Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark Mission

Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 8 - My conversation with a Danish cat

Hello from Denmark,

To answer all your questions, no I'm not warm, I'm freezing!  I'm already wearing my fleece lined tights AND cuddle dudds and all my long sleeves and cardigans and gloves and scarves and it's just not enough. It's hard because my coat is only rain proof, so I have to layer with clothes underneath.  I'm going to have to buy most of that here though.

This is my week,


We ended up playing games with our District in the church building. It was fun, but I really wish we could have gone into to Køpenhavn when it stopped raining. But we are going today!  Yeah!  It's hard though becuase you have to plug in traveling time and we just didn't have enough time to make the trip there worth it. Monday night we had FHE at a members house, with one of our investigators, Tara. It was funny, kinda reminded me of home, ( besides the fact it was in Danish.) The dad tries to share a spiritual thought and a church video, but the kids are tired and uninterested.... haha. Danish families are just like American families!

This is me freezing to death!

We contacted for a long time today! No sucsess really... it's hard when its cold and rainy outside, because there are not many people around, and even if there are, they don't want to stop and talk about religion in the rian!
We had a lesson with Peifang. She is the cute little Chinese lady. She will get baptised this week. 
I bought a strawberry pastry cake.... it was SO good. Especially becuase this was an exhausting day. 


We had District meeting at the church. This is always fun because you get to see other missionaries.  We also got pizza too, and I'm proud to say I ate my ENTIRE BOX OF PIZZA MYSELF!  All that biking must be making me really hungry! President O'Bryant and his wife also came to do our monthly interview. This was nice. He assured me my Danish isn't that bad, and that it will come.  He also gave me some really good advice. He said, "don't focus on what you're doing to be a good missionary, but what you are becoming. Focus on becoming like Christ, and then everything else, will fall in to place."

My pizza before I devoured it

I decided that this week I want to focus on becoming more charitable like Christ. I think in my case, I can be more charitable while biking. When I'm freezing outside, and my legs are burning from cycling up a hill, and I'm so tired and just want to get home faster, I can think about the people I'm teaching. They are worth being in the cold for, because I'm helping them come closer to Christ and gain exhaltaion. Being charitable means you're willing to put others first, and do anything for someone becuase you love them. I'm going to be more willing to do anything for the people here because I want them to find the happiness that comes through our Savior Jesus Chríst. 


We had dinner at a members house. It was enchiladas (except not very mexican) , and we spoke mostly English.  Sometimes I forget I'm in Denmark.  We had a lesson with Tara on tithing. That was also in English. Its defenitly much harder to learn Danish becuase so many people would rather talk to us in English!


We had splits today with Søster McArthur and Søster Quinton. It was fun to get to know both of them, because I read Søs McArthur's blog before coming, and I heard about Søs Quinton from Uncle Tom and G'pa Bob! When we went contacting I was with Søster McAthur. She has been here longer, so her Danish is pretty good. It was really nice watching how she contacted people, and I learned a lot of new things from her! 

Soster McArthur and I
We talked for 45 min with a kid who was about 18 or 19... we pretty much taught him the whole resoration and a few other things.  He was insterested in knowing more about our church. During this time span talking to him on the bench, he also smoked 2 cigarettes and a joint.  Needless to say, we left smelling like smoke.  When we were walking away he said,  "hey, can I tell you something? You're one of the most beautiful american girls I have ever seen!" haha...... and thats not the first time I've been hit on by someone here.. They must just see the light of Christ radiating from me ;) but sadly he didn't accept the Book of Mormon we tried to give him.

Luckily, there was a nice Danish cat who wanted to hear all about the gospel....
actually she just wanted to be picked up and held.
It's hard to teach people here because most people are so science based. They learn a lot about religion in school, but from a phycological point of view.  A lot of people here believe religion is something people make up to feel better about life. They dont actually believe it could be real and exist like gravity or something.  At least  I've run into a lot of people like that. 


I forgot what happened this day, only thing I wrote in my journal was about how much sugar I'm eating, And it's true. Everyday when I get home I just crave sugar sooooo much. Cookies dipped in nutella, all these yummy Danish chocolate bars. The food is so good here.  


I could understand more people in church! That was really nice, but I'm still pretty lost. 

In my personal study this week, I've learned a lot about Christ and I've realized how important it is to testify of Him. Because He is the reason I'm here. I love 2 Nephi 2: 6-8     It talks about how through Christ, we come back to God our Heavenly Father, and only through Him. and that is why it is so important to make sure everyone knows about Him and His Atonement. 

That's been my week! It's getting colder and darker and I'm freezing! Literally...  They have Christmas stuff in the stores already! They pretty much skip Halloween and Thanksgiving (obviously).  Have a great week and send me a letter.  My address is on the blog :)

Soster Jones

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