Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark Mission

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Week 13 - I lost my wallet :(

Monday, I lost my wallet.  Apparently, whatever lesson I was supposed to learn when I lost my camera, I didn’t learn! So here we go again! We spent the whole day try to 'fix' the lost wallet. We went all the way to the police station and reported it, then went to the mission office and told the people there.  At the end of the day on our way home,  Søster McDonald's bike broke.  The back wheel had something happen to it.   idk what happened but it’s done and she can’t ride it. So, we walked home!

Tuesday, we took an essentials p-day and went to Hillerød Slot Castle!

It was super cool. Sarah from our ward drove us.  She was SO sweet and bought our tickets to go inside! We saw all the original Carl Bloch paintings!  They were beautiful.  

All the rooms inside were really neat too, so old and fancy and cool! I couldn’t imagine what it was actually like to live there! We also danced around in the big ball room. Sarah pulled up the song, Beauty and the Beast and we pretended to dance around with our 'princes' (ha-ha) it was fun. T

The gold ceiling was amazing!

Eaten by the dog...

Then we went out for pizza and went to a couple stores, but I couldn’t buy anything because I didn't have my wallet :(   We spent the rest of the day trying to see if we could fix Søster McDonalds' bike. We found out it's super broken and so she has to buy a whole new one. 

At this point I don't have any money because I don't have a wallet, and we both don't have bikes because I can’t ride mine without her!  We are still walking because she hasn’t found a bike to buy for cheap yet. I’m praying that she can get one quick because it is SO hard to be productive without bikes. We don’t live in our proselyting area, so it’s a minimum walk of 20 min to the church, and then 10 more minutes to get places where we can contact people or bank på door! So the first couple days we really couldn’t do a lot of work and it was rough. But a few days later when we had appointments, and we were able to go try and teach people, I really was a lot happier those days! When you work hard, you really are happier. 

Our investigator David was so awesome and volunteered himself to make dinner for all the YSA's, Thursday night before Institute! So of course we came along and helped him cook dinner, and then stayed for the lesson. He made Hungarian goulash! It was just like a big stew with veggies and meat, but really good! We taught him on Friday too. We tried to get a member to come with us to his lesson, but we didn’t hear back from any of them, then the morning of the lesson we heard back from all of them and we ended up having 3 members at our lesson! It was kind of crazy!
We talked about 3 Nephi Chapter 11 and how God has given us specific guidelines about following Him, which includes baptism a certain way, and by someone who had His authority. We also talked a lot of about priesthood and then I invited him ( if he found out for himself that Joseph Smith did in fact restore God's true Priesthood power on to the earth) if he would be baptized by someone who holds that true Priesthood power! And HE SAID YES!!!!!! WAHOOOO!! That was a really powerful lesson. We had 2 pretty new humble missionaries who don’t know what they are doing, 2 members present who are returned missionaries, and a recent convert who bore a very powerful testimony to our investigator! The spirit was definitely present in that room and I know that everyone felt it. So, we are now helping David receive an answer, and prepare for baptism, hopefully on December 3rd!

Another miracle this week was with our investigator, Peifang. She had a baptismal date but decided not to follow through because she couldn’t commit to pay tithing for a number of reasons. We have been really working hard with her, trying to teach her about prayer and faith and searching for answers in the scriptures. We have told her to keep praying to God, and asking for his help to find a job. And this Sunday, she told us that she got a job offer and she starts in January! We helped her recognize that God has answered her prayers and that He really is there and is watching out for her.We will work with her to set another Dåbdato and help her progress in the gospel! 
Making dumplings at Peifangs' house

To celebrate this good news, she also invited us over Sunday night to eat Chinese food with her. This was fun :) we made dumplings, but we call them pot stickers! And I don’t quite remember what she called them in Chinese, but that was fun, she is such a cute sweet lady! We then read a scripture with her and sang her 'A Child’s Prayer' the spirit was definitely there too. Sweet moments like these remind me how important my job is, and how much God really does love His children!

One other cool experience, one day we felt like God just really put people into our path. We missed our bus by 30 seconds and I was really mad.  So we had we wait 20 minutes, but, one of our previous investigators ended up walking past us and stopped to talk at the bus stop. He didn't say he was interested in meeting again, but I thought it was really random that we happened to miss our bus, and he happened to run into us. That same day we contacted a man who turns out, had missionaries in the past! So we got his number and will try to meet with him again this week!
We also contacted a man who didn't want to talk, then about an hour later we saw him again randomly on the other side on town, so we tried to talk to him again! We ended up bearing testimony to him, and invited to him to go home and watch a really good Mormon message that talks about 'The Hope of God's Light'. He didn't give us his number or want to meet or anything, but I felt like it was really inspired that we happened to run into him again that day and share that message with him. Those few things that happened in a matter of just a few hours, really testified to me, that God is in charge of this work!  He knows who we need to see, and who we need to talk to everyday, and He puts those people in our path so we can accomplish His work. 
A view from my apartment window

The frog is called a kaikage, from the bakery. It was really yummy! It had  chewy shortbread on  the bottom and a pink strawberry filling. The filling tasted like ice cream but just not cold!
That was my week! It’s been sunny most of the week, but really cold. Next week it should rain and warm up a few degrees so we just missed the snow. I’m already wearing my warmest clothes! Ahhhhh I’m not ready for this winter! Anytime I ask a Dane about how much colder they think it will get this winter, they ALWAYS just laugh at me and say, ' oh, you just wait!' ...... I’m scared! Ha-ha
Have a great week!
Søster Jones

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