Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark Mission

Monday, October 31, 2016

Week 11 - Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!

Last Monday we carved pumpkins with the Ballerup Ælders before we went to Tara’s. That was super fun!! Here are a few pictures.

Then we went to Tara's and helped pack for 4-5 hours. Half the ward showed up around 7 and we got her whole apartments emptied out! It was really awesome to have all the members of the ward there and helping.  I know she was so grateful and appreciative of all the help. Oh and we forgot to bring pants so we had to do it in our skirts :( lol.

On Tuesday we had splits again with Søster Quinton and McArthur, but this time we went to their area, Frederiksberg. That was a good day, fun to meet the people they are teaching and see how they do things. That night we had a dinner appointment with a less active member, and they wanted to take us on a free tour of the Frederiksberg Slot Palace!!! I was super happy. So we got permission to go, and it was pretty cool! (Not as cool looking at the castle we were going to go to on Monday, but it was still pretty neat. I could tell it was old, and they said haunted too! We go to go on the roof too, but because it was dark we didn’t see much, just the lights of Copenhagen. That little blessing made my day! The Lord is always watching out for us ;) 
Slot Palace

The next day we had Zone Conference. Elder Johnson from the Seventy came and taught us how we can become better teachers. This was with all the missionaries on Sjæland, so I got to meet some missionaries I haven’t met before, including Søster Sorenson, who is, I guess my 'grandma' (because she trained Sister McDonald, and now Sister McDonald is training me).  Here we learned and focused a lot on continually progressing. How it’s so important that we are always helping our investigators progress in their testimonies. And everyone in general. If we are not continually trying to become better, and constantly repenting, then we really aren’t doing much but sitting in place. That was perfect for me to hear too. Everyday day do something that will help you become better. 

This week was pretty good for finding people. We got a few numbers of people, and found a lady who had missionaries come before, so we are going to try and follow up with her!

Transfers this week too! Luckily both Søster McDonald and I will stay in Søborg. We only had 2 Ælders from our District leave, so no huge changes. I’m glad I’m staying, because I’m just barely getting to know everyone in the ward and feel comfortable with things. BUT, I will be super excited when I leave because I want to see more of Denmark!
So many great things to eat here!

Saturday night we had a Halloween party at the church. (Sorry I forgot to take pics!). We walked all the way to go get one of our investigators, and then all the way back with her to the church so she could come. Because of this we were late for food, ;( ha-ha and it was really stressful having an investigator there. We helped her handicapped son trick or treat which was fun, but it was kind of frustrating because I wanted to be talking with the members and helping with games and with the other missionaries. So that was kind of a humbling experience because it helped me remember that I’m not on this mission to have fun and hang out with other missionaries and people, but to serve the Lord and help His children come unto Christ.  In the end I had a lot of fun!
Helping in the kitchen for the Trunk or Treat
Now the best part of the week, we found a new investigator named David, and so far he’s perfect! We met him on the street on Thursday; he agreed to meet with us on Saturday. Then he actually showed up Saturday (woot woot!). So we taught him about the whole restoration on a park bench, and asked him to pray about the Book of Mormon. He was super receptive and very sincere! Then, he agreed to come to church on Sunday! Then, he actually showed up again! And he stayed for all three hours! (And luckily for him, afterwards they had a linger longer dinner for 5th Sunday) and so we all stayed after and ate!
He was talking with all the members, and even better, our member friend invited him to the FHE activity on Monday night in Copenhagen, and he said he would come! So that’s what we are going to tonight, and we will carve pumpkins again with all the young adults in Copenhagen! So hopefully that will be really fun! What a positive investigator!

The Lord definitely blessed us with David because He knew we needed a little pick me up. The last 3 weeks have been kind of hard and discouraging. I believe that the Lord will always give us 'problems' because how else will we learn? But, He will always give us blessings along the way, because how else would we be motivated to keep going?
Missing Arizona a little so I bought a cactus name "pokey"
I hope you have a Happy Halloween and we'll talk to you next week!  Keep praying and read the Book of Mormon!
Soster Jones

Friday, October 28, 2016

Week 10 - 30 Days in the Land!

Hi Everyone,

Last p-day we cycled all around and went to the town of Lyngby  and I bought a coat. I got it for only 1000 Kr which is like 150 dollars. I think that’s a pretty good deal if it keeps me from freezing to death this winter!

Being warm is a good thing!
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we had the 30 day training meeting.  That was super fun! We ate a lot of really good food at the Mission Home.

Missionary bunk room with 14 beds!

See me clear at the end of the table...

Ping pong is always a good stress reliever
The first night we got there, we had cereal and fruit. They have this cereal call nougat bits, and it’s so good. It’s kind of like cocoa puffs, but with Nutella inside. It’s more like a desert. Then we had a little bit of training that night, then changed into our PJ's and talked.  President showed us a ton of pictures and videos of his kids from back in the day! The next morning we had a yummy breakfast, and then we started on our training.
How can there be sooo much good food?

We learned A TON of stuff, from how to have better time management and have a *perfect day*, to how to be an obedient missionary. 

Learning how to be a better missionary
We learned about how we should focus on preaching repentance, and a bunch of stuff! We also played a game called stump the chump, and we asked all our super hard deep doctrine questions to President. That was really fun to just talk about crazy deep stuff, or questions we get from investigators we don’t really know how to answer.

Our District
Then we went to McDonalds for lunch! A Danish McDonalds isn’t that much different, they had mostly the same stuff on the menu, I think. But it was all in Danish so I don’t really know! ha-ha I ate a big cheeseburger, not a Big Mac, but something similar, it was really good, and I want to go back soon because we actually have a McDonald's close to our apartment.

Lunch at McDonald's
Then we went back to the house, and did more training. Then we had dinner. Sister O'Bryant made pumpkin chili and it was REALLY good.  Mom, you should ask her for her recipe and try it.
Mmmmm pumpkin chili
Then we did some more training, and then changed into pjs and played ping pong! That is always fun! I’m not the best, but I’m pretty decent ;)  The next morning, we went to the church building that is close to the temple, and learned how  contacting better, we had domino’s pizza for lunch, and then went to the temple! 
Hooray!  I finally get to experience "Fall"!

The temple was really pretty. You take off your shoes and your coat before you even show your recommend! We chose to do our session in English. In the Danish temple you switch rooms like Phoenix, I liked that. It was also just our missionary group. The celestial room is tiny, but so cute. The colors are blue and green and gold, and it legit looks like a little fairy tale room! With cute little bows painted on the walls and big stain glass windows. I felt like a princess ha-ha. After the temple, we got our bags out of the van, and went back home!
Copenhagen, Denmark Temple

The meeting was super fun and I learned so many helpful things I want to apply to make me a better missionary. The rest of the week has been pretty normal. Just trying to contact, and have lessons. One lesson we cycled 30 minutes in the rain, got lost and showed up an extra 15 min late, (and we brought a member too!) and our investigator ended up canceling on the doorstep because she had family visiting and forgot to tell us. But miracle of the day, the member strapped our bikes onto her car, and drove us home. SO grateful for that. 

Sunday I understood a lot in church! I’m getting better! This coming Saturday we have 'trunk or treat' at the church. We have an investigator coming, and we are supposed to help with the haunted house for the kids.  Also, we have splits tomorrow in Fredricksberg with Sis Quinton and McArthur again. Then on Wednesday Elder Johnson from the 70 will be here so we have a zone conference.  We find out if we get transferred this weekend too. I bet both of us will stay here!

Love the mail boxes here.  Who wants a letter from me?
Hope you all have a great week!


Soster Jones

Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 9 - A trip to Nyhvn

We went to Copenhagen despite the rain, and it was so much fun! The city center where we walked around was so cute! Just like in a movie. We walked to Nyhavn, which is the harbor with all the colorful buildings. It was so cute, but of course looked a lot different from the pictures.

Having fun on our P-day

A bridge of "locks" just like in Paris

We got chocolate covered churros, and walked around and took pictures.  I bought a warm sweater at H & M and that has been my favorite this this whole week because it’s been so cold. 


We had dinner with a family in the ward and it was awesome. Traditional Danish food, (which is pretty American, potatoes, pork and salad) and I loved it! They are exactly what I thought a Danish family to be. Blonde mom and dad, 3 blond little boys, cute modern yet Danish looking home, and they spoke super-fast Danish. It was awesome!

 It was SO COLD. We had a few lessons scheduled today, and everything got cancelled ;( so we decided it was a pastry kind of day. So we bought a HUGE Chocolate triangle. Pronounced (shock oh lel tri cant) it was so big. A giant croissant with some yummy mystery filling covered with chocolate and almonds.

Me and my Comp spilt it and ate the whole thing right then and there. Then, we went to go have a Baptismal interview with Peifang, because she was supposed to get baptized Saturday, and she told us she had to cancel it, because she is having a hard time accepting some of the commandments. So that was a really bummer to our day ;( 

Another freezing day, we had a lot of stuff canceled, but we had one good lesson with a super cute girl from Thailand we met on the street! Everywhere we see cutes homes, everything is so cozy with candles, and I just want to stay indoors all day, ha-ha but of course I can’t because I need to go find people to teach!
Street dogs!
I was super excited because we had a lot of appointments, but again, nothing new, most of them got cancelled. One lesson we did teach that day, we had a member come named Gismo. She knows Elder Canny who served in Wickenburg about 18 months ago! She was going to see him the next day too, and so we took a picture to show him. So cool! That would be really fun if he ever came here, and I got to see him! Our church building is the stake center for all of Sjælland too, so if they ever have big events here maybe we'll see each other! Gismo also bought me and Sister McDonald cookies and hot cocoa too because we've had a hard week. She is so nice!

We went to the mission president’s house for Mexican food with our district! That was fun to have a break, and see everyone.  Also, some guy we contacted a few weeks back, called us and tried to ask us out on a lunch date!  Man you've got to be careful as a  missionary. Sometimes I think people get feeling the spirit, and other feelings mixed up...

We had dinner at the Bishop’s house, and that was really nice too. Every time we are with members they give us such good advice to motivate us and keep us going. Especially Bishop. He told us that we need to picture who we want to be in 30 years. What kind of life we want to live, and then set goals now to accomplish that. Decided NOW who we want to become, and then focus on becoming it. 

I felt like the past two weeks have really been focused on BECOMING, and how we need to focus on becoming like Christ. If we have any purpose in this life, it’s to become like Him! And that's where the gospel comes in, and we have baptism and repentance to help us do that, and constantly become better. 

Some funny thoughts I’ve had this week, the wind, is Satan. Because even when I’m riding my bike down a steep hill, I still have to pedal hard because the wind is blowing me in the opposite direction ALWAYS!!!!!!! It’s awful.

But really I feel like there are so many small ways I can feel the adversary picking on me as a missionary. Stupid things like the wind, and the cold, and lessons getting cancelled and our plans never working out. But, I also have noticed so many ways the Lord is blessing me as a missionary. From warm cozy houses for dinner appointments to getting REALLY good advice from lots of different members, to all the little blessings here and there like pastry or free food, the Lord really watches out for His missionaries!

Yesterday as we were walking down the street and it was probably 45 degrees and windy, AN ICE CREAM TRUCK drove past us and was playing its ice cream song.... I was so confused.  Too cold for that!
Too cold to eat ice cream!
That was my week.... some bad things, and it was hard, but a lot of blessings too.  I’ve heard this October is colder than normal! But then again September when I got here was warmer than normal. This week we have our 30 day meeting and I’m super excited! I’m really excited to go to the temple. And take a hot shower that’s longer than 4 minutes! 

It’s starting to get really dark here, and the skies are always a grey color. I can hear crows in the background and I feel like I’m in an old scary movie in the 1800's.  I’m getting really good at cooking because that’s my only choice if I want to eat something other than a sandwich.  If anyone would like to send me some simple recipes that would be awesome!  Easy stuff I can throw in a pan and bake. 

Christmas is coming! I’m excited. I’ll probably be in this area until after my birthday,  that’s my guess.
Sister MacDonald and I all bundled up and ready to work!
One more funny thing, one time before we left Peifang's house after an app, I was so cold I used the bathroom and then just ran my wrists under hot water for like 5 min to try and warm my body up... The struggle! ha-ha

Have a good week, I think about you guys every day! My journal is almost full, so I’ll buy a new one soon! I also haven’t worn my jeans once since I’ve been here. You have to wear church clothes even on p-day.
Ok I love you! Bye!
Soster Jones

Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 8 - My conversation with a Danish cat

Hello from Denmark,

To answer all your questions, no I'm not warm, I'm freezing!  I'm already wearing my fleece lined tights AND cuddle dudds and all my long sleeves and cardigans and gloves and scarves and it's just not enough. It's hard because my coat is only rain proof, so I have to layer with clothes underneath.  I'm going to have to buy most of that here though.

This is my week,


We ended up playing games with our District in the church building. It was fun, but I really wish we could have gone into to Køpenhavn when it stopped raining. But we are going today!  Yeah!  It's hard though becuase you have to plug in traveling time and we just didn't have enough time to make the trip there worth it. Monday night we had FHE at a members house, with one of our investigators, Tara. It was funny, kinda reminded me of home, ( besides the fact it was in Danish.) The dad tries to share a spiritual thought and a church video, but the kids are tired and uninterested.... haha. Danish families are just like American families!

This is me freezing to death!

We contacted for a long time today! No sucsess really... it's hard when its cold and rainy outside, because there are not many people around, and even if there are, they don't want to stop and talk about religion in the rian!
We had a lesson with Peifang. She is the cute little Chinese lady. She will get baptised this week. 
I bought a strawberry pastry cake.... it was SO good. Especially becuase this was an exhausting day. 


We had District meeting at the church. This is always fun because you get to see other missionaries.  We also got pizza too, and I'm proud to say I ate my ENTIRE BOX OF PIZZA MYSELF!  All that biking must be making me really hungry! President O'Bryant and his wife also came to do our monthly interview. This was nice. He assured me my Danish isn't that bad, and that it will come.  He also gave me some really good advice. He said, "don't focus on what you're doing to be a good missionary, but what you are becoming. Focus on becoming like Christ, and then everything else, will fall in to place."

My pizza before I devoured it

I decided that this week I want to focus on becoming more charitable like Christ. I think in my case, I can be more charitable while biking. When I'm freezing outside, and my legs are burning from cycling up a hill, and I'm so tired and just want to get home faster, I can think about the people I'm teaching. They are worth being in the cold for, because I'm helping them come closer to Christ and gain exhaltaion. Being charitable means you're willing to put others first, and do anything for someone becuase you love them. I'm going to be more willing to do anything for the people here because I want them to find the happiness that comes through our Savior Jesus Chríst. 


We had dinner at a members house. It was enchiladas (except not very mexican) , and we spoke mostly English.  Sometimes I forget I'm in Denmark.  We had a lesson with Tara on tithing. That was also in English. Its defenitly much harder to learn Danish becuase so many people would rather talk to us in English!


We had splits today with Søster McArthur and Søster Quinton. It was fun to get to know both of them, because I read Søs McArthur's blog before coming, and I heard about Søs Quinton from Uncle Tom and G'pa Bob! When we went contacting I was with Søster McAthur. She has been here longer, so her Danish is pretty good. It was really nice watching how she contacted people, and I learned a lot of new things from her! 

Soster McArthur and I
We talked for 45 min with a kid who was about 18 or 19... we pretty much taught him the whole resoration and a few other things.  He was insterested in knowing more about our church. During this time span talking to him on the bench, he also smoked 2 cigarettes and a joint.  Needless to say, we left smelling like smoke.  When we were walking away he said,  "hey, can I tell you something? You're one of the most beautiful american girls I have ever seen!" haha...... and thats not the first time I've been hit on by someone here.. They must just see the light of Christ radiating from me ;) but sadly he didn't accept the Book of Mormon we tried to give him.

Luckily, there was a nice Danish cat who wanted to hear all about the gospel....
actually she just wanted to be picked up and held.
It's hard to teach people here because most people are so science based. They learn a lot about religion in school, but from a phycological point of view.  A lot of people here believe religion is something people make up to feel better about life. They dont actually believe it could be real and exist like gravity or something.  At least  I've run into a lot of people like that. 


I forgot what happened this day, only thing I wrote in my journal was about how much sugar I'm eating, And it's true. Everyday when I get home I just crave sugar sooooo much. Cookies dipped in nutella, all these yummy Danish chocolate bars. The food is so good here.  


I could understand more people in church! That was really nice, but I'm still pretty lost. 

In my personal study this week, I've learned a lot about Christ and I've realized how important it is to testify of Him. Because He is the reason I'm here. I love 2 Nephi 2: 6-8     It talks about how through Christ, we come back to God our Heavenly Father, and only through Him. and that is why it is so important to make sure everyone knows about Him and His Atonement. 

That's been my week! It's getting colder and darker and I'm freezing! Literally...  They have Christmas stuff in the stores already! They pretty much skip Halloween and Thanksgiving (obviously).  Have a great week and send me a letter.  My address is on the blog :)

Soster Jones