Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark Mission

Friday, October 28, 2016

Week 10 - 30 Days in the Land!

Hi Everyone,

Last p-day we cycled all around and went to the town of Lyngby  and I bought a coat. I got it for only 1000 Kr which is like 150 dollars. I think that’s a pretty good deal if it keeps me from freezing to death this winter!

Being warm is a good thing!
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we had the 30 day training meeting.  That was super fun! We ate a lot of really good food at the Mission Home.

Missionary bunk room with 14 beds!

See me clear at the end of the table...

Ping pong is always a good stress reliever
The first night we got there, we had cereal and fruit. They have this cereal call nougat bits, and it’s so good. It’s kind of like cocoa puffs, but with Nutella inside. It’s more like a desert. Then we had a little bit of training that night, then changed into our PJ's and talked.  President showed us a ton of pictures and videos of his kids from back in the day! The next morning we had a yummy breakfast, and then we started on our training.
How can there be sooo much good food?

We learned A TON of stuff, from how to have better time management and have a *perfect day*, to how to be an obedient missionary. 

Learning how to be a better missionary
We learned about how we should focus on preaching repentance, and a bunch of stuff! We also played a game called stump the chump, and we asked all our super hard deep doctrine questions to President. That was really fun to just talk about crazy deep stuff, or questions we get from investigators we don’t really know how to answer.

Our District
Then we went to McDonalds for lunch! A Danish McDonalds isn’t that much different, they had mostly the same stuff on the menu, I think. But it was all in Danish so I don’t really know! ha-ha I ate a big cheeseburger, not a Big Mac, but something similar, it was really good, and I want to go back soon because we actually have a McDonald's close to our apartment.

Lunch at McDonald's
Then we went back to the house, and did more training. Then we had dinner. Sister O'Bryant made pumpkin chili and it was REALLY good.  Mom, you should ask her for her recipe and try it.
Mmmmm pumpkin chili
Then we did some more training, and then changed into pjs and played ping pong! That is always fun! I’m not the best, but I’m pretty decent ;)  The next morning, we went to the church building that is close to the temple, and learned how  contacting better, we had domino’s pizza for lunch, and then went to the temple! 
Hooray!  I finally get to experience "Fall"!

The temple was really pretty. You take off your shoes and your coat before you even show your recommend! We chose to do our session in English. In the Danish temple you switch rooms like Phoenix, I liked that. It was also just our missionary group. The celestial room is tiny, but so cute. The colors are blue and green and gold, and it legit looks like a little fairy tale room! With cute little bows painted on the walls and big stain glass windows. I felt like a princess ha-ha. After the temple, we got our bags out of the van, and went back home!
Copenhagen, Denmark Temple

The meeting was super fun and I learned so many helpful things I want to apply to make me a better missionary. The rest of the week has been pretty normal. Just trying to contact, and have lessons. One lesson we cycled 30 minutes in the rain, got lost and showed up an extra 15 min late, (and we brought a member too!) and our investigator ended up canceling on the doorstep because she had family visiting and forgot to tell us. But miracle of the day, the member strapped our bikes onto her car, and drove us home. SO grateful for that. 

Sunday I understood a lot in church! I’m getting better! This coming Saturday we have 'trunk or treat' at the church. We have an investigator coming, and we are supposed to help with the haunted house for the kids.  Also, we have splits tomorrow in Fredricksberg with Sis Quinton and McArthur again. Then on Wednesday Elder Johnson from the 70 will be here so we have a zone conference.  We find out if we get transferred this weekend too. I bet both of us will stay here!

Love the mail boxes here.  Who wants a letter from me?
Hope you all have a great week!


Soster Jones

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