Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark Mission

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Week 14 - The Lord makes things work out

Hi Everyone,
Here's my update!  Last p day we got Soster McDonald a bike (hallelujah!) and then we got ice cream with the Lyngby Søsters and ældster Jenson and ældster Weese. Then we went to the church and played basketball and just hung out! That was really fun to just relax and not have to be running around everywhere. That night we had dinner at Bishop’s house.
Dinner at Bishop's house

Tuesday we did a lot of contacting and cleaned our apartment for a cleaning check and decorated for JULE! Christmas!  We already had a tree in our apartment so now we have two :) it looks super cute and I’m glad you sent all the paper decorations too, mom! I think in the mean time before Christmas actually comes I’ll cut out some paper snowflakes!
Ready for Christmas!

Wednesday we had our district meeting and went out to eat at the usual place, and then we had a lesson, and went to President’s  house for dinner! That was really fun. There were also a set of Elders over too. One of them is getting transferred to the most northern part of Iceland.... he told me he was a little scared. Usually they don’t transfer people WHO serve in Denmark to Iceland but he was Danish, and they need more Elders in Iceland.

We had lots of lessons this week, and that was really fun! Something I noticed this week, was I testified a lot more. It was really cool because I felt the spirit so much. When you testify, you automatically bring this super strong spirit into the room, and I felt it so many times. It was really cool too, because a few times I could tell our investigator could feel it (except most of the time they don’t really know what they are feeling... so you have to point out to them that awesome feeling of peace and love that’s in the air ... that’s the spirit telling you our message is true and comes from God!) I think this week I really gained a testimony of bearing testimony! Strange as that may sound.

David is doing well, still on track for baptism! Peifang, is doing well also.  We are going to make another baptismal date with her this week for January!

We had splits this week, Søster Macarthur came to Søborg and we had a lesson with Tara and went to the mission office and got my new cards (thank you!) and a new temple recommend and Ældster Buxton (the one gpa Bob went to high school with) bought me and Soster MacArthur a pastry for breakfast! He is so awesome!  I never did find my wallet...

Saturday we were supposed to play basketball at the church with our investigators, but none of them showed up ;( we ended up doing some family history and I have two names for the temple! One from dads’ side that I will do, and the other from moms’ side WHO is from Denmark!

And TARA IS GETTING BAPTISED THIS WEEK!  She has been going through so much stuff in her life right now, and she is beyond stressed with a lot of different things. It has been really difficult trying to meet with her, but somehow we have managed to make it work!

She came to church yesterday and we double checked with her if she was still good to carry through with her baptism on the 27, and she said yes! So because she is so busy, we decided it was best to just do everything right then. SO, we raced around like mad dogs on Sunday making sure everything worked out! Got her baptismal interview done, she talked with the Bishop and Ward Mission Leader.  We picked a time, got her baptismal clothes and a few other things. She also was able to receive a priesthood blessing to help her with all her trials she is going through right now. But when it was all said and done, you could see on her face that she had a good day, and was much more happy. The Lord makes things work out!
Love to you all and Happy Thanksgiving!
Love, Soster Jones

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