him for like 30 min. Then we got his number and he said we could come back and talk more :)  God works in mysterious ways!

Now a funny story! So we have been working in our area Søborg, but also Søster Players new area Lyngby. So Friday we went to Lyngby for an appointment. It fell through, so we decided to go back to the Lyngby apartment to look at the bank på book, to decide where we should go find people. While we were there, Søster Player got herself locked in the bathroom.... ha-ha! So For the next 2 solid hours we tried getting her out! She had the key inside with her, but for some reason it just wasn’t working. We tried taking off the door handle and lock and messing with it from both sides, but nothing. There was a small crack under the door, but not big enough to fit the key under. (But, it was big enough for crackers, so we slid her some of those because after two hours stuck in a small bathroom she was getting hungry ha-ha.) So finally, she threw the key out the window and it got lost in a bush, so me and Søster Batey spent 20 min looking for it, but once we found it, we got her out of the bathroom because the key worked on the other side! It was quite the adventure and luckily we made it out in time for our dinner appointment.

I can see, I just can't help you!  ha-ha

That night we made a TON of cookies for..... TARAS BAPTISM!!! Woot woot!

Taste testers

Tara got baptized Saturday morning and it was so special. She was able to have her three younger kids there, which really meant a lot to her. Also, all the missionaries who have been a part of her journey and helped teach her were able to be there too. It was meant to be! I really have never seen her so happy. She had the biggest smile on her face the whole day. There were tears in her eyes right before she got baptized, and I felt the spirit so strongly! I know she made the right decision and it makes me SO happy she took this first step towards God. 

Also a mini miracle, Søster Macdonald wasn’t sure if she was going to be able to come, because just a week before she got transferred to Horsens which is like a 4 hour train ride away, and she would have had to pay for her own ticket, plus the two other missionaries she was with. But the last minute, someone paid for all of their tickets so she was able to come :) Miracles are real!

Such a special experience

Tara and her kids
This week had been crazy busy, but I definitely have seen the Lord’s hand in our work! I know that God is real and he loves us and is 100% aware of us and our needs.  He wants us to pray to Him and ask for His help. He wants us to learn more about Him and his son Jesus Christ and follow His example! But most of all, He wants us to be happy, and that is why He has given us the Gospel, and that is the way we can find happiness in this life and the life to come :)

GLÆDELIG JUL! Merry Christmas! 
Søster Jones

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