Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark Mission

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Week 19 - A Danish Christmas

Even though I was able to FaceTime family on Christmas day, here is a recap of my previous week.
P-day we bought some ginger bread houses. We didn't have any frosting, and didn’t think to make any!  So we tried marshmallow fluff and peanut butter. It did NOT work so well!
Marshmallow fluff and peanut butter are not good building materials

Gingerbread earthquake...
Tuesday was awesome! We went to the Church early that morning, and had a zone conference. Those are always great! Then we had a giant Christmas lunch! Turkey, potatoes, green bean casserole, rolls, and cranberry Jell-O stuff :) so American and so yummy! After lunch, we had the Christmas portion of our day. We got to listen to some of the missionaries who were in the concert perform some of their songs to us again, and then out of nowhere, Santa came WITH PRESENTS!  He gave his little Santa speech and then he passed out a whole bunch of presents and packages and letters from our families.  That was awesome! Thank you to everyone who sent me something :) you made my Christmas!
Zone Conference

Christmas Dinner

Photo bomb!

Taking notes and trying not to think about presents :)
After that we got to see a super cute slide show of all the missionaries and pictures of all of us when we were babies and of our families. Everyone laughed at the picture of me and grumpy cat! ha-ha Then, we got to watch Zootopia, ate some more food and went home. 
Santa came!

Thanks everyone!
Wednesday was hard because it was so cold! My feet about fell off that day, but everything was ok, because I came home that night and opened up a package with Anita’s chips and salsa :) :) YES! Thank you Sister Mueller!
Thursday and Friday we were on splits again. This time I was with Søster Haag. She is super awesome! She has so much faith and fire! Thursday night we decided we were going to give 6 "Mormons Bog" away the next day. Because it was almost Christmas, we thought we should wrap them up like cute little gifts too:) so that is what we did! and the next day, we gave away 4 books, and found two new investigators! Talk about a Christmas miracle! 

Søster Haag and I wrapped presents to give away
Christmas here is Denmark is so awesome because they do things to celebrate the whole month. Then the actual week of Christmas is huge. The 23rd is 'lile jul aften'. That day we ate at a members. Then the 24th is when they really celebrate! That day they had a special church service, and then we went over to the Bishop’s house. We had a big fancy traditional Jule dinner, with potatoes, flæskesteg, rødkøl, sauce etc. Then the kids acted out a nativity scene. Then, the best part, In Denmark it is tradition to hold hands and dance around the Christmas tree as you sing old Danish Christmas songs, Sounds silly, but it was so fun! After that we ate some risalamande, and who ever found the whole almond in their dessert got a prize! The Danes have so many fun Christmas traditions!
A wonderful Christmas Eve at Bishop's house

(OUR) Christmas day the 25th, me and Søster Batey woke up early and opened the rest of our presents :) Then we went to church, and right after went to President and Søster O'Bryant's house. There we had another delicious big meal and opened a few presents ate some more food and just relaxed and waited until it was time to skype family.
Christmas Morning
Dessert with Sister O'Bryant and Sister Batey
A little bit of Christmas snow
I love being a missionary in Denmark! 
This is the Copenhagen Temple
This week was so fun, but so exhausting! We really have not been able to do any good missionary work. But, once the holiday season is over things will kick back into gear! 

It has been kind of warm the last few days, (well warm for Denmark) so that has been nice! But the snow is coming! 
Love you all and thanks to those who sent cards and packages!
Søster Jones

Monday, December 19, 2016

Week 18 - Tara's Baptism!

We had a really good week! There were three of us in our tiny apartment, so it was a party! 
3 girls living together can get a little messy...

A Danish snack
Tuesday we had the missionary Jule concert. They were so good. Like probably the best choir music I’ve ever heard. Man my mission is so talented! It was also really fun because I got to meet a whole bunch of other missionaries who were in the concert, but have been serving on Jylland, so I had never met them before. 

I thought doing missionary work as a trio would be hard, but actually it was pretty fun. If I don’t know what to say, there is always two other people who have my back!

 This week I tried to really focus on listening to the spirit and receiving inspiration about where to find people. I figure,  I can knock on 100 doors and find the one person who is ready to hear the gospel, OR, I can be inspired  where to go, and only have to knock maybe 5 or 6 before I find that person. 
So, with that, I have two cool stories!

One day we prayed about an area to go find, we felt inspired to go to a specific neighborhood. So we went there and started working. No, we didn’t find that magic person that was ready to get baptized, BUT I think the Lord sent us to that neighborhood to answers someone’s prayers.  We knocked on this lady’s house and she really didn’t speak much English or Danish. She motioned for us to come inside and talk to her son, so we did. He was sitting on the couch and I could tell he had some kind of handicap. I think she mentioned he was blind. We tried to talk to him for a while. He told me he believed in God and that he was Muslim. He continued to talk for a while, and then decided to leave. The mom couldn’t really speak to us, but as we walked out the door she had the biggest smile on her face and I could tell she was trying to thank us. She kept pointing to her son, and then her heart and smiling. Even though we were not led to someone’s house that was ready to be baptized and accept the restored gospel, I believe we were lead to a child of God who just needed comfort. I could tell that God led us to that family not because they were going to accept the gospel, but because they needed a visit. God works through his servants (missionaries) to bless ALL his children!!
Out tracting

Beautiful streets of Søborg
Another experience, the next day we were knocking doors at a street we had prayed about, but were not having any luck.  So, I decided to open up my planner and flip to a random day, and whatever number it was, that is the house I would go knock. I flipped open to January 9th, and so we went to house 9! Knocked on his door, and we ended up talking with him for like 30 min. Then we got his number and he said we could come back and talk more :)  God works in mysterious ways!

Now a funny story! So we have been working in our area Søborg, but also Søster Players new area Lyngby. So Friday we went to Lyngby for an appointment. It fell through, so we decided to go back to the Lyngby apartment to look at the bank på book, to decide where we should go find people. While we were there, Søster Player got herself locked in the bathroom.... ha-ha! So For the next 2 solid hours we tried getting her out! She had the key inside with her, but for some reason it just wasn’t working. We tried taking off the door handle and lock and messing with it from both sides, but nothing. There was a small crack under the door, but not big enough to fit the key under. (But, it was big enough for crackers, so we slid her some of those because after two hours stuck in a small bathroom she was getting hungry ha-ha.) So finally, she threw the key out the window and it got lost in a bush, so me and Søster Batey spent 20 min looking for it, but once we found it, we got her out of the bathroom because the key worked on the other side! It was quite the adventure and luckily we made it out in time for our dinner appointment.

I can see, I just can't help you!  ha-ha

That night we made a TON of cookies for..... TARAS BAPTISM!!! Woot woot!

Taste testers

Tara got baptized Saturday morning and it was so special. She was able to have her three younger kids there, which really meant a lot to her. Also, all the missionaries who have been a part of her journey and helped teach her were able to be there too. It was meant to be! I really have never seen her so happy. She had the biggest smile on her face the whole day. There were tears in her eyes right before she got baptized, and I felt the spirit so strongly! I know she made the right decision and it makes me SO happy she took this first step towards God. 

Also a mini miracle, Søster Macdonald wasn’t sure if she was going to be able to come, because just a week before she got transferred to Horsens which is like a 4 hour train ride away, and she would have had to pay for her own ticket, plus the two other missionaries she was with. But the last minute, someone paid for all of their tickets so she was able to come :) Miracles are real!

Such a special experience

Tara and her kids
This week had been crazy busy, but I definitely have seen the Lord’s hand in our work! I know that God is real and he loves us and is 100% aware of us and our needs.  He wants us to pray to Him and ask for His help. He wants us to learn more about Him and his son Jesus Christ and follow His example! But most of all, He wants us to be happy, and that is why He has given us the Gospel, and that is the way we can find happiness in this life and the life to come :)

GLÆDELIG JUL! Merry Christmas! 
Søster Jones

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Week 17 - Transfers!

Last Monday we went to Nordhavn and did a boat tour! It was super cool, and we got to see some amazing old buildings and stuff. Also we saw the Little Mermaid statue, but it was right at dusk, and we were kind of far away so it was a little hard to take good Pictures. The sunsets at like 3:30 so the most of our tour was in the dark, but it was still really cute! Then we ate some flæskesteg sandwiches and walked through København.
Boat ride

Beautiful Nordhavn

A view from the boat

flæskesteg sandwich

Tuesday, we had a lesson with David. We have been having a really hard time, Struggling with knowing what we should teach him, and what he needs. We really searched for inspiration, and finally on Tuesday morning we decided to teach him about repentance and the Atonement. We had a hard time finding a member to come with us, and last minute we got Ældster and Søster Shurtleff to come (they are a senior couple who are in charge of the institute activities). It ended up being a really good lesson! I felt like it was a miracle that everything worked out. Then the second miracle that night, all the young adults decided they want to try and start playing volleyball on Tuesday nights at 8 PM, and we just happened to  be there, so we got David to stay and play! It was so fun, and even though I was playing in my skirt, I still was killing it! ha-ha.

Wednesday, we got transfer calls! We found out that Søster Macdonald would be transferring to Horsens, and I would be getting a new companion, Søster Batey.

Thursday, Søster MacDonald spent a lot of time packing, and then finally got out to go do some work, and she got a flat tire. NO!!!! Luckily, we were right by the Ballerup Ældster's apartment, so they fixed her tire. That night we met up with Tara, and got some hot cocoa and said goodbye :) I love the hot cocoa here! They just do steamed milk with sticks of chocolate you put in, and then it melts. YUM! We planned for Tara’s new baptismal date for the 17th. Hopefully all will work out this time :)
Saying goodbye to Soster MacDonald

Sosters Baird, Hollbrook and Jones!

Sister Bagley and I at the train station
Saying goodbye to Tara one last time
Friday was crazy! We got up at 5:30 AM and had to bring Søster McDonald's 2 giant suitcases and her bike all the way to the København train station. There were a bunch of other missionaries there with suitcases too, all waiting for trains. MINI MIRACLE! Just as we got to the train station, Guess who we ran into? TARA! She was on her way to work, and just happened to take a different way that morning! So Søster Macdonald got to say one last goodbye to her :)
Then when mine and Søster Baird's companions got on the train and left, we now had to wait for our new companions to show up, a few hours later. In the meantime, me and Søster Holbrook went out and tried to do some contacting. Then a big group of missionaries showed up! Including my new companion, Søster Batey. She is from Northern California, and she has been out on her mission since January 2016.
My new companion Soster Batey
So this week has been super crazy and weird, because of the missionary music concert. So there are like 16 or so missionaries who were chosen to be in a special group that will do a Christmas music concert. ´This Whole week they will be traveling all around Denmark and performing in different church buildings. So, that makes transfers a Little crazy.

Søster Baird is in the music concert, but her new companion Søster Player is not. Because Søster Baird is gone this whole week practicing and performing, Søster Player gets to be with me this week! So, for this week, I will be in a trio. So far, it has been super fun! Søster Player is also from California, and she is super hilarious. She was actually companions with Søster MacDonald in the MTC.

Saturday was a really fun day. Because Søster Baird is gone, and Søster Player is with me  and Soster Batey, we have to cover the Lyngby area, as well as the Søborg area. So that means we have to attend both Wards events. Saturday both Wards had their Christmas party. So first we went to our Christmas party! We had two investigators, David and Peifang there. At the Ward party they had Christmas activities for us to do, Santa Clause “the special guest who came all the way from Greenland" came for all the kids, and there was a program.

In Denmark during Christmas time, it is a Christmas tradition to dance around the Christmas tree while holding hands, and sing Christmas songs. (Just like in How the Grinch Stole Christmas). So we did some of that, and it was so cute and so fun!! But, of course the best part was the food. We had Æbleskivers with jam and powdered sugar, and then Flæskesteg sandwiches. (A Flæskesteg Sandwich is something that Danes eat during Christmas time. It is a hamburger bun, with Flæskesteg (pork with fried pork skin and lettuce pickles, red cabbage, mayo, remoulade sauce).
Flæskesteg Sandwich! Mmmmm

Christmas party at the church
Then, later that night we had a second Ward Christmas party! This one had more games, and more food. At this one we ate a more formal 'Jule' dinner. We had Flæskesteg again! (don’t worry it’s good). And potatoes, red cabbage, pickles, Salad, gravy :) For dessert, more Æbleskivers, and Risalamande! Risalamande is rice pudding, with a yummy cherry sauce over it. It also has almond chunks in it, and if you get a whole almond, you get a present! 

I would say the best part about that night was the missionary work we got to do. The Lyngby Søsters had an investigator who came that we were supposed to look out for. He ended up bringing two friends as well. So we sat by them, and talked to them, and it was great! They were three boys around our age who are going to school here. One from Syria, one from China, and one from Vietnam. Of course we started talking about the Gospel and all of that stuff. Funny enough, the actual investigator, (one who has grown up Muslim) wasn't very positive. He had a lot of questions, but is pretty firm on his beliefs. But his two friends were very interested in learning more! Between us three Søsters, and also Ældster Weese, we probably taught like 4 separate lessons that night to these boys! We kind of split them up, and individually taught each of them, and answered all their questions.

The two friends gave us their numbers and said they wanted to learn more! Woot Woot! (Except they don’t live in our area, so they will be someone else’s investigators.) Also President O'Byrant was there and he saw all of us teaching these young boys right there at a Christmas party and he was way impressed with us and said how awesome we were ;)

Sunday was SO long! We had 8 1/2 hours of church. Both Wards, choir, and coordination meeting with our Ward mission leaders. We were pooped.
Soster Player in the front and Soster Batey in the back
I’m super excited for the week to come! It is so fun being in charge of my area. I love 'being the leader.  I’m excited to get to know my new companion and have Søster Player with us this week! It’s going to be great! 
Hope you all have a fabulous week!
Søster Jones

Monday, December 5, 2016

Week 16 - Tivoli and Sister's Conference

Last p day was super fun!

We  went to Tivoli! It was seriously the most magical place on earth, better than Disneyland.  Apparently, that is where Walt Disney got his inspiration for Disneyland!  But it was like a magical winter wonderland.  So many cute old building and tiny elves and lights and snow  (fake of course... but it is cold enough to actually snow) and it was so pretty!

Sister Baird (my companion in the MTC), Sister Bagley, me and my companion Sister McDonald

A winter wonderland
We went on a few rides, then Sister Bagley and I got kind of ride sick, so we took a break and I bought some æbleskivers.  They are a Danish Christmas dessert. They are little apple cinnamon pancake balls served with jam and sugar on top.

We went on one of those fun rides that raise you up and then drop you. When we got to the top it was so pretty because you could see all the Christmas lights of Tivoli and København. 

One of the members gave me an old coat she doesn’t want anymore. It is so cute! Its black and totally fancy and European with a whole bunch of buttons. You’ll probably see it in some pictures soon. 

We did not have a ton of lessons this week but we were still somehow very busy. We did a lot of service too. One night we helped a lady in the ward decorate her house for Christmas, and then the next morning, we raked leaves for another lady! 
Helping decorate for Christmas

We also had a Sister’s Conference this week. All the Sisters on Sjæland met, and it was really fun! A conference with cinnamon rolls and inspirational miracle stories :) That was a nice boost to my week.
After that we went to the København train station to go buy a travel card, and let me just say, that train station reminds me of Harry Potter! It was so cool, I kind of felt like I was in a movie. I should have taken pictures!

We had a lesson with David and Peifang on Friday, and those were good. Still trying to help David gain a testimony of the Restoration. I think it’s a little difficult for him to understand, because of the culture and religion he grew up in (Romania).

Saturday we had another lesson, and then my bike broke! Luckily, I had a free two month checkup, so we took it to the bike place, and for the rest of the day we did a lot of planning, because we couldn’t really get anywhere.

That night we played basketball at the church with some investigators and other missionaries. That is always fun! After that Ældster Weese told us a scary story about some past missionaries here and some crazy things they ran into.  So Sister MacDonald and I rode our bikes home kind of freaked out!  We said a prayer before we rode home so we weren’t scared!
Friendly neighborhood cat we'd like to adopt

It hasn't missed too many meals!
Sunday, David showed up to church.  We were super happy! Then we had dinner at Bishops’ house and the food was yummy. Kind of like a hamburger patty with grilled onions and then potatoes and a yummy gravy! Then we had music and the spoken word concert at the church.  As we get closer to the Christmas season, doing missionary work gets harder and harder!
I know we have a missionary Zone Conference on the 16th with a Christmas dinner and we get to watch a Disney movie! Idk what one, it’s a secret until the day of. 

The days are getting shorter...

I hope someone invites us over for Christmas dinner.....

Anytime we are in a car here I feel car sick! A bike is nice! Unless it’s raining.  I kind of want to go to the one area where the sisters have a car, but idk..... We will see! My leg muscles are getting beefy.

Have a good week and talk to you soon. 

Love, Soster Jones