Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark Mission

Monday, October 31, 2016

Week 11 - Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!

Last Monday we carved pumpkins with the Ballerup Ælders before we went to Tara’s. That was super fun!! Here are a few pictures.

Then we went to Tara's and helped pack for 4-5 hours. Half the ward showed up around 7 and we got her whole apartments emptied out! It was really awesome to have all the members of the ward there and helping.  I know she was so grateful and appreciative of all the help. Oh and we forgot to bring pants so we had to do it in our skirts :( lol.

On Tuesday we had splits again with Søster Quinton and McArthur, but this time we went to their area, Frederiksberg. That was a good day, fun to meet the people they are teaching and see how they do things. That night we had a dinner appointment with a less active member, and they wanted to take us on a free tour of the Frederiksberg Slot Palace!!! I was super happy. So we got permission to go, and it was pretty cool! (Not as cool looking at the castle we were going to go to on Monday, but it was still pretty neat. I could tell it was old, and they said haunted too! We go to go on the roof too, but because it was dark we didn’t see much, just the lights of Copenhagen. That little blessing made my day! The Lord is always watching out for us ;) 
Slot Palace

The next day we had Zone Conference. Elder Johnson from the Seventy came and taught us how we can become better teachers. This was with all the missionaries on Sjæland, so I got to meet some missionaries I haven’t met before, including Søster Sorenson, who is, I guess my 'grandma' (because she trained Sister McDonald, and now Sister McDonald is training me).  Here we learned and focused a lot on continually progressing. How it’s so important that we are always helping our investigators progress in their testimonies. And everyone in general. If we are not continually trying to become better, and constantly repenting, then we really aren’t doing much but sitting in place. That was perfect for me to hear too. Everyday day do something that will help you become better. 

This week was pretty good for finding people. We got a few numbers of people, and found a lady who had missionaries come before, so we are going to try and follow up with her!

Transfers this week too! Luckily both Søster McDonald and I will stay in Søborg. We only had 2 Ælders from our District leave, so no huge changes. I’m glad I’m staying, because I’m just barely getting to know everyone in the ward and feel comfortable with things. BUT, I will be super excited when I leave because I want to see more of Denmark!
So many great things to eat here!

Saturday night we had a Halloween party at the church. (Sorry I forgot to take pics!). We walked all the way to go get one of our investigators, and then all the way back with her to the church so she could come. Because of this we were late for food, ;( ha-ha and it was really stressful having an investigator there. We helped her handicapped son trick or treat which was fun, but it was kind of frustrating because I wanted to be talking with the members and helping with games and with the other missionaries. So that was kind of a humbling experience because it helped me remember that I’m not on this mission to have fun and hang out with other missionaries and people, but to serve the Lord and help His children come unto Christ.  In the end I had a lot of fun!
Helping in the kitchen for the Trunk or Treat
Now the best part of the week, we found a new investigator named David, and so far he’s perfect! We met him on the street on Thursday; he agreed to meet with us on Saturday. Then he actually showed up Saturday (woot woot!). So we taught him about the whole restoration on a park bench, and asked him to pray about the Book of Mormon. He was super receptive and very sincere! Then, he agreed to come to church on Sunday! Then, he actually showed up again! And he stayed for all three hours! (And luckily for him, afterwards they had a linger longer dinner for 5th Sunday) and so we all stayed after and ate!
He was talking with all the members, and even better, our member friend invited him to the FHE activity on Monday night in Copenhagen, and he said he would come! So that’s what we are going to tonight, and we will carve pumpkins again with all the young adults in Copenhagen! So hopefully that will be really fun! What a positive investigator!

The Lord definitely blessed us with David because He knew we needed a little pick me up. The last 3 weeks have been kind of hard and discouraging. I believe that the Lord will always give us 'problems' because how else will we learn? But, He will always give us blessings along the way, because how else would we be motivated to keep going?
Missing Arizona a little so I bought a cactus name "pokey"
I hope you have a Happy Halloween and we'll talk to you next week!  Keep praying and read the Book of Mormon!
Soster Jones

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