Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark Mission

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Week 17 - Transfers!

Last Monday we went to Nordhavn and did a boat tour! It was super cool, and we got to see some amazing old buildings and stuff. Also we saw the Little Mermaid statue, but it was right at dusk, and we were kind of far away so it was a little hard to take good Pictures. The sunsets at like 3:30 so the most of our tour was in the dark, but it was still really cute! Then we ate some flæskesteg sandwiches and walked through København.
Boat ride

Beautiful Nordhavn

A view from the boat

flæskesteg sandwich

Tuesday, we had a lesson with David. We have been having a really hard time, Struggling with knowing what we should teach him, and what he needs. We really searched for inspiration, and finally on Tuesday morning we decided to teach him about repentance and the Atonement. We had a hard time finding a member to come with us, and last minute we got Ældster and Søster Shurtleff to come (they are a senior couple who are in charge of the institute activities). It ended up being a really good lesson! I felt like it was a miracle that everything worked out. Then the second miracle that night, all the young adults decided they want to try and start playing volleyball on Tuesday nights at 8 PM, and we just happened to  be there, so we got David to stay and play! It was so fun, and even though I was playing in my skirt, I still was killing it! ha-ha.

Wednesday, we got transfer calls! We found out that Søster Macdonald would be transferring to Horsens, and I would be getting a new companion, Søster Batey.

Thursday, Søster MacDonald spent a lot of time packing, and then finally got out to go do some work, and she got a flat tire. NO!!!! Luckily, we were right by the Ballerup Ældster's apartment, so they fixed her tire. That night we met up with Tara, and got some hot cocoa and said goodbye :) I love the hot cocoa here! They just do steamed milk with sticks of chocolate you put in, and then it melts. YUM! We planned for Tara’s new baptismal date for the 17th. Hopefully all will work out this time :)
Saying goodbye to Soster MacDonald

Sosters Baird, Hollbrook and Jones!

Sister Bagley and I at the train station
Saying goodbye to Tara one last time
Friday was crazy! We got up at 5:30 AM and had to bring Søster McDonald's 2 giant suitcases and her bike all the way to the København train station. There were a bunch of other missionaries there with suitcases too, all waiting for trains. MINI MIRACLE! Just as we got to the train station, Guess who we ran into? TARA! She was on her way to work, and just happened to take a different way that morning! So Søster Macdonald got to say one last goodbye to her :)
Then when mine and Søster Baird's companions got on the train and left, we now had to wait for our new companions to show up, a few hours later. In the meantime, me and Søster Holbrook went out and tried to do some contacting. Then a big group of missionaries showed up! Including my new companion, Søster Batey. She is from Northern California, and she has been out on her mission since January 2016.
My new companion Soster Batey
So this week has been super crazy and weird, because of the missionary music concert. So there are like 16 or so missionaries who were chosen to be in a special group that will do a Christmas music concert. ´This Whole week they will be traveling all around Denmark and performing in different church buildings. So, that makes transfers a Little crazy.

Søster Baird is in the music concert, but her new companion Søster Player is not. Because Søster Baird is gone this whole week practicing and performing, Søster Player gets to be with me this week! So, for this week, I will be in a trio. So far, it has been super fun! Søster Player is also from California, and she is super hilarious. She was actually companions with Søster MacDonald in the MTC.

Saturday was a really fun day. Because Søster Baird is gone, and Søster Player is with me  and Soster Batey, we have to cover the Lyngby area, as well as the Søborg area. So that means we have to attend both Wards events. Saturday both Wards had their Christmas party. So first we went to our Christmas party! We had two investigators, David and Peifang there. At the Ward party they had Christmas activities for us to do, Santa Clause “the special guest who came all the way from Greenland" came for all the kids, and there was a program.

In Denmark during Christmas time, it is a Christmas tradition to dance around the Christmas tree while holding hands, and sing Christmas songs. (Just like in How the Grinch Stole Christmas). So we did some of that, and it was so cute and so fun!! But, of course the best part was the food. We had Æbleskivers with jam and powdered sugar, and then Flæskesteg sandwiches. (A Flæskesteg Sandwich is something that Danes eat during Christmas time. It is a hamburger bun, with Flæskesteg (pork with fried pork skin and lettuce pickles, red cabbage, mayo, remoulade sauce).
Flæskesteg Sandwich! Mmmmm

Christmas party at the church
Then, later that night we had a second Ward Christmas party! This one had more games, and more food. At this one we ate a more formal 'Jule' dinner. We had Flæskesteg again! (don’t worry it’s good). And potatoes, red cabbage, pickles, Salad, gravy :) For dessert, more Æbleskivers, and Risalamande! Risalamande is rice pudding, with a yummy cherry sauce over it. It also has almond chunks in it, and if you get a whole almond, you get a present! 

I would say the best part about that night was the missionary work we got to do. The Lyngby Søsters had an investigator who came that we were supposed to look out for. He ended up bringing two friends as well. So we sat by them, and talked to them, and it was great! They were three boys around our age who are going to school here. One from Syria, one from China, and one from Vietnam. Of course we started talking about the Gospel and all of that stuff. Funny enough, the actual investigator, (one who has grown up Muslim) wasn't very positive. He had a lot of questions, but is pretty firm on his beliefs. But his two friends were very interested in learning more! Between us three Søsters, and also Ældster Weese, we probably taught like 4 separate lessons that night to these boys! We kind of split them up, and individually taught each of them, and answered all their questions.

The two friends gave us their numbers and said they wanted to learn more! Woot Woot! (Except they don’t live in our area, so they will be someone else’s investigators.) Also President O'Byrant was there and he saw all of us teaching these young boys right there at a Christmas party and he was way impressed with us and said how awesome we were ;)

Sunday was SO long! We had 8 1/2 hours of church. Both Wards, choir, and coordination meeting with our Ward mission leaders. We were pooped.
Soster Player in the front and Soster Batey in the back
I’m super excited for the week to come! It is so fun being in charge of my area. I love 'being the leader.  I’m excited to get to know my new companion and have Søster Player with us this week! It’s going to be great! 
Hope you all have a fabulous week!
Søster Jones

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