Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark Mission

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Week 6 - I'm in Denmark!!!

 I’ll start from the beginning...

The last few days at the MTC were weird.  It was so sad saying goodbye to everyone, all my friends who were not going to Denmark, and my teachers! They were all so awesome!
Our Zone

Hard to leave our teachers

Goodbye MTC, I have loved you!

Sunday night we stayed up until 12:00 a.m. packing, then we got up at 3:00 am to leave.  We left the MTC at 4:00 a.m. and rode the train from Provo to the SLC airport. Then we got all 7000 lbs. of our baggage checked in.  Once we got through security I got to call home and that was the best.  So glad I could call you mom before you got on your flight to NYC!
Ready for the adventure to begin!

just messing around as we leave

We didn’t have much time in Atlanta, but I did eat at Panda Express.  My last meal in the USA, and honestly it was kind of gross! Ha-ha. The flight to Paris.... yes I said Paris ;) wasn’t too bad! We got dinner, and I slept most of the way. Once we got there I was SO pumped to go buy a croissant or a key chain or t-shirt or something, but once we got through security, and made it to our gate, they were already boarding the plane to Copenhagen!  So, I was super sad :( but I WILL be back!
On this plane,luckily got a window seat, so I got to watch the sunrise as we flew out of France.  It was pretty cloudy so I didn’t see much. The plane ride was completely in French and Danish, so that was really weird!
Then we made it to Copenhagen! It is super green and pretty here. No mountains though ;( the Mission President and his wife, and the AP's came and met us at the airport, and then took us to the mission office.

We made it to Denmark!
Showing some Danish spirit
We got to eat some real Danish food! Smørrbrød, brød, pastries and juice! It was actually really good. Then we got paired up with a missionary who has been here for a few months, and they took us out to practice contacting! It was actually kind of fun! But I really didn’t know what was going on either.
Breakfast casserole

They really feed us well here!

Dinner at the mission home
After our contacting, we went back to the mission home and we got to have a really good traditional Danish dinner.  (not sure on the spelling of these) We had frikkadeller, red cabbage, kartoffler, and a whole bunch of other Danish things. So yummy! And then of course we stayed up and played ping pong for a while to help us with the jet lag ;)

Girls ruled the ping pong tournament
The next day we went to the church, and got to meet our trainers! My trainer is Søster Macdonald. She is THE BOMB! I love her. She is from California and is Polynesian. She was born in Samoa. She has only been here for 3 months, and now she gets to train me!
Off in the mission van to Copenhagen for a day of training and meeting their trainers!
President and Sister O'Bryant and my new companion/trainer Sister Macdonald

The new group of Sisters, ready to serve the Lord!

What?!  They have Dominos pizza here!
We had lunch at the church, and then we were off! I’m assigned to the area Søborg . It’s a suburb of Copenhagen.  The town is so cute!
My favorite things about Denmark so far: the cute old buildings, all the flowers everywhere, (hanging from peoples windows, in gardens, and for sale on the streets! it’s legit like from a movie) and of course the weinerbrød (pastries)!!! They are really so good. So good. Actually all the bread (brød) here is so good. 
I'm a happy girl!

Our apartment is super cute! And I’d say pretty nice for a missionary apartment.  Except, the bathroom is one little room. The shower is right next to the toilet, it’s small.  The shower has about 5 minutes of hot water so we have to turn on the water, then turn it off to lather, then turn on to rinse, then off to do conditioner.  But I can deal with it.  At least we have a nice view out of our living room window!

Everyone bikes here, and walks places. I bought a bike and it was so hard the first day. My legs killed but I’m getting used to it. By the end of this I'll have solid legs of steel. You see someone wheeling a baby carriage, ( like one you would see in a 1920's films) like 10 times a day, it’s SO stinking cute!

Everyone speaks Danish, but they also speak English. We approach people and talk to them in Danish, and then they realize we are Americans, and then they talk to us in English and we say, "no talk to us in Danish so we can learn". 
So excited to be here!  Let the work begin!
Some people I can kind of understand... and some people I’m like WOAH you talk fast! The people here, well some of them cut their words and they speak fast and choppy, so that makes it really difficult to understand what they are saying. But I’d say I’m doing pretty well for a new missionary. 

I bore my testimony in church this past Sunday, and it was short and I only said a few things like, "I’m new and I don’t really understand or speak Danish" and a few other things and afterward I had like 15 people come up to me and say, "you speak good Danish",  so that made me feel a little better. But it’s nice I can rely on my companion! She can understand most everything.

We have only had one lesson since we’ve been here. It was also in English, and it’s for a girl named Tara who it’s planning on getting baptized. We had a few more lessons scheduled but they all fell through.  That’s probably one of the toughest things. When you try and visit people and they aren’t home, or people cancel on you.  But then we just go out and find more people!

The Ward I’m in is the biggest and strongest ward in Denmark! So that’s really nice. Also, all the pamphlets (like the restoration pamphlet, plan of salvation, word of wisdom, all those) the ones that are in Danish are pictures of people from my ward! OH AND GET THIS..... 

Thomas Kofod is in my ward.  He is the guy who plays Jesus in all the Church movies, and the Testaments.  And yes, he does look like Jesus.  He has a beautiful voice. He sang at the music concert they had on Sunday night.

Today we are going to meet up with other Elders in our ward.   They are going to go with us to the store, or mall or something and hopefully buy a few things that we need.  Then we will go to Bishop’s house for dinner!
Dinner and singing at Bishops house

I've met so many nice people in the ward who have offered to help me and my companion with Danish! So I’m excited for that! 
But overall I love it in Denmark. I’m working on learning the language, but I have faith it will come when the Lord wants it to! I’m already amazed at how much I know.  We are just a 5 minute  bike ride to the church so that’s really nice. I’m a Dane! I keep thinking of our ancestors here. 
Bye love you all! :)
Søster Jones 

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