Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark Mission

Monday, September 12, 2016

Week 4 - Attack of the bats!

Hi Everyone,
 A funny thing happened.  We have been having bat problems in our residence hall... so after I was emailing you last week, the MTC president announced that all the sisters from the 3rd and 4th floors of 17M had to relocate to a new building by that night.   We were on the fourth floor! So I had to pack up all my stuff, take it all the way across campus (Luckily I got some elders to help me out) and we all moved in to another building that some elders had previously been in. I didn’t realize how nice we had it in 17 M until we had to leave! So our new rooms aren’t as nice, but luckily we only have 12 ish days left.
This is how we feel about bats

Time to unload everything....again!
OH MY GOSH! I can’t believe I "skal til Denmark" (go to Denmark) so soon! It’s crazy. I’m so excited and really scared too. I feel like I know the language pretty well, but I know when I get there that will change ha-ha. 
Excited to go serve in Denmark!
This week we had some really awesome speakers. On Sunday night we had Chad Lewis come. He played in the NFL for the Eagles. He and his wife gave us such good advice, and had the coolest stories!

Then on Tuesday we had Elder D. Todd Cristofferson from the Quorum of the 12 Apostles speak! T He spoke on repentance, and how our purpose is to teach others that we can make it back to Christ because we have repentance, and how it’s such an amazing thing. This was also broadcast to all the other MTC's around the world so that was cool! I sang in the choir that night so maybe someone I know in another MTC right now saw me :)

Sometimes we get a little silly...
We didn’t get to host this week:( (Hosting entails greeting the new missionaries that come in on Wednesday and helping them with their luggage, books, room assignments etc.) I don’t think we will get to either.  They have to ask your district to do it, and because my district only has 4 girls they probably just look over us because we are so small, and they focus on asking the bigger districts. Plus the Swedish group who came in after us got to host yesterday, so we probably won’t get to :( oh well! 
Ok, so those hilarious pictures of my teacher and grumpy cat.... well one day when our teacher left we put them all over the class room! And we wrote some funny phrases on them, kind of like inside jokes from our class that were pretty hilarious.  He finally came back in our room and barely cracks a smile, then continues with class!  We were like " oh no! He didn’t think it was funny! Did we hurt his feelings?"

Then we left to go do TALL (computer language program) and when we came back they were all taken down, so we were sad. But at the end of class he told us the thought they were super fun, but he didn’t want to get in trouble for having them up because we shouldn’t have any distracting decorations... ha-ha. But he took them home to show his finance' and she thought they were funny so it’s all good:) Oh and he doesn’t know this but there is one picture still hidden in the room that he probably won’t find until the next group comes in ;D  hopefully he isn’t reading this blog lol.

We did TRC (teaching recent converts) yesterday too. We got to skype real people from Denmark! That was so cool. We taught them a lesson, and just chatted with them for a while. I was surprised at how much I understood! Crazy! But I still have a TON to learn. But it was a really cool experience. 

Sometimes the room is a little cold.  Just preparing us for Denmark!
 A few days ago, I was walking behind this group of elders and I kind of recognized a few words they said because it was in Indonesian, so I repeated them and they were like " whoa she speaks our language!" So I said " how are you" to them  because that’s the only thing I remember in Indonesian. I told him to tell Sister Stevens (my roommate from college that is a missionary in Indonesia right now) hi for me, and got him excited with some of Tyler’s horror stories from Indonesia:)  

Thank you to the Mueller's who brought me packages from my mom and sent me cookies!  Also, thanks to Grandpa Jones who sent me chips and salsa!  Mmmmm

I think we will travel with the other girl so 5 of us will be flying to Denmark in a week.   And the Fins in our zone should leave around the same day and it would be SO fun if we all could fly out of Salt Lake together, but idk we will see.   If I had to leave today could I do it?   Idk?  But I don't feel ready!  I need 2 more weeks! I can piece together sentences but my grammar is ALL wrong ha-ha.... but I have 100% faith that if I just keep trying, the language is going to come, because the Lord needs it to come so I can teach His people!

Love, Soster Jones

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