Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark Mission

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Week 1 - My first adventures in the MTC!

Hi everyone,

                The MTC is good so far.  When I got dropped off, my host, which was just another missionary, took my stuff and then I got my name tag and a giant yellow bag of Danish books that weighed like 15 pounds. Then I took it all to my room, and I was taken to my classroom.
                I met one of my teachers Brother Jewkes. He started talking to me in Danish and just kind of started laughing because I didn't know what he was saying. I did some orientation stuff on the computer and then when the other 3 girls got there we started class. So the first three days of class, and our teachers only speaking Danish was at fist kind of funny and I was just like (ha-ha) I have no idea what is going on. Then it started to get really frustrating because we are supposed to be teaching lesson in Danish and saying our prayers in Danish and that’s really hard considering I’ve only been learning it for three days at this point. 

                But now my Danish is a lot better.  I can pray, teach a lesson about church stuff and bear my testimony in Danish. I’m probably pronouncing about half the things I say wrong, but I would say I have made some definite progress!  On Friday we had to teach a lesson in Danish to an "investigator" who only spoke Danish. (The investigator is actually one of our teachers but we are not supposed to know that). And he is the one who looks like a model so that is fun lol. At first the lesson was kind of embarrassing because I had NO IDEA what he was saying or even what I was trying to say back. But we had a lesson last night and I taught most of it from my head! I wasn’t reading preformed sentences from a book; I was actually coming up with them in Danish. I was pretty dang proud of myself!

                My comp is Sister Baird from Provo, Utah.   She is awesome!  I just love her.  She is so kind and spiritual and fun and I am really lucky to be with her.  When I have no idea what our investigator is saying to us, she is always prepared and has something to say next! She’s a life saver!          
We got to rest outside for a few minutes
                   On Tuesday there was a rumor that Elder Holland was supposed to come speak... but he didn’t.   Sister Bonnie L. Osacarson came to speak and it was perfect. She spoke about everything I needed to hear and it was completely through the spirit. I was a little disappointed when I found out it wasn’t going to be Holland speaking to us, ok maybe REALLY disappointed, but I realized by the end of the devotional that is doesn’t matter WHO is talking, because their word will be inspired and come from God. As long as they speak from the spirit it will be everything you need to hear.  I think that that is really important for me to realize as a missionary. Even though I haven’t gone to college for 6-8 years and studied everything there is to know about religion, my word will impact somebody because I will be teaching from the spirit. 
                 I’ve heard lots of stories floating around here about how the FBI and CIA have sent people here to learn how they teach languages here at the MTC.  Because let’s face it... a bunch of goofy 18 and 19 year old kids come here for 6-9 weeks, and they leave knowing a language well enough to go live somewhere foreign and speak it well enough to survive.  But those places have tried to implement the same way we teach in their schools and they aren’t having the same success. Hmmmmm now why is this? 
        We don’t learn the language here at the MTC because we have really good teachers!  My teachers are 21 and 23 and still in college.  We learn the language here because the Lord has called us to teach people in that language, and because he wants His gospel to travel throughout the whole world, He will help us learn it, and learn it FAST with the spirit. We learn by the Spirit, and we teach by the spirit.  I just think that is amazing and it gives me so much confidence to know that the Lord will help me accomplish the thing which He has commanded of me. :)

                My days are so busy. I barely have any time to rest, or anything. We have language class for like 6 hours each day (unless we have a devotional or something) and study time with our comp for 3 hours. And 30 min for meals (which is not enough because there are around 2500-300 missionaries at the MTC right now and that make a crowded cafeteria).  And we have like 30 min to get ready in the morning.... which is a struggle ha-ha.

Lunch time!
                My Zone is super fun! I love all of them. We love to play volleyball during our exercise time on the sand volleyball. It’s so fun because the Elders get super competitive. 
                Ok so an explanation about that picture of my teachers.... that was passed down from the Danish Sisters before us.  idk much about it. Obviously one of our teachers (who also are acting as our investigator Jacob right now) looks like a model.  And the other Bro Jewkes.... I have no idea why his says “prison inmate” but I think it’s pretty hilarious.

                Today is my first p day and it’s been great!  We went to the Provo temple, and I finally finished unpacking from the day I got here (yes I’m that busy.... I have ZERO free time) and I did laundry and just have been relaxing! But we do have more class tonight.
This is how I feel after the first week!
           Anyways I’m doing great!   Thank you to everyone who has sent me mail and cookies!!  They are very much appreciated. 

Love you all! 

Sister Jones 

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