Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark Mission

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

MTC here I come!

I have a few minutes to email and just say that I’m here and doing good. Today is our p day but we didn’t get one, we had to have class ha-ha. There are only 4 girls in my district. My companion is Sister Baird.  The other two are Sister Downs and Sister Barney (the girls I showed you on Facebook).
My name tag

Sister Baird and Sister Jones

In front of the Provo Temple
Danish is really hard. We already have to teach an "investigator" a lesson tomorrow in Danish and I can’t even speak it. But hey, everyone says people some out of that crying so I’m not even going to stress about it. I like my comp she is so nice and sweet and in tune with the spirit, she is good for me. I kind of wish we had Elders in our district but it’s just us 4 girls. My zone is all the Scandinavian missionaries, so the Finnish, Danes, Swedes, and the Norway missionaries. 
So many things.....

My desk, my stuff

Our brains are full

 The food is good and I’ve seen people here from school so that’s been fun. I haven’t gotten to check mail yet because we don’t know our code. I saw letters in there though and its killing me I can’t read them! Everyone here is so nice and friendly and it’s just so great. We pretty much just study go to class eat and then go to bed. The days go super-fast! And I heard that Elder Holland might come this Tuesday!  That would be so cool!

 I can tell Danish is going to be sooooo hard to learn but that’s why we learn by the spirit!  

Boyd Hunter, who went to high school with you mom, his daughter Sister Hunter is in my zone going to Sweden! Elder Martineau, whose older brother went to Indonesia and knows Tyler, is in my zone! I was like “hey, I know you!” But then I realized I didn’t.   It was because I was friends with his mom on Facebook so I saw pictures of him a lot and he looked so familiar.

Oh and one of my language teachers is super cute!  I saw a pic of our other teacher who is going to be pretending to be our investigator and he is a model. Sooooo it’s going to SUPER EXTRA HARD to learn the language because it’ll be that much harder to focus!  I'm not sure what else to say. We are so busy.  Everyone is nice.
Having a little fun...

Probably don’t send me food in the packages yet, because I like the MTC food for now but I probably won’t in 3 weeks. Next week the Swedes and Noord’s are leaving so we will get a bunch of newbies in our zone! Kind of sad because we just met everyone. I will try to take more pictures and send them. Today I said a prayer in Danish and it probably wasn’t pronounced correctly but I tried!

Ok well I have to get off the computer now.   I want to work hard and not think about them! I love you guys and I’m doing good so don’t be sad or worry about me.

 Talk to you next Thursday! 

Love Soster Jones 

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