Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark Mission

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Week 2 - Learning to speak Danish

Hey Everyone,

The guy with the envelope is our teacher Bro Casper.  He got a job teaching Danish101 at BYU, so Wednesday was his last day teaching us! He was a really good teacher! I learned a lot from him. We wrote him a thank you card.

This is how we feel about Brother Casper leaving

Elder Latham in the Finnish district had a birthday and so his mom sent his whole district those goggly eyes and I thought it was just hilarious!

Tuesday we had Juan A. Uceda of the Seventy come speak to us for our devotional.  He lived and served as a mission president in Lima, Peru!  Dad would like him!
No new people this week in our zone. We didn’t get to host this week, but some of the Finnish missionaries did. We probably won’t host tell we’ve been here a few weeks. (Hosting is getting to greet the new missionaries and help them on their first day at the MTC.)

That’s crazy about the earthquake in Italy and stuff! I had no idea any of that was going on . But my branch pres. wife did tell us all about the scandal with the American swimmers and the Olympics. That’s really sad. 
Ok so this week was pretty good! Definitely a lot harder than last week. About halfway through the week I really started struggling with the language. We are encouraged to "SYL" speak your language, all the time, or whenever we know the words. That can be very frustrating because I want to express how I’m feeling, but I don’t have the Danish words to say it. So I talk in English and fail at SYL, but I am getting better. 

Hmmm how do you say that in Danish?

The language is getting hard.  We are learning all the gospel words you need to bear your testimony and pray and teach, and we are getting into grammar. What’s so frustrating  is that there are a bunch of rules on how to make words past tense or present tense or plural or whatever, but for a lot of them, there is no way to tell what rule you use for what word, besides looking it up in a dictionary, and I’m not going to look up every single word I don’t know in the dictionary so it’s really frustrating. But I’m still working hard and it’s getting better!

Soster Baird teaching some Danish to the class

Our old investigator "Jacob" is now our teacher Bro Wright. We all knew he was going to be our teacher, so when he walked into our classroom and we weren’t "shocked"

We taught a lesson to a new "investigator" David, ( Bro Jeweks our teacher). We planned a whole lesson completely designed for his needs ( because we watched a video of his telling us what his questions were) and then we got in there and it was totally different. So we had this whole big perfect lesson planned and then we got in there and realized he needed to learn something else so we had to come up with what to say on the spot. It was kind of scary, but we did it! The spirit totally helped us know how we could best help him, and know what to say. We pretty much taught and came up with the whole lesson from our heads ( we didn’t look up Danish words or read pre written Danish sentences) and I was SO proud of myself!
In the middle of the lesson right before I was going to bear my testimony about how we can find answers to our problems in the book of Mormon, he started kind of laughing, and then I started laughing and then my comp started laughing and then we all were laughing and then we were all laughing so hard because we couldn’t stop laughing. It was pretty hilarious. It literally came out of nowhere. We all caught a case of the giggles. But, I finally pulled myself together and finished the lesson. It was probably the highlight of my day!

Sunday we had the Nashville tribute band come! They were so cool to listen to. Look them up! At the end he sang this song called " the hardest thing I’ve ever loved to do" and it’s was super sad, but I held it together. THEN he said he was going to sing it one more time, but he wanted everyone to sing with him... so we did and I pretty much couldn’t sing because I was balling.  It told the whole mission story, from saying goodbye to his mom, packing his bags, flying on a plane to leave..... having the hardest days, but watching the people he taught come unto Christ, and loving every minute of it! It was really cool. Pretty much all 3000 missionaries in the auditorium were sniffling. 
3 "Dear Elder" letters!
We got 700 new missionaries in the MTC this week! Tuesdays are the best when it comes to meal time, because all the old missionaries leave, but the new ones don’t come until Wednesday so there’s actually places to sit and short lines in the cafeteria!

Sundays are great too! We get to go walk to the Provo temple, and have church and class and lots of study time. This Sunday will be crazy though because me and my comp have to teach relief society with half the girls, and teach Sunday school to our district which won’t be bad because it’s just two other girls. And I have a feeling one of us Danes will have to speak because they won’t call the new people, and a lot of the Finnish people have already spoken.
Funny quote:

"Everyone "Checks out" what’s on your lunch tray in the cafeteria, because they can’t "Check out" anything else" - Soster Baird
Nothing about visas..... And time has flown by! I felt like I was emailing you a few days ago! Time goes by so fast here! My hour is up and I’m going to be obedient so I will be blessed with perfect health and perfect Danish ha-ha.

Keep giving me inspiration! And currents events!  
Love Soster Jones 

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