Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark Mission

Friday, September 16, 2016

Week 5 - Goodbye MTC! Hello Paris...uhhh I mean Denmark :)


Seriously, I screamed when we got our flight plans. The first thing I saw was Paris and I was like, “yes God loves me!” :)

Even though we only have an hour there before our next flight takes off and everyone says that’s an awful airport because its dirty and confusing and the people are mean, but still I’m so grateful! 
My trip in pictures...ha-ha
I’m a little nervous about traveling, because it’s kind of rushed and I’m dreading hauling around all my luggage, and I’m going to places I’ve never been so it’s exciting but scary!

This past week we had Russell M. Ballard come speak, and Quinton Cook! THAT’S THREE APOSTLES IN A ROW! That’s not heard of in the MTC, you’re lucky if you see two back to back. It was really cool, and I sat pretty close when it was Cook.
We said bye to our teacher Bro. Jewkes last night (he gets married this Saturday so he won’t teach us again before we leave) he was awesome! His faces make me die of laughter. 

Being in class isn't all work

Oh! I also ran into Josie Fielding. She was in our hallway and I asked if she was related to Annie and Bob, and she was like yeah! So that’s was funny. She’s going to the Philippines. 

I have managed to not get sick while I’ve been here..... So that’s REALLY good, hopefully I didn’t speak too soon.
Salsa fridge over the AC with church hymn books for insulation!  Aren't we smart?

 I forgot if I already told you about the salsa fridge.... we needed to keep our salsa cold, so we put in on top of the air conditioner in the class, and built a fridge of books around it, and it’s our salsa fridge, (except our teacher knocked over a book and saw the salsa and was like " is that a salsa shrine?" ha-ha
I also bought a cute little notebook and I’ve been passing it around to everyone in our Zone so they can write me notes and leave their email to we can keep in touch! It’s called a transfer journal.
I got a package from Rachel Hilliard, a bunch a snacks for the plane! woot woot! It was some food. I haven’t finished it, but I will be able to. I’m saving some stuff like the beef jerky and almonds to take with me on the plane when I get there so I don’t get hangry. And I saved some chips and salsa for our last Kutzut Friday night (that’s party in Finnish)

Tips for long planes rides and traveling to Europe? Italy was so long ago I don’t remember what I wish I had... what will I do on the plane ride without music or movies!

My comp lived in Paris for a year so hopefully she will help us get around.

Next time I write I will be in Denmark!  Talk to you soon!

Soster Jones
My mailbox

Ready to head to Denmark!

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