Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark Mission

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Week 15 - Thanksgiving in Denmark


MY week was pretty good. At the beginning of my week I had an awful dream about how we knocked on this door, and a guy started chasing us away with a shot gun, I was so scared! People are not mean here, so I don't know why I dreamed that....weird!
Just getting in the Christmas spirit!
On Tuesday we had some training where they introduced the new Christmas initiative video! Have you seen it yet? #Light The World. It’s really good! (you can watch it here)
So we have been going out and sharing that video with people. Hopefully we are able to use it to find new investigators, or teach people about Christ. I love that the video this year is very action oriented. That we should GO and DO. Go LIGHT the WORLD just like Christ did! So.... family and friends..... Go be like Jesus Christ and light the world like he did! BE a good example, smile at someone, be a friend, so something nice for someone, and be Christ’s hand s on the earth. :) 

After the zone training there was a relief society Christmas party, and then we taught David. David is doing well. He still has a desire to follow Christ and be baptized the right way! We are helping him strengthen his testimony of the restoration and Book of Mormon before he gets baptized though. 

Tara, who was supposed to get baptized this week, took an unexpected last minute trip back to the states to be with family :) So her date has been postponed until she gets back. 

Wednesday night we had a dinner appointment with a nice older lady in the ward. We brought Peifang with us and it was so much fun! The member and Peifang clicked, and were talking and laughing and it made me and Søster McDonald so happy! Then we helped her decorate her Christmas tree, which were just some cool branches hanging from the roof!  Then we shared a spiritual thought with them.

Thanksgiving! We didn’t do much, went to institute with David and taught him!

Friday we got to go to the temple! That was awesome, and it was in Danish! And I understood like 75% of it! (But I’m familiar with what is said in English... so that’s probably why.) Our whole district went, and then afterwards went and got dinner. We also met a tourist family right outside the temple who were members, and we chatted with them! One of them served a mission here 60 years ago and brought the whole family back for a visit. That will be me one day!
Copenhagen, Denmark Temple

Saturday was Søster McDonald’s birthday! Our awesome zone leaders, Ælder Weese and Båådsgåurd bought Søster McDonald a cake! We bought Domino’s pizza for dinner and did weekly planning, so we were inside most of the day. 
Sunday night an American family in the ward was so awesome and invited us over for a Thanksgiving dinner. :) It was so yummy! The food is just so good here! (We didn’t have pumpkin pie though.... so maybe I can get some next year!) All the members here are so nice! I’m so grateful to be a missionary here.

So that was my week.... it was actually pretty warm this week. Not really any rain either! And there has been like 3 days where there are blue skies! It’s crazy! But it is getting colder each day. I’m so grateful for the warm days!
Have a great week and #LIGHTtheWORLD !
Søster Jones

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