Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark Mission

Monday, October 3, 2016

Week 7 - Biking in the rain


Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we just had normal days. Stuff in the morning and contacting and trying to visit less actives and find people! One investigator who has a baptismal date in a few weeks is named Tara. She’s from Boston but has lived here for a few years. We went to her house to help her set up for her son’s birthday party, and she also fed us dinner one night. She is super nice.
Ready to go find people to teach
Another investigator with a baptismal date is Peifang. She speaks Danish and Chinese. Except, she doesn't understand gospel words in Danish so she gets taught in Chinese, so I’ve had to learn Chinese (just kidding). Every Tuesday night we go teach her, but we set up Skype for her and 2 Elders from the California Arcadia mission who speak Chinese teach her. So that's pretty cool!
We don't really have any other solid investigators at this point. We are trying, but it’s so hard to find people who actually want to learn. So right now all the teaching I really do is when I contact people on the streets, and with that, they only listen for about 5 minutes at most.   I’ve learned so explain Gods plan for us and why we have prophets really fast!

My new bike
 I found my camera 2 days ago... so mad. Ha-ha. It was in my bag. I SWEAR I looked in that pocket. I promise. I honestly think that God made my camera disappear for 2 weeks so I could suffer, and learn a lesson, or maybe it was because we needed to talk to this one guy from the camera store about Mormons. We talked to him about what missionaries do! He wasn't super interested but hey you never know?

On Thursday we had Zone training. Pres. and Sister O’ Bryant came up and we learned a lot from the  Book of Mormon, and the history and also about how we are going to start speaking to each other in Danish more.  And then we ate pastries and they were so good. Really like I can’t explain it but they just have SO much more flavor than any in America I’ve tried?

Sometimes when we don't want to cycle home for lunch or dinner we go to these little shops and they have pizza and kebabs. I’ve never had the pizza,  I usually get a kabab. It’s not meat on a stick, (that’s what I thought the first time too) it’s like a gyro, but just Danish style. Pita bread, stuffed with meat tomatoes, yummy sauce lettuce...) and there’s some other stuff too.

What's my favorite food?  Yes!  Ice cream :)

Danish food is really good

Today we were going to go sightseeing, but then it rained all morning., so we decided to play basketball and volleyball with people in the church. As of now it’s still cloudy but no rain, and I want to sight see SO bad. There are amazing things to see including castles all around this city.
I’m nervous that I won’t get to see everything, especially because every week its getting darker and darker earlier, and we only have from about 2:00-5:30 on p-days to do stuff, plus you have to add in travel time, so you have barley anytime if you want to go into Copenhagen. As we get closer to winter we have less day light. I really hope next p-day it's sunny skies, or at least no rain!
All last week was beautiful weather, and then the real Danish weather arrived. It’s now freezing cold and rainy. It’s weird,  the sky will be grey, and it will rain/sprinkle all day, or it’s like half blue skies and half HUGE dark gray storm clouds, and then all the sudden it’s a torrential down pour. That’s happened once or twice out of nowhere. It’s like a Arizona storm. I didn't think Denmark had rain like that?
Biking in the rain is kind of fun but you get WET.  I love my rain jacket, and it works thank goodness. My boots are perfect too!  Now all I need is a water proof skirt and leggings and gloves and a facemask. 

I need a waterproof skirt...
Multi tasking at its finest

This is what happens when you bike in the rain

The Liahona magazine is in everyone’s apartment, and people are starting to notice that I was in last year’s November issue. One of the AP's actually called me a few days ago and was like... “Søster Jones, I think I found you in the Liahona!" ha-ha
My photo from last year

Mission life is pretty good, has its ups and downs but all I can say is, it’s amazing how you can stop and talk to someone on the street and teach them something real quick, then you find yourself thinking about them all day, and hoping and praying they will accept your invitation to pray, or read the Book of Mormon! You start to love the people!
This is where I study

and eat!

Home Sweet Home
Some people are nice and willing to talk to us, other people see us walking towards them and dodge us or say no rudely and walk away. Most old people say no, but young people are willing to talk for a little bit.   It's amazing being a missionary and I can't believe I'm in Denmark now!  Please pray for us that we will find people to teach.  See you next week!
Søster Jones

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