Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark Mission

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Week 15 - Thanksgiving in Denmark


MY week was pretty good. At the beginning of my week I had an awful dream about how we knocked on this door, and a guy started chasing us away with a shot gun, I was so scared! People are not mean here, so I don't know why I dreamed that....weird!
Just getting in the Christmas spirit!
On Tuesday we had some training where they introduced the new Christmas initiative video! Have you seen it yet? #Light The World. It’s really good! (you can watch it here)
So we have been going out and sharing that video with people. Hopefully we are able to use it to find new investigators, or teach people about Christ. I love that the video this year is very action oriented. That we should GO and DO. Go LIGHT the WORLD just like Christ did! So.... family and friends..... Go be like Jesus Christ and light the world like he did! BE a good example, smile at someone, be a friend, so something nice for someone, and be Christ’s hand s on the earth. :) 

After the zone training there was a relief society Christmas party, and then we taught David. David is doing well. He still has a desire to follow Christ and be baptized the right way! We are helping him strengthen his testimony of the restoration and Book of Mormon before he gets baptized though. 

Tara, who was supposed to get baptized this week, took an unexpected last minute trip back to the states to be with family :) So her date has been postponed until she gets back. 

Wednesday night we had a dinner appointment with a nice older lady in the ward. We brought Peifang with us and it was so much fun! The member and Peifang clicked, and were talking and laughing and it made me and Søster McDonald so happy! Then we helped her decorate her Christmas tree, which were just some cool branches hanging from the roof!  Then we shared a spiritual thought with them.

Thanksgiving! We didn’t do much, went to institute with David and taught him!

Friday we got to go to the temple! That was awesome, and it was in Danish! And I understood like 75% of it! (But I’m familiar with what is said in English... so that’s probably why.) Our whole district went, and then afterwards went and got dinner. We also met a tourist family right outside the temple who were members, and we chatted with them! One of them served a mission here 60 years ago and brought the whole family back for a visit. That will be me one day!
Copenhagen, Denmark Temple

Saturday was Søster McDonald’s birthday! Our awesome zone leaders, Ælder Weese and Båådsgåurd bought Søster McDonald a cake! We bought Domino’s pizza for dinner and did weekly planning, so we were inside most of the day. 
Sunday night an American family in the ward was so awesome and invited us over for a Thanksgiving dinner. :) It was so yummy! The food is just so good here! (We didn’t have pumpkin pie though.... so maybe I can get some next year!) All the members here are so nice! I’m so grateful to be a missionary here.

So that was my week.... it was actually pretty warm this week. Not really any rain either! And there has been like 3 days where there are blue skies! It’s crazy! But it is getting colder each day. I’m so grateful for the warm days!
Have a great week and #LIGHTtheWORLD !
Søster Jones

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Week 14 - The Lord makes things work out

Hi Everyone,
Here's my update!  Last p day we got Soster McDonald a bike (hallelujah!) and then we got ice cream with the Lyngby Søsters and ældster Jenson and ældster Weese. Then we went to the church and played basketball and just hung out! That was really fun to just relax and not have to be running around everywhere. That night we had dinner at Bishop’s house.
Dinner at Bishop's house

Tuesday we did a lot of contacting and cleaned our apartment for a cleaning check and decorated for JULE! Christmas!  We already had a tree in our apartment so now we have two :) it looks super cute and I’m glad you sent all the paper decorations too, mom! I think in the mean time before Christmas actually comes I’ll cut out some paper snowflakes!
Ready for Christmas!

Wednesday we had our district meeting and went out to eat at the usual place, and then we had a lesson, and went to President’s  house for dinner! That was really fun. There were also a set of Elders over too. One of them is getting transferred to the most northern part of Iceland.... he told me he was a little scared. Usually they don’t transfer people WHO serve in Denmark to Iceland but he was Danish, and they need more Elders in Iceland.

We had lots of lessons this week, and that was really fun! Something I noticed this week, was I testified a lot more. It was really cool because I felt the spirit so much. When you testify, you automatically bring this super strong spirit into the room, and I felt it so many times. It was really cool too, because a few times I could tell our investigator could feel it (except most of the time they don’t really know what they are feeling... so you have to point out to them that awesome feeling of peace and love that’s in the air ... that’s the spirit telling you our message is true and comes from God!) I think this week I really gained a testimony of bearing testimony! Strange as that may sound.

David is doing well, still on track for baptism! Peifang, is doing well also.  We are going to make another baptismal date with her this week for January!

We had splits this week, Søster Macarthur came to Søborg and we had a lesson with Tara and went to the mission office and got my new cards (thank you!) and a new temple recommend and Ældster Buxton (the one gpa Bob went to high school with) bought me and Soster MacArthur a pastry for breakfast! He is so awesome!  I never did find my wallet...

Saturday we were supposed to play basketball at the church with our investigators, but none of them showed up ;( we ended up doing some family history and I have two names for the temple! One from dads’ side that I will do, and the other from moms’ side WHO is from Denmark!

And TARA IS GETTING BAPTISED THIS WEEK!  She has been going through so much stuff in her life right now, and she is beyond stressed with a lot of different things. It has been really difficult trying to meet with her, but somehow we have managed to make it work!

She came to church yesterday and we double checked with her if she was still good to carry through with her baptism on the 27, and she said yes! So because she is so busy, we decided it was best to just do everything right then. SO, we raced around like mad dogs on Sunday making sure everything worked out! Got her baptismal interview done, she talked with the Bishop and Ward Mission Leader.  We picked a time, got her baptismal clothes and a few other things. She also was able to receive a priesthood blessing to help her with all her trials she is going through right now. But when it was all said and done, you could see on her face that she had a good day, and was much more happy. The Lord makes things work out!
Love to you all and Happy Thanksgiving!
Love, Soster Jones

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Week 13 - I lost my wallet :(

Monday, I lost my wallet.  Apparently, whatever lesson I was supposed to learn when I lost my camera, I didn’t learn! So here we go again! We spent the whole day try to 'fix' the lost wallet. We went all the way to the police station and reported it, then went to the mission office and told the people there.  At the end of the day on our way home,  Søster McDonald's bike broke.  The back wheel had something happen to it.   idk what happened but it’s done and she can’t ride it. So, we walked home!

Tuesday, we took an essentials p-day and went to Hillerød Slot Castle!

It was super cool. Sarah from our ward drove us.  She was SO sweet and bought our tickets to go inside! We saw all the original Carl Bloch paintings!  They were beautiful.  

All the rooms inside were really neat too, so old and fancy and cool! I couldn’t imagine what it was actually like to live there! We also danced around in the big ball room. Sarah pulled up the song, Beauty and the Beast and we pretended to dance around with our 'princes' (ha-ha) it was fun. T

The gold ceiling was amazing!

Eaten by the dog...

Then we went out for pizza and went to a couple stores, but I couldn’t buy anything because I didn't have my wallet :(   We spent the rest of the day trying to see if we could fix Søster McDonalds' bike. We found out it's super broken and so she has to buy a whole new one. 

At this point I don't have any money because I don't have a wallet, and we both don't have bikes because I can’t ride mine without her!  We are still walking because she hasn’t found a bike to buy for cheap yet. I’m praying that she can get one quick because it is SO hard to be productive without bikes. We don’t live in our proselyting area, so it’s a minimum walk of 20 min to the church, and then 10 more minutes to get places where we can contact people or bank på door! So the first couple days we really couldn’t do a lot of work and it was rough. But a few days later when we had appointments, and we were able to go try and teach people, I really was a lot happier those days! When you work hard, you really are happier. 

Our investigator David was so awesome and volunteered himself to make dinner for all the YSA's, Thursday night before Institute! So of course we came along and helped him cook dinner, and then stayed for the lesson. He made Hungarian goulash! It was just like a big stew with veggies and meat, but really good! We taught him on Friday too. We tried to get a member to come with us to his lesson, but we didn’t hear back from any of them, then the morning of the lesson we heard back from all of them and we ended up having 3 members at our lesson! It was kind of crazy!
We talked about 3 Nephi Chapter 11 and how God has given us specific guidelines about following Him, which includes baptism a certain way, and by someone who had His authority. We also talked a lot of about priesthood and then I invited him ( if he found out for himself that Joseph Smith did in fact restore God's true Priesthood power on to the earth) if he would be baptized by someone who holds that true Priesthood power! And HE SAID YES!!!!!! WAHOOOO!! That was a really powerful lesson. We had 2 pretty new humble missionaries who don’t know what they are doing, 2 members present who are returned missionaries, and a recent convert who bore a very powerful testimony to our investigator! The spirit was definitely present in that room and I know that everyone felt it. So, we are now helping David receive an answer, and prepare for baptism, hopefully on December 3rd!

Another miracle this week was with our investigator, Peifang. She had a baptismal date but decided not to follow through because she couldn’t commit to pay tithing for a number of reasons. We have been really working hard with her, trying to teach her about prayer and faith and searching for answers in the scriptures. We have told her to keep praying to God, and asking for his help to find a job. And this Sunday, she told us that she got a job offer and she starts in January! We helped her recognize that God has answered her prayers and that He really is there and is watching out for her.We will work with her to set another Dåbdato and help her progress in the gospel! 
Making dumplings at Peifangs' house

To celebrate this good news, she also invited us over Sunday night to eat Chinese food with her. This was fun :) we made dumplings, but we call them pot stickers! And I don’t quite remember what she called them in Chinese, but that was fun, she is such a cute sweet lady! We then read a scripture with her and sang her 'A Child’s Prayer' the spirit was definitely there too. Sweet moments like these remind me how important my job is, and how much God really does love His children!

One other cool experience, one day we felt like God just really put people into our path. We missed our bus by 30 seconds and I was really mad.  So we had we wait 20 minutes, but, one of our previous investigators ended up walking past us and stopped to talk at the bus stop. He didn't say he was interested in meeting again, but I thought it was really random that we happened to miss our bus, and he happened to run into us. That same day we contacted a man who turns out, had missionaries in the past! So we got his number and will try to meet with him again this week!
We also contacted a man who didn't want to talk, then about an hour later we saw him again randomly on the other side on town, so we tried to talk to him again! We ended up bearing testimony to him, and invited to him to go home and watch a really good Mormon message that talks about 'The Hope of God's Light'. He didn't give us his number or want to meet or anything, but I felt like it was really inspired that we happened to run into him again that day and share that message with him. Those few things that happened in a matter of just a few hours, really testified to me, that God is in charge of this work!  He knows who we need to see, and who we need to talk to everyday, and He puts those people in our path so we can accomplish His work. 
A view from my apartment window

The frog is called a kaikage, from the bakery. It was really yummy! It had  chewy shortbread on  the bottom and a pink strawberry filling. The filling tasted like ice cream but just not cold!
That was my week! It’s been sunny most of the week, but really cold. Next week it should rain and warm up a few degrees so we just missed the snow. I’m already wearing my warmest clothes! Ahhhhh I’m not ready for this winter! Anytime I ask a Dane about how much colder they think it will get this winter, they ALWAYS just laugh at me and say, ' oh, you just wait!' ...... I’m scared! Ha-ha
Have a great week!
Søster Jones

Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 12 - Being a missionary is a cold job

Monday -
Last p day we went around Copenhagen. We just looked at shops but didn’t buy anything. Then we went to FHE with our investigator. That was fun! He clicked with people really fast, and we had a good time carving pumpkins! As a missionary, we PRAY so hard that the members talk to and are nice to our investigators, so please remember that! It literally can make or break our Sunday if the members befriend whoever we bring to church!

We had District meeting and we got to meet the two new elders in our district! Elder Zeigler is from Switzerland and he’s our new district leader. He’s really on top of things and speaks great Danish so he’s a great addition on the group! Elder Weese is from Brigham City! He is super nice and a great missionary too! Oh and guess what? His dad owns a bunch of Ford dealerships in Utah too!!! We totally clicked the first day when we talked about getting to drive dealership cars to school and stuff. We also visited a less active family this day, and they invited us to stay for dinner!, ` then Bishop told us later that was a miracle because they hadn’t invited missionaries into their home for a long time! We were totally inspired to go visit them!
Wednesday  -

We went to an older couple from the ward's house and did some service for them, and had lunch and shared a spiritual thought. It was really fun! We worked out in their garden, and helped gather apples from their tree! It was freezing outside, but then we got to go in and have a yummy Danish lunch! It was kind of like a veggie and hamburger stew thing, over noodles, with a roll, and some steamed cabbage I think.... then cake for dessert! It was yummy! 

Thursday - 
This was a very eventful day. We got chewed out by our investigators neighbors.  She told us that we were not allowed to go visit Peifang anymore and that Peifang didn’t want us to teach her any more.  (this lady was putting words into Peifang’s mouth and pressuring Peifang to tell us things she didn’t want too, but at the time we thought Peifang was actually was agreeing with this crazy lady). So pretty much we left thinking that Peifang’s neighbor convinced her that she shouldn’t see us anymore and that the other lady’s church was better and Peifang shouldn’t associate with us anymore.
We left pretty heartbroken.  Then we went back later and when Peifang was alone and she told us she does want to meet and keep coming to church, but her neighbors see us when we come over to her house, and then obviously they don’t like Mormons.  They have gone over to Peifang’s and told her a whole bunch of stuff to try to convince her that she needs to stop talking to us. So it’s a really sticky situation with that right now, and it’s really made it difficult to teach her. Satan is definitely working hard on her because she was supposed to get baptized a few weeks ago!

But we also had a really good lesson with David that day too. We showed him the restoration film and he really liked it! We told him to continue to pray about the Book of Mormon, and if Joseph Smith was a true prophet. He already has so much faith! He says, "I don’t know if I have an answer yet, but I know that it will come in the Lords time and I need to have patience!"  He also came to Stake Conference this weekend, and helped set up chairs for it too! We will continue to teach him, and invite him to baptism this next lesson!

We had Stake Conference this weekend and that was fun because we got to see some missionaries who are serving on Sjæland that we don’t normally see! It was also super stressful because we had an investigator who said she was coming, and only 5 minutes away, and we ended up waiting for her in the foyer for 1 hour! I was so frustrated, because we missed half of the speakers. And we had trouble with the translator thing with our other investigator David, so we had to move from the very back to a seat in the front so he could get a better signal. It’s definitely not an easy thing being a missionary. Just when you think you’re doing fine, something makes you stress out ha-ha. 

This week has been so cold. It has also rained a lot. On Saturday it rained all day, and it actually rains hard, not just a light mist.  We didn’t have any appointments, so we tried to contact all day. We were soaking wet and freezing cold, and didn’t teach a single lesson. We did contact a man who gave us his number but we are not sure if we will be able to have a lesson with him. I really need to buy water proof gloves; I thought my hands were going to fall off that day.

It snowed this morning too! Only for a few minutes though. We are heading into winter! I’m so cold. My eyes water whenever I ride my bike. I might need to buy a face mask too. 

We don’t have a p day today, so after emailing we are going back to work. BUT tomorrow is going to be our p day, and a member is going to drive us to Hillerød Slot! So I’m super excited. Cool pictures to come!
Have a great week everyone!
Soster Jones