Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark Mission

Monday, December 5, 2016

Week 16 - Tivoli and Sister's Conference

Last p day was super fun!

We  went to Tivoli! It was seriously the most magical place on earth, better than Disneyland.  Apparently, that is where Walt Disney got his inspiration for Disneyland!  But it was like a magical winter wonderland.  So many cute old building and tiny elves and lights and snow  (fake of course... but it is cold enough to actually snow) and it was so pretty!

Sister Baird (my companion in the MTC), Sister Bagley, me and my companion Sister McDonald

A winter wonderland
We went on a few rides, then Sister Bagley and I got kind of ride sick, so we took a break and I bought some æbleskivers.  They are a Danish Christmas dessert. They are little apple cinnamon pancake balls served with jam and sugar on top.

We went on one of those fun rides that raise you up and then drop you. When we got to the top it was so pretty because you could see all the Christmas lights of Tivoli and København. 

One of the members gave me an old coat she doesn’t want anymore. It is so cute! Its black and totally fancy and European with a whole bunch of buttons. You’ll probably see it in some pictures soon. 

We did not have a ton of lessons this week but we were still somehow very busy. We did a lot of service too. One night we helped a lady in the ward decorate her house for Christmas, and then the next morning, we raked leaves for another lady! 
Helping decorate for Christmas

We also had a Sister’s Conference this week. All the Sisters on Sjæland met, and it was really fun! A conference with cinnamon rolls and inspirational miracle stories :) That was a nice boost to my week.
After that we went to the København train station to go buy a travel card, and let me just say, that train station reminds me of Harry Potter! It was so cool, I kind of felt like I was in a movie. I should have taken pictures!

We had a lesson with David and Peifang on Friday, and those were good. Still trying to help David gain a testimony of the Restoration. I think it’s a little difficult for him to understand, because of the culture and religion he grew up in (Romania).

Saturday we had another lesson, and then my bike broke! Luckily, I had a free two month checkup, so we took it to the bike place, and for the rest of the day we did a lot of planning, because we couldn’t really get anywhere.

That night we played basketball at the church with some investigators and other missionaries. That is always fun! After that Ældster Weese told us a scary story about some past missionaries here and some crazy things they ran into.  So Sister MacDonald and I rode our bikes home kind of freaked out!  We said a prayer before we rode home so we weren’t scared!
Friendly neighborhood cat we'd like to adopt

It hasn't missed too many meals!
Sunday, David showed up to church.  We were super happy! Then we had dinner at Bishops’ house and the food was yummy. Kind of like a hamburger patty with grilled onions and then potatoes and a yummy gravy! Then we had music and the spoken word concert at the church.  As we get closer to the Christmas season, doing missionary work gets harder and harder!
I know we have a missionary Zone Conference on the 16th with a Christmas dinner and we get to watch a Disney movie! Idk what one, it’s a secret until the day of. 

The days are getting shorter...

I hope someone invites us over for Christmas dinner.....

Anytime we are in a car here I feel car sick! A bike is nice! Unless it’s raining.  I kind of want to go to the one area where the sisters have a car, but idk..... We will see! My leg muscles are getting beefy.

Have a good week and talk to you soon. 

Love, Soster Jones

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